CrossFit Fundamentals

When you see or hear about CrossFit, what are some thoughts that come to your mind?

  • Too hard…
  • Can’t keep up in a class setting…
  • Way too intense…
  • Injury waiting to happen…
  • Overwhelming…
  • I look nothing like a CrossFitter…

We find that a lot of people have misconceptions of what CrossFit actually is. There are professional CrossFit athletes that compete in the CrossFit Games and other competitions, but they represent less than 1% of the population. And there are gyms that specialize in competition/performance based programming, but they don’t represent the every CrossFit box.

Le’ts get real here. At Alamo 180, we are life focused, not competition focused. We’re not training you (or anyone) for the Games. We just want you to be a champion at living a healthy and active life.

So how does one start that journey? At the beginner level (btw it’s the level everyone starts at!). Start by learning how to move your body safely and correctly before adding any weight. And then when you’re ready to add weight it, use trainer bars and light weight as you keep learning the movement patterns. We encourage a slow, steady and safe progression. Additionally, our coaches are watching and guiding your movements during class to ensure you get the best (and safest) workout experience.

Our programming is designed with endless ways to modify! Can’t do a pull-up, use bands or do an inverted row. Can’t do a push-up from the floor, do it from the wall. We begin every class discussing ways to modify movements so you can choose what works best for you. We meet you where you are!

CrossFit makes you strong for what life brings you – picking up your squirming kids, carrying bags of groceries into the house in one trip, chasing your dog down the street, squatting down to pick up a bag of kitty litter and putting it into your shopping cart, putting something heavy away on a top shelf, health and strength to get over illnesses faster…you know, life!

If you would like to learn more about Alamo 180’s CrossFit and how to move safely and correctly, then come to our CrossFit Fundamentals seminar!

Your journey to a stronger, healthier and better version of yourself starts with the CrossFit Fundamentals seminar.

“Thanks for offering this seminar! It has made CrossFit way more accessible to someone like me, who would have otherwise been too intimidated to visit a box!”

After you go through the CrossFit Fundamentals Seminar you will:

  • Learn that CrossFit isn’t only for the pros
  • Learn that injuries can be avoided when you know how to move correctly and safely
  • Learn how to scale any movement so the workout fits your needs
  • Know what the lingo means (i.e, WOD = workout of the day)
  • Discover just how fun and do-able CrossFit actually is!

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“The CrossFit Fundamentals at Alamo 180 was exactly what I needed to jump start my fitness goals again. I’m aware of what works for me: consistency with nutrition, commitment to the workouts and most importantly, a strong sense of community. After the first day with you guys, I knew I’d be back- without a doubt!” 

It was a great opportunity to get introduced to CrossFit”

“The content was fantastic… I was able to appreciate how, apart from being a way of fitness, CrossFit is a lifestyle.”


Should I dress to

How long will the seminar last? The CrossFit Fundamentals seminar is 2 hours. There’s a lot of great information to cover! There are lecture and practice component all with the purpose to teach you how to move safely, correctly, and comfortably.

Will the CrossFit Fundamentals seminar be a high intensity workout? The CrossFit Fundamentals seminar is designed with the purpose of teaching you proper movement patterns so you can move safely, correctly, and comfortably. The emphasis is on skill development, not sweating. You can expect several repetitions of each movement (we learn through doing), lots of rest, and lots of explanation. Come as you are and we will meet you where you are!

I’ve done boot camp before, but I am new to CrossFit, do I still need to take the CrossFit Fundamentals? We highly encourage you to take the class. CrossFit is a skill and skills requires repeated practice. Learn how to execute the movements safely and correctly. It’s always a good idea to recommit to the basics. To unlearn any bad habits you may have picked up (happens to us all) and learn how to move more efficiently. Always be a learner!

“From the moment I walk in I felt welcomed and encouraged.”

“Awesome….loved it! Thanks!”

Get Started

CrossFit Fundamentals Seminar is offered the first Saturday of every month. Register in advance. Email jeff@alamo180.com for more information.