CrossFit Testimonials:

“If you are serious about wanting to get “in shape” at whaterver your age and skill level this is a “one-stop shop”. Owners are VERY knowledgeable, friendly and they and their coaches are really interested in the success of thier clients. You cannot go wrong with this company.” 


“Great place to work out, Jeff and his staff dedicates quality time with his clients and always has time to answer questions. Keep up the great work.”


Awesome gym with great coaches. Jeff goes the extra mile to ensure each session is thoughtfully programmed and scaleable to all levels. CrossFit classes are challenging but fun. The clientele who go to this gym are a really nice group of people. I look forward to my workouts and I’m making great progress!”

~ Joshua 

“As I predicted, Alamo 180 is one of the things I miss most about San Antonio (also, the guacamole situation here in the St Louis suburbs is absolutely desperate). You and your programming changed my life. Let me count the ways: (1) Proving to myself that I can do difficult, uncomfortable, and inconvenient activities, i.e. getting up at 4:30 am, burpees, jumping on boxes (something I was pretty anxious about), lift heavy – things that are far outside of my comfort zone and…(2)My self-image. To think of myself as an athlete has been the greatest change of all. While I was thrilled to get leaner, get stronger, the shift in my self-image and identification as an athlete was, well, it was my 180. To learn about the ripple effects of fitness as a lifetime activity – the interconnection of mental and physical discipline, the impact on diet and sleep – has changed the way I prepare food for my family and even the way I parent. I was always planning to involve my kids in sports (in a somewhat begrudging way) but I understand now how very vital it is to take care of your body, express yourself through it (Clem’s dance class starts on Tuesday!), and feel ownership and gratitude for this great gift we have. Thank you for everything you taught me, your good humor and friendship, and for the revelation and revolution in my self-image that has changed my personal and parenting goals. You are doing important work in your clients’ lives! One burpee at a time.”


“Today’s workout was awesome. Non-stop workout and very challenging. Thanks Coach Jeff!”

~ Frank 

“Great way to build strength and endurance for other sports”

~ Eli 

“Killer workout and Jeff’s a great Instructor!”


“Awesome class… Jeff’s a great and motivational coach!!!”


“This place is life changing!”


“Thank you Coach Jeff for the great Iron workout at 12pm today. It was exactly what I was looking for. Felt amazing!”


Tried my first Iron class at Alamo 180 tonight. Wow. Definitely going back for more. Thanks Coach Jeff for the encouragement!


“Nancy and I took the CrossFit class last night and loved it. It was exactly what we were looking for on a Monday night. Going in our legs were really beat up from our Saturday trail run, but this class actually helped loosen our sore muscles. We can’t wait for next week!”


“I took the Iron class for the first time tonight and I’m hooked. I can’t wait to show off some new muscles in the near future!”

~Crystal T 

Triathlon Testimonials:

A great program run by terrific people. Everyone is friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable about what they are doing. Always a welcoming smile and a challenging workout.


“Great coaches, great classes, great people!! There’s nothing more to say! This is the place to be if you want to challenge yourself, learn more about triathlon training and racing and just all around be a healthier, fitter you!!!! Bree and Jeff and all the coaches really know how to make you feel like a part of the family! Try it out, you won’t be disappointed : ) ” 


“Awesome program with lots of options for all levels! Supportive “family” of coaches and athletes!”


“Thank you to everyone at Alamo 180 for helping me prepare for IMTX for the last 6 months: Coaches Bree and Jeff Soileau, Crystal Tomlinson, Lexa Rijos”


“Alamo 180 is an awesome group to train with!

~Jared L.

“I absolutely love my triathlon team. Such great peeps! More than a team and coaching (which I have learned so much from and they kick my butt)…I am forever grateful for the spirit of this group. I’ve achieved so much physically and mentally with the help of awesome coaches and support of all in the group. Thanks for everything!” ~Xamara C. 

” I love our triathlon team! Congrats to all the athlete (that won first place Tri Club at Ironman Texas 70.3) and thanks Coach Bree for the awesome training plans and guidance you and the other coaches provide us.”

