Beyond Beginner Swim Series

Beyond Beginner Swim Series

Beyond Beginner Swim Series is designed for the motivated swimmer ready to freestyle with improved efficiency and speed.

How would it feel to… 

  • Finally break the 2:00, 1:45 or even 1:30 per 100 pace you’ve been stuck at?
  • Freestyle more efficiently so you can make that Half or Full Ironman swim distance a reality.
  • Learn what you are doing wrong and the drills that will fix it.

It’s ALL possible with Alamo 180’s Swim Series program. Let us show you how!

“Being a self taught triathlete swimmer, I signed up for this class to help improve my freestyle. WOW, am I so glad I did!!! It was a game changer learning proper technique to swim more efficiently. The adjustments in my stroke and movement in the water made a HUGE difference. Coach Bree gave me so many tools that I think about every time I hit the water. I highly recommend this class!”

We created the Beyond Beginner Swim Series when we realized so many individuals wanted to improve their freestyle, but didn’t know where to find the right resource. They were trying to learn on their own by watching YouTube videos, but weren’t really getting the help they needed. After studying this problem for years, we found the solution!

Alamo 180’s Beyond Beginner Swim Series is your solution! 

Here’s what you get in the 4 week series:

  • 4 week series with 4 coached swim clinics led by a highly experienced and certified USA Triathlon coach,
  • Small clinic size, capped at 8 participants,
  • Educational swim videos detailing each freestyle drill for additional instruction,
  • Email access,
  • Private Facebook group for extra support.

Series Schedule:

Series meets 1x per week for 1 hour of in-water instruction covering the fundamentals of freestyle. Series is capped at 8 participants to ensure quality instruction.

  • Session 5 | Dates: Thursdays – 9/5, 9/12, 9/19, 9/26.  Time: 5:30pm or 6:45pm clinic.
  • Session 6 | Dates: Wednesdays – 10/16, 10/23, 10/30, 11/6.  Time: 6:45pm clinic (only one time offered).

Location: San Antonio College pool. Swim clinics will take place in the pool located in the Candler Physical Education center. 


  • 10% discount on private swim sessions. If you need additional coaching outside of the series, we recommend booking a private session.

After you go through the Beyond Beginner Swim Series you will:

  • Learn how to improve your freestyle through a simple step by step approach.
  • Understand the mechanics of kicking, body posture, breathing, arm cycle, and rotation.
  • Learn how to spot your errors and simple ways to self correct

“I would highly recommend the swim series by Coach Bree. I recently attended them and have a better foundation of my swim strokes. My pace has increased significantly and I’m finally enjoying my freestyle swims!”

Ready to get started?

Learn how to improve your freestyle for just $119 

*Registration opens soon! Deadline to register for Series 5 is Tuesday, Sept 5 at midnight.  Deadline to register for Series 6 is Tuesday, Oct 15 at midnight. 

  • Registration and payment reserves your spot. Each clinic time is capped at 8 participants.
  • During registration, select your preferred month & class time. The clinic time you pick is the clinic time you attend for the 4 weeks series.
  • No refunds (for circumstances due to injury or military assignment, please contact Coach Bree to discuss options).
  • No make-ups offered. Please be sure to attend all 4 clinics. Note: If a clinic is canceled due to reasons out of our control (inclement weather, pool closure, etc), we will offer a make-up on the 5th week. 

Register Session 5

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“Bree it was awesome! I feel more confident in my freestyle and knowing the proper technique. Once you do the drill and put it together makes more sense. I appreciate it Bree. Thank you for everything you do!

“Thank you for the swim series. I was able to start paying close attention to things I was not aware I was doing and make better connections, like rotation and pulling. You were very very patient and gave lots of pointers.”


Are there any pre-requisites to the Beyond Beginner Swim Series? Yes, you must be able to swim freestyle one length of the pool. If you cannot swim freestyle one length, we recommend attending our Beginner Swim Series or booking a private swim session.

What is your approach to teaching freestyle? Our highly successful approach is to teach freestyle step by step. We break down freestyle into separate steps – rhythmic breathing, body positioning, kick, arm cycle and rotation – so you can work on each one separately and understand how it can improve your freestyle. Our approach is to decrease the overwhelm so you can learn quickly and easily. 

What if I miss one of the clinics during the series? Each clinic is set up with a warm up, drills of the week, and open practice time. The warm up portion consists of the drills from the prior week. If you miss a clinic, you will get a chance to work on those drills during the warm up. Then, during the open practice time, you can practice those drills and receive individual instruction. Additionally, you can access the swim videos detailing how to complete the drills. If you need further help, you can schedule a private swim session.

“Even though I have done a few triathlons and gone to multiple Alamo 180 swim workouts I still learned a lot. I was at first worried that the Beyond Beginner would be beyond me, it wasn’t. There were tips and tricks that I needed to hear new and then some things from previous workouts I needed refreshing. Thanks so much!” 

If you’re ready to improve your freestyle, we’re ready to teach you!

Got Qs? Reach out to Coach Bree at bree@alamo180.com or 210-371-6515