Bike Rodeo Clinic

Bike Rodeo Clinic


Alamo 180 Bike Rodeo Clinic

In this TWO SESSION bike clinic, you will learn:
*bike anatomy
*gears & shifting
*skills and drills to improve your bike handling
*knowledge of cadence to get the most out of each pedal stroke
*group riding ins and outs
*hill riding: how to most effectively and efficiently ascend and descend.

This clinic is for novice and experienced cyclists.

2 coaches wil be presenting this two session clinic.

Part 1 (Sun, Mar 13) @ 10am (2 hours duration)
A. Class Instruction: bike anatomy, skills & drills, rules of the road, group riding rules
B. Practical Instruction: bike rodeo, group road ride

Part 2: (Sun, Mar 20) @ 10am (2.5 hours duration) 
A. Class Instruction: gears & shifting
B. Practical Instruction: group road ride – hills (ascents & descents)

BOTH: Part 1 & Part 2: $89/A180 mbrs; $99 for non-A180 mbrs
ONE: Part 1 or Part 2: $50/A180 mbrs; $60 for non-A180 mbrs


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