~Jen H.

“Hey Bree! I just wanted to thank you again for helping me make progress with my swim stroke. I really appreciate it. I am still excited about it. I <3 Alamo 180.”

~Stephanie G

“Bree, I just wanted to say thank you and your assistant coaches for the swim clinic. It’s easy to see you all have a passion for coaching and you all made the workouts enjoyable!”


” I would like to give special thanks to coach Bree for helping me prepare for my Ironman. I had my doubts about accomplishing this difficult endurance race. But with all the hard training and coaching I was able to achieve my ironman goal. When I joined Alamo180 last year, I went from having no swimming skills to being able to swim 2.4 miles. It has made me a stronger athlete who is very proud of his accomplishments. Thanks coach Bree for being a part of my ironman journey.”


“Thank you so sooooooo much for everyone that drove to Galveston to come and support us for the 70.3. Words cannot express how much your cheering and encouragement helped throughout the race, especially the run portion! You were by far the best cheer group on the course with the best costumes! Thank you so much for taking time out of your schedule to support us!”


“Since I started training with Alamo 180 I have relieved a lot of stress from trying to plan my own workout schedules. I now work with experienced and knowledgeable coaches who make my training plan, answer all my questions, and provide support to help me achieve all of my triathlon goals.”


“I want to everyone for the totally awesome experience today. Could have not of done without the support of coaches, supporters, and team members alike. Glad I was able to help you guys and gals. Definitely hooked to this new sport. Lastly, I’m so glad I went to the clinic. Such a lifesaver.”


“Thank you all for cheering for us! It was motivating especially during the run when I was getting tired. You were so funny!”


“Completed my very first triathlon!! A swim of 0.93 miles (1.5 kilometers), a bicycle route of 24.8 miles (40 kilometers) and a run of 6.2 miles (10 kilometers)- felt great the whole time. Thanks to Alamo 180 for getting me in shape.”


“The service that Alamo 180 provides is exceptional. Jeff and Bree are experts in individualizing training plans and methodologies to suit their athlete’s needs. From seasoned racer to beginner, Alamo 180 has not only raised the bar in increasing athletic performance and skills, they have also challenged their members to live a healthier lifestyle. Alamo 180 has taken a diverse group of people and molded them into a cohesive unit that is not only active and competitive, but also friendly and down to earth as well. As an Air Force officer, both Jeff and Bree have been both vigorously supportive and understanding of my goals and unique situation. They have not only made me a better triathlete, but they have consistently challenged me to grow as a person. I give Alamo 180 my highest recommendation!”


“What a great day! I enjoyed seeing our team members on the race course and hearing the cheering crew every time I went by! It was so motivational!”


“I learned so much from this experience. I am totally hooked. Everyone from Alamo 180 was awesome, the coaches, supporters, and the athletes. I’m so blessed to be part of such an awesome group.”


“I can’t tell you how GREAT it felt to ride by my Alamo 180 family and hear you yell my name and cheer for me. This team gives so much love and support and it is so appreciated. Thank you!”

~ Danae 

“I joined the Alamo 180 Triathlon Team at the end of January 2012. I went from being a complete inactive couch potato, to working out 6 days a week and I’m loving it! It’s been tough, but Bree, Jeff and the rest of the team give me such encouragement and support that giving up is not an option for me anymore. I actually look forward to the workouts and hanging out with my new friends. Everyday I learn something new and my confidence grows more and more. It’s amazing how different exercise feels when you’ve got coaches and teammates by your side teaching you the fundamentals rather than having to figure it all out on your own. It really makes a difference.”

