Triathlon Group Myth Busters

Triathlon Group Myth Busters

Let’s bust some myths about joining our triathlon training group!

MYTH #1: I am not in shape.

You do not have to be in fantastic shape to join our triathlon training group. You don’t have to be in any shape. You can join in “Couch Potato” shape!!! We offer a level 1 training option for those with no triathlon experience. We have created a separate training program just for you!!! If you desire to be fit in the sport of triathlon, don’t attempt it alone. Do it with a group that will support and encourage you every step of the way!

MYTH #2: I cannot swim.

Can’t swim? We can teach you! At some point, all of us couldn’t swim. We all needed to be taught. Did you know that most people who join our triathlon training group can’t swim? It’s true!! Let Alamo 180 be your swim instructor! We will teach you how to successfully swim freestyle! We have taught many athletes how to swim and they are loving it! Be patient, come to swim workouts regularly and YOU WILL LEARN! We promise!

Want to learn faster? Want to learn in a private setting? We offer private swim sessions at $30/30 minutes. Athletes that participate in private sessions learn how to swim in a shorter period of time.

MYTH #3: I don’t have a bike.

No worries! Borrow one. You don’t need a fancy, high dollar bike to join us. Many have borrowed bikes or used a mountain bike or cruiser. Use what you have in the beginning. If you like the sport and want to continue, then spend the money on a bike. Purchase a new bike when you know you’re in it for the long haul (nothing like spending lots of money on a new bike only to learn in two weeks you don’t like the sport).

MYTH #4: The group is only for fit people.

The group is open to everyone, not just fit people. And the term “fit” is relative. What one person deems as fit, someone else may think otherwise. The sport of triathlon is for everyone. Participation in our group is for everyone! We are all unique in our own way – we all are different in height, shape and size and that is what makes it fun. Variety is fun.

And most triathletes aren’t the 0% body fat, skinny, muscular type that we see at the Olympics. Triathletes are everyday people making positive changes in their life. People living the active lifestlye and loving it! Athletes rocking the body that God gave them!

MYTH #5: I don’t want to wear spandex.

You may laugh, but it’s true. Some people are deathly afraid of wearing spandex. It’s okay, you don’t have to wear spandex to join our triathlon group! (Keep in mind, the spandex we have today is not the kind from back in the 80’s. We have made huge advancements in spandex technology!) You can wear whatever makes you feel comfortable at workouts. Many athletes want to wear spandex on the bike because of the padding in the crotch area – makes sitting on the bike a bit more comfortable. You can also participate in triathlon events with a lose top and shorts. Spandex is not a requirement, just a choice.

MYTH #6: I can’t do an Ironman Triathlon

The Ironman is the penultimate distance in triathlon. There are many triathlon distances for people of every ability and fitness level – from Super Sprint, Olympic, Half Iron (70.3) and Full Iron (140.6). The Ironman isn’t the only distance offered in the sport of triathlon, but it is the most advertised and televised race distance.

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