Alamo 180 is officially a CrossFit affiliate!

Alamo 180 is officially a CrossFit affiliate!

IRON XT is now CrossFit! Alamo 180 is officially a CrossFit affiliate!

The name of our CrossFit program is called Intelligent Design. Why the name choice? A couple of reasons. CrossFit HQ said there were too many other boxes currently using Alamo and 180 in their names. So we had to come up with something unique. After much thought, we decided on Intelligent Design. First, we are intelligently designed by our Creator, and second, our CrossFit program is intelligently designed to improve health and fitness.

Why did we CrossFit affiliate?

Honestly, we were tired of telling people that our IRON XT program was like CrossFit, and led by CrossFit certified coaches, but not CrossFit affiliated. After 5 years of essentially saying, “it’s like CrossFit, but not CrossFit…” we decided to make it CrossFit!

Additionally, we can stand alone and shout how great our IRON XT program is, or we can join the CrossFit army that is legitimately disrupting healthcare in our nation. Their proactive approach to health, rather than reactive, is what we want to be part of. Did you know that CrossFit is training doctors to become coaches? (we linked the article, so read up on all the amazing deets!)

We decided to join the CrossFit army to make a bigger impact. Collectively you can achieve so much more! It is our mission and passion to improve health and fitness and we’re ready to make a bigger impact in our own city. We love San Antonio and are excited to be part of the solution.

Coming early February 2019, we will offer a Beginner CrossFit series. The Beginner CrossFit series is two weeks long, three classes per week, six classes total. If you’re new to exercise, or new to CrossFit, learn how to do the movement patterns correctly so you can transition into our CrossFit classes with knowledge and confidence.

We can’t wait to serve you in our CrossFit box! Come by and check it out! Also, you can check out our full class schedule here

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