~ Crystal 

“I joined Alamo180 a couple months ago to create more structure and guidance in my triathlon training. Last year was my first attempt at a few sprint triathlons and I loved the variety of training they provided. However, I was winging it on my own and knew that experienced and involved coaches could help forward my progress beyond what I would ever be capable of. Jeff and Bree and Alamo180 have done that and so much more already, in that the camaraderie and supportive aspect of the team provides even more fulfillment than the fitness/endurance gains I’ve noticed in my training. The highlights of my week are our training sessions together and what I learn from every member of Alamo180.  I’m truly blessed to have found this amazing resource. Muchas gracias, Alamo180″

~ Tony 

“I can’t say enough good things about Alamo 180. My wife and I feel great, enjoy the extra time together working out, and have made a bunch of new friends. Jeff and Bree are inspiring, motivational, and extremely positive coaches.  They love what they do and it shows.”

~ Jamie

Rookie To Race Triathlon Testimonials:

“Just want to express my gratitude to Coach Crystal and fellow teammates for making this experience so enjoyable. I’ve gained back my confidence on the bike and am more comfortable in the water. I also want to say thank you for allowing me to share in this journey with each of you. Taking on this challenge wasn’t an easy commitment and neither was starting it with strangers. So very excited for tomorrow!!! Good luck!!!!! Let’s have a celebratory dinner soon!” 

~ Edlin 

“It’s been such an amazing journey. Same feeling here! Thank you Coach Crystal and Thank you Team!!!” 


“Thank you Coach Crystal and each of my fellow rookies!” 


Run Testimonials:

“Thanks for all the encouragement and support. This was the best way to have done my first half marathon!”


“Thanks to everyone so much for the continued support. I couldn’t ask for better coaches AND teammates. Nothing but inspiration and support from all around. I am extremely honored to be a member of the Alamo 180 Family”


“I had such a great time and our coaches prepared us so well. Thank you!”


“Thank you team for the constant support and for making the workouts fun!!”


“Alamo 180 has help me to accomplish things I never thought I could. This is a wonderful group for all levels of athletes but especially for beginners. 8 weeks ago I could barely run a mile and now I can easily run 6 miles. I am in the best shape I have been in since I was in my early 20′s and have lost 14lbs!!  Their training sets a pace for you to meet your goals in a healthy and safe manner, without pushing your body to its limits. This has allowed me to become more fit and healthier without worrying about burnout or injury. Alamo 180 provides an easy to follow schedule and is always available to answer any and all questions. Bree and Jeff are excellent coaches, they are attentive, dedicated, very knowledgeable, organized, open minded and most importantly good kind people. As long as I am training I am training with Alamo 180!”


“This is the first year that I have trained with Alamo 180 for marathon training and I love it!!!  I have done a full marathon and several half marathons and I have found this training to be very helpful.  Jeff does an excellent job of mixing long runs with drills and form training.  In addition, he offers information about nutrition, pacing, hydration, and cross training.  This has been by far the best training group I’ve been a part of.  I would encourage runners of all experiences and abilities to come out and join Alamo 180.  You won’t be disappointed!”

~ Leslie

“I’m a newbie runner and decided to join a run group to meet other people who share similar interests and to immerse myself in the sport. Joining Alamo180 is one of the best decisions I have made for myself. Being a part of this group has helped keep me motivated and accountable. Also, I like that I can share accomplishments and even struggles with others who are experiencing the same thing running right there alongside me. As for my coaches Bree and Jeff, they are knowledgeable, inspiring and fun! I always feel they are there if I need support, they push me hard to reach levels I never thought I could, but more importantly to me, they support every one’s individual strengths and differences. After this marathon training season is over, I plan to continue being a part of this awesome team!”

~ Leslie

“I like the weekly emails, the Facebook forum group, and Bree, Jeff, and Mack are just wonderful! Even when I felt a little silly before a run, trying to figure out why I was doing this to myself, I knew it was just about having fun and focusing on myself. The coaches help you feel comfortable and okay with wherever you are in your training plan. This is very special because not all groups make you feel welcomed and comfortable. Alamo 180 was probably the first real time I felt like I was an athlete.”

~ Edlin

“I couldn’t be more thankful for the friends made and support received through this group! Excited to keep going with Alamo 180!”

~ Laura 

“Thanks Alamo 180! I could have done it without you…But I WOULD NOT have done it without you!”