Alamo 180’s Run Program

Did you know that running is a strength sport? Well, it is. It takes strength to move your body forward. Running is also a skill sport. There’s function and flexibility involved. It takes skill to know how to move your body forward efficiently.

Any part of your body that lacks strength will more than likely result in an injury. And the same can be said of flexibility. So basically, lacking strength and flexibility increases your chance of getting injured. Nobody wants an injury when they start training for a half or full marathon. They want to finish the miles in training and cross the finish line with a medal around their neck on race day!

So why do we share this? Because injuries can be a (sad) reality of running. But most of the time they’re preventable! At Alamo 180, we take all of this into consideration when developing our run programs.

First, we address form. We spend the first 15 or so minutes of every workout doing mobility work and running drills. This improves your flexibility and movement patterns. Our goal is to help you become an efficient runner.  

Second, we encourage our runners to take strength classes at the studio. Program after program, the runners that do, outperform those that don’t. And it’s not a competition within our group, we don’t operate like that; that isn’t healthy, or fun, but it’s the simple reality of strength training runners vs non-strength training runners. Strength training makes you stronger, being stronger makes you more durable, more durability equates to fewer (if any) injuries. You only need a class or two each week to start noticing the amazing benefits!

Third, we offer yoga at our studio. This is fantastic for relaxing your mind and body (so welcomed when training for a long distance race!), and for improving flexibility and balance. Again, all of this positively benefits running.

Why share this? Because we are proud of the run program we have developed. It is more than a sheet of paper with how many miles to run each week. Start with certified, experienced run coaches, with a passion for running and life. Add strength, flexibility, mobility and technique work to make it the total package!

SA Rock’n’Roll Marathon training starts on July 12th, BUT you can get started on improving your running NOW!

Ready to begin strength training, but don’t know where or how to start?  Check out our Beginner Bootcamp series starting on June 5th. This is a perfect place to start! More info: or

Maybe you already strength train on your own, but would like to have more guidance with our coaching staff. Check out our IRON XT strength class schedule:

Ready to work on improving flexibility? Yoga happens weekly at our studio, so add it to your schedule now! Make it a habit before run training starts.

And for the days you want to add some extra cross-training in, you’re more than welcome to hop on a bike and spin! We’ve got some great indoor cycle classes. Check out CROSS CHAIN:
Our goal is to help you achieve yours! If you would like to talk to a coach, we’re here for you! Reach out!

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