Alamo 180 SwimIt Ambassador: means saving $ for you!

Alamo 180 SwimIt Ambassador: means saving $ for you!

Open water swim season is upon us! For some, open water swimming is a thrill, for others, it’s a scary thing. It’s normal to have some fear of the open water. There’s nothing to hold onto if you get tired. Your options are to roll onto your back and rest and catch your breath. But what happens when you get really tired? You can wave your hands for kayak support. But what happens if you cannot see the kayak, or it’s too far away? This is when you are hoping for a flotation device in which to hold onto and rest.

For your next open water swim, carrying that flotation device on you. Here are some options – You can tie a noodle to your ankle with string. The problem with this is that the string may come undone and you lose the noodle. It happened to our athletes last year. Not a good thing when you really need it. Or you can use a product called SwimIt. Learn more about this awesome product

Alamo 180 is a SwimIt Ambassador! Use code ‘alamo5’ for $5 off of the purchase price. What’s more, SwimIt is offering free shipping right now! Here’s the link to purchase your discounted SwimIt:

You cannot put a price tag on safety and peace of mind in the open water.

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