Beginner CrossFit

You’re ready to CrossFit!

Now, where do you start?

Start here at Alamo 180 by taking a Beginner CrossFit class.

About the Program:

The Beginner CrossFit class is an introductory class designed to prepare individuals for a safe and seamless transition into Alamo 180’s regular CrossFit program.

Learn the CrossFit movements: During the Beginner CrossFit class, you will be patiently guided in all 9 foundational movements.  Not new to CrossFit, but been out of a box for a while? This series will be the perfect refresher. Not new to exercising, but new to CrossFit? This series will make sure you’re ready to jump right into classes with proper form.

Understand Nutrition: Build your CrossFit foundation on a solid nutrition plan. You can’t train and perform well if you don’t eat well. Learn how to become more metabolically efficient so your body will learn how to burn more fat and perform better. We will give you nutrition resources to help you select the best nutrition strategy for you.

Join a Community: We are all about creating community and providing instruction beyond the coached workouts. If you decide to join our CrossFit program after the class, you will be included in our private Facebook group page for support and education. Our goal is to educate, equip, and inspire you on your CrossFit journey!

Get Started:

Schedule: Beginner CrossFit class is scheduled by appointment. Email Coach Jeff at jeff@alamo180.com to get started!

What You Need: Comfortable clothing and athletic shoes.

What To Expect: The class is set up with the purpose to teach you proper movement patterns so you can move safely, correctly, and comfortably. The emphasis is on skill development, not sweating.

Location: Alamo 180 / Studio 2.


$59* investment for the Beginner CrossFit series.

*If you join Alamo 180’s CrossFit program at the conclusion of the Beginner CrossFit series, you will receive a credit of $59 to be applied toward your first month membership.


  • 1 coached class during the program (60 to 90 minutes duration),
  • Nutrition plan and resources.


“Thanks for offering this beginner series! It has made CrossFit way more accessible to someone like me, who would have otherwise been too intimidated to visit a box!” ~Beginner CrossFit Participant

“The beginner program at Alamo 180 is exactly what I needed to jump start my fitness goals again. I’m aware of what works for me: consistency with nutrition, commitment to the workouts and most importantly, a strong sense of community. After the first day with you guys, I knew I’d be back-without a doubt!” ~Beginner CrossFit Participant

Awesome…loved it! Thanks Jeff and Jonas!” ~ Beginner CrossFit Participant

“The content was fantastic.. I was able to appreciate how, apart from being a way of fitness, CrossFit is a lifestyle.” ~Beginner CrossFit Participant

Get started in the Beginner CrossFit series and see your health and fitness goals come true!