Beginner Swim Series

Alamo 180 offers TWO swim series – Beginner Swim Series and Beyond Beginner Swim Series.

The Beginner Swim Series is designed for doggie paddlers, floaters, sinkers, and everything in between wanting to learn how to swim freestyle.

The Beyond Beginner Swim Series is designed for freestylers looking to go beyond the basics and improve their stroke mechanics.


Beginner Swim Series is a 4 week series designed to teach you how to swim freestyle. Our highly successful approach is to teach freestyle step by step. We break down freestyle into separate steps – rhythmic breathing, body positioning, kick, arm cycle – so you can work on each one separately and master it before moving onto the next. Our approach is to decrease the overwhelm so you can learn quickly and easily. Class meets 1x per week for 1 hour of in-water instruction covering the fundamentals of freestyle. Classes are capped at 8 participants to ensure quality instruction. Pre-req: must be able to put entire face in the water. All other skills will be taught. 

Beyond Beginner Swim Series is a 4 week series designed to improve your freestyle by going into more depth of the arm cycle, rotation, and body positioning. The Beyond Beginner Series includes specific drills that will deepen your understanding of freestyle and take efficiency to a whole new level. Class meets 1x per week for 1 hour of in-water instruction covering the fundamentals of freestyle. Classes are capped at 8 participants to ensure quality instruction. 


2019 Dates: 

Beginner Swim Series 

Session 5 | Dates: Wednesdays – 9/4, 9/11, 9/18, 9/25.  Time: 5:30pm or 6:45pm class.

Session 6 | Dates: Wednesdays – 10/16, 10/23, 10/30, 11/6.  Time: 5:30pm class (only one time offered).

Registration coming soon

Beyond Beginner Swim Series 

Session 5 | Dates: Thursdays – 9/5, 9/12, 9/19, 9/26.  Time: 5:30pm or 6:45pm class. 

Session 6 | Dates: Wednesdays – 10/16, 10/23, 10/30, 11/6.  Time: 6:45pm class (only one time offered).

Registration coming soon 

Location: San Antonio College pool.

Swim classes will take place in the pool located in the Candler Physical Education center.  



Investment: $99. Each series, Beginner and Beyond Beginner Swim, includes 4 x 1 hour swim classes + access to a private Facebook group page for additional coaching, videos, and support.

  • Registration and payment reserves your spot. Each class time is capped at 10 participants.
  • During registration, select your preferred month & class time. The class time you pick is the class time you attend for the 4 weeks series.
  • No refunds (for circumstances due to injury or military assignment, please contact Coach Bree to discuss options).
  • No make-up classes offered. Please make sure to attend all classes. Note: If a class is canceled due to reasons out of our control (inclement weather, pool closure, etc), we will offer a make-up class on the 5th week of the series. 



Beginner Swim Series Testimonials:

“Literally went from not being able to swim to being comfortable swimming.” ~Beginner Swim Series Participant 

“I would highly recommend the beginner series to anyone who wants to learn freestyle. The breakdown of how to swim is presented in an easy to understand manner and the amount of information presented in each session is appropriate and worked in my brain. I felt comfortable, learned technique that would never have occurred to me before and am ready to move on to the next series to build upon and improve my swim.”~Beginner Swim Series Participant 

“Great intro to freestyle in a simplistic manner…the demonstration of drills by Coach Bree were delivered very well and the feedback on our form was well observed. I truly enjoy going back to watch the videos and studying the drill then off to practice. Looking forward to future classes.” ~Beginner Swim Series Participant 

“This class helped me progress from not being able to freestyle at all to freestyling with only a couple things to work on. Great instruction.” ~Beginner Swim Series Participant 

“I’m new to swimming but I enjoyed the personal challenge to learn how to freestyle swim. Coach Bree helped me to understand the mechanics of kicking, body posture, breathing and armstrokes every step of the way. She made learning fun and its become a new workout routine for me. Thank you Coach Bree for helping me to challenge myself and gain valuable experience.” ~Beginner Swim Series Participant 

“I’ve taken swim lessons many times with many different instructors. Thanks to Bree’s step by step instruction and awesome cues, it all came together for me and I can finally swim freestyle!”~Beginner Swim Series Participant 

