CrossFit Fundamentals

CrossFit Fundamentals

Alamo 180’s CrossFit Fundamentals class is designed to teach you the foundational movements and how to perform them safely and correctly. Learn for the first time (or recommit to the basics) so you show up to weekly CrossFit classes with confidence.

Learn the basic movements so you can safely begin your fitness journey. If you’re not new to CrossFit and you want to recommit to the basics, your training will improve and you will advance much faster. We want to motivate and empower you on your journey to becoming a better you!

Become better

  • Better overall health
  • Better work productivity
  • Better sleep at night
  • Better energy levels throughout the day
  • Better endurance athlete
  • Become a better version of yourself

The journey to a better version of yourself is all possible! Start with the CrossFit Fundamentals class.

Here’s what you get in the CrossFit Fundamentals

  • Classes led by a CrossFit certified coach covering the foundational movements of CrossFit,
  • CrossFit Fundamentals includes two classes: Part 1 is squats and presses, Part 2 is deadlifts and cleans (you can take them in any order),
  • Basic fitness and nutrition resources.


Classes offered every Saturday at 8am at Alamo 180.


Free! (no strings attached, we promise!)

“Thanks for offering this series! It has made CrossFit way more accessible to someone like me, who would have otherwise been too intimidated to visit a box!”

After you go through the CrossFit Fundamentals you will:

  • Learn proper form so you can move correctly and comfortably,
  • Lay the right foundation in order to safely build fitness and avoid injuries,
  • Receive nutrition resources to help you make wise food choices,
  • Discover just how fun and do-able CrossFit is!

“The CrossFit Fundamentals class at Alamo 180 was exactly what I needed to jump start my fitness goals again. I’m aware of what works for me: consistency with nutrition, commitment to the workouts and most importantly, a strong sense of community. After the first day with you guys, I knew I’d be back- without a doubt!” 

It was a great opportunity to get introduced to CrossFit”

“The content was fantastic.. I was able to appreciate how, apart from being a way of fitness, CrossFit is a lifestyle.”


Will the CrossFit Fundamentals class be a high intensity workout? The CrossFit Fundamentals class is designed with the purpose of teaching you proper movement patterns so you can move safely, correctly, and comfortably. The emphasis is on skill development, not sweating. You can expect several repetitions of each movement (we learn through doing), lots of rest, and lots of explanation. Come as you are and we will meet you where you are!

What if I can’t do a push-up? You can still attend the CrossFit Fundamentals class! Many have gone through our CrossFit Fundamentals class not being able to do a push-up. You won’t be the first, nor the last. The wonderful thing about CrossFit is that it is infinitely scaleable. Every movement can be scaled to fit the individual where they are. If you cannot do a push-up from your toes, we will teach you proper form from your knees. If you cannot do a push-up from your knee, we will do an incline push-up where your hands are on a bench or wall. You will receive appropriate scaling and respectful coaching. We do this for ALL movements you’ll encounter in CrossFit.

I’m not new to strength training, but I am new to CrossFit, do I still need to take the CrossFit Fundamentals class? We highly encourage you to take the class. CrossFit is a skill and skills requires repeated practice. Learn how to execute the movements safely and correctly. It’s always a good idea to recommit to the basics. To unlearn any bad habits you may have picked up (happens to us all) and learn how to move more efficiently. Always be a learner!

Do I have to do the classes in order? The CrossFit Fundamentals is set up so you can start with either Part 1 or Part 2. Start with Part 1 and finish with Part 2, or start with Part 2 and finish with Part 1. In any order that works for you, complete the CrossFit Fundamentals.

What if I decide after the CrossFit Fundamentals class that this isn’t for me? If you decide after the class that CrossFit isn’t for you, 1) we will applaud you for trying it out, 2) will do our best to offer guidance on local fitness programs you might enjoy, and 3) you will leave with wisdom on how to safely and correctly move. This will serve you well on your next fitness adventure.

“From the moment I walk in I felt welcomed and encouraged.”

“Awesome….loved it! Thanks!”

If you’ve ever thought you were too old, too overweight, or too out of shape to do CrossFit…you’re actually at just the right age, just the right weight and at just the right shape to get started. Let us show you how!

Got Qs? Reach out to Coach Jeff at jeff@alamo180.com or 210-409-3287