“If I had been through this kind of beginner freestyle class as a kid I would have been swimming so much more. I joined a gym recently just so I can add swimming to my cardio and workout routines. I didn’t realize I could actually learn how to swim. Looking forward to next steps in Beyond Beginner!” ~Beginner Swim Series Participant 

“A very comprehensive class on every step of the freestyle with excellent instruction and feedback during the practice drills.” ~Beginner Swim Series Participant 

“Coach Bree is great. She breaks it down to an easy and understanding way.” ~Beginner Swim Series Participant

“Bree’s experience both as a swimmer and as a coach is evident, as her use of sequential drills made a lot of sense.” ~Beginner Swim Series Participant

“This was a great class. The instruction was personal and easy to understand and has given me hope to do a race this year.” ~Beginner Swim Series Participant

“I’ve taken swim lessons before but left feeling like I was just flailing my arms and legs. Now, I feel like I actually know how to freestyle and the things I noticed was going wrong during my triathlon, but did not have a clue WHY, I am able to now see why. Not only because each step was broken down and explained, but because of the feedback after we would practice a drill. For example, zig zagging in the water. Great class and well worth the money! I look forward to Beyond Beginner.” ~Beginner Swim Series Participant 

“I would like to do a Tri one day but my swimming is what has prevented me from trying. After taking the beginners session, I have learned so much from all the drills. As I continue to practice, I now feel confident that I will be able to one day complete a Tri.” ~Beginner Swim Series Participant 

“I was a beginner swimmer and was very frustrated that I could not get the whole picture. I tried and went to several different places, but with lots of patience and finding someone who could break things down step by step, it helped me. I have learned so many things that I never learned before. I appreciate the series and will be coming back to continue my growth.” ~Beginner Swim Series Participant 

“Coach Bree you are so awesome! You have been so positive and supportive. I can really feel myself improving and I’m so excited! Can’t say enough about Coach Bree and how she breaks down each movement and drill!” Beginner Swim Series Participant

Beyond Beginner Swim Series Testimonials: 

“Being a self taught triathlete swimmer, I signed up for this class to help improve my freestyle. WOW, am I so glad I did!!! It was a game changer learning proper technique to swim more efficiently. The adjustments in my stroke and movement in the water made a HUGE difference. Coach Bree gave me so many tools that I think about everytime I hit the water. I highly recommend this class!” ~Beyond Beginner Swim Series Participant

“Coach Bree’s understanding and delivery of the drills we use has helped me develop my swim stroke so much faster and almost intuitively than I ever expected, this is 100% a class I would sign up for again.”~Beyond Beginner Swim Series Participant  

“Bree, I truly appreciated your ability to notice exactly what and where I needed/need improvement during the drills and swims. I was amazed at how you could keep up with everyone in the class to be able to help each and everyone of us where we needed it. You were very patient with me even when I wasn’t patient with myself. I had to miss two of the classes, but your videos were very helpful. I am so very thankful I registered for this class.” ~Beyond Beginner Swim Series Participant  

“The Beyond Beginner was awesome even for someone that has done multiple classes and triathlons. A few great pointers and refreshers on drills and tips.” ~Beyond Beginner Swim Series Participant

“Thank you for the swim series. I was able to start paying close attention to things I was not aware I was doing and make better connections, like rotation and pulling. You very very patient and gave lots of pointers. I will be back for the next session.” ~Beyond Beginner Swim Series Participant 

“Bree it was awesome 👏🏼 I feel more confident in my freestyle and knowing the proper technique. Once you do the drill and put it together makes more sense. I appreciate it Bree. Thank you for everything you do! ~Beyond Beginner Swim Series Participant 

“Even though I have done a few triathlons and gone to multiple Alamo 180 swim workouts I still learned a lot. I was at first worried that the Beyond Beginner would be beyond me, it wasn’t. There were tips and tricks that I needed to hear new and then some things from previous workouts I needed refreshing. Thanks so much!” ~ Beyond Beginner Swim Series Participant 

“I would highly recommend the swim series by Coach Bree. I recently attended them and have a better foundation of my swim strokes. My pace has increased significantly and I’m finally enjoying my freestyle swims!” Beyond Beginner Swim Series Participant  

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