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Rookie to Race Registration OPEN

Rookie to Race Program #2 registration is OPEN! 
Program start date is July 17 and culminates with the Dam 09 triathlon. 

This popular program is designed for the motivated individual with the goal of completing their first triathlon.

Discover how you can start your triathlon journey with Alamo 180: http://www.alamo180.com/triathlon/rookie-to-race/

About our CrossFit program

There are many positive aspects to our CrossFit program but a big one we are known for is periodization. There is a period for load and a period for recovery. During a training cycle, we use progressive load principles to slowly and steadily stimulate the body to adaptation along with active recovery to avoid overtraining, injury and burnout. Simply put, each period gets incrementally challenging and it’s followed up with recovery. Challenge the body and rest the body, and repeat the process.

Periodization is the opposite of random.

For example, you wouldn’t train for a running event, of any distance, by running as hard as you can every day. You would quickly become overtrained, injured and burnt out. Hard workouts are necessary, but so too is recovery.

By designing a CrossFit program that includes recovery, we call it training smarter, not harder.

Learn more about our CrossFit program and membership levels

Learn more about our Beginner CrossFit and how to get started training smart!

Scam Sale

On Wednesday, August 1, we learned we were victims of a scam. We purchased equipment for our studio (3 Air Assault bikes and 1 Concept 2 rower) from a company that claimed it sold equipment that had been used in CrossFit competitions.

We thought we were getting a deal. We didn’t realize it would end up with $1,200 lost and no equipment.

As a small, family operated business, we pride ourselves on routinely saving money to pour it back into our gym. Our never ceasing goal is to improve the training experience. Not only was this stolen from us, it was stolen from our members and our prospective members.

This loss, as of right now, significantly delays our “Studio Improvement To Do List”. With your help, we can recoup the loss and continue to give back to our members.

When life gives you lemons you make lemonade. What was meant to destroy, you instead rebuild it even stronger. Help us make sweet lemonade.

How can you help? By buying a lottery ticket and playing the Alamo 180 Scam Sale Fundraising Lottery.

How to Play:

  • Purchase a $25 ticket. Purchase your lottery ticket by sending money via PayPal to bree@alamo180.com and selecting “Friends & Family” for the money transfer. Direct link to PayPal: PayPal.Me/alamo180. You can also send money via Venmo to @alamo180
  • 4 chances to win: 
    • 1 winner will receive the Grand Prize of a FREE 3 month membership for themselves and a 3 month membership to gift to a friend* (value of $900)
    • 3 winners will receive an Alamo 180 t-shirt or hat of their choice (value of $25). 
  • Winners will be drawn on Facebook Live on Wednesday, August 15.

Fine Print:

  • Must purchase the ticket before the expiration date of Monday, August 13 at midnight to be eligible for the prizes.
  • *The friend that is gifted the monthly membership cannot be a current Alamo 180 member. Select one friend for the membership that is intended to be gifted. You can choose to gift both memberships, with each going to one friend each (both friends cannot be current Alamo 180 members). 
  • Grand Prize Membership applies to studio classes only (not triathlon or running).
  • Grand Prize Membership must be activated by Feb 1, 2019.
  • You can buy several tickets for increased odds of winning.

Good luck and have fun! May the odds be ever in your favor!

P.S. If you wouldn’t mind sharing our first FB live video, we would be so grateful. Thanks in advance! 

#makea180 Athlete Spotlight (March)

#makea180 Athlete Spotlight: Cleve Wilson

Age: 69 years young

Occupation: Realtor with First State Realty, LLC


Read his transformation story:

“I have always been actively involved with sports and sport specific training from an early age. Process of elimination led me into track and racing half-mile, mile and cross country. During those college years I had excellent coaching and learned that focused endurance training was the key to excelling in whatever races I competed in. There is no ‘shortcut’ to success in any sport if you expect to win.

After college, I started to run in the local road racing events during the 1970’s and 80’s. I loved to compete! Total running mileage and speed work translated into success again. At the time I saw little to no value in weight or strength training. I was lucky enough to train with the most famous New Zealand Olympic running coach of all time, Arthur Lydiard, telling us, ” Have you ever seen a deer lifting weights? If you want to be a great runner you need to RUN and running hills will give you all the strength you need.” So, 99% of my early years training was road and track running. When you are in your 20’s that is arguably correct but after 40 not so much.

As I got older, especially after 55, I noticed that running was so much more difficult and I was getting more and more injuries than I ever had before, not to mention getting slower and slower! Running was always so easy, why was it becoming such a chore?

Finally, it occurred to me that I was a bit heavier and my legs were not as lean and muscular as they used to be. My son-in-law, Jeff Soileau, kept telling me that I needed to start coming to Alamo 180 gym and begin strength training with him. He said that he could help me regain the strength in my legs, core and upper body that I simply lost over the years. Could he be right? What did I have to lose? I soon realized I had REALLY lost a lot of strength all over my body which was just a natural progression of aging.

When I started, I could not even do one “pull-up” and 40 simple squats were enough to end my productive day! I would limp around like the old man I was for two days! I have been going to the gym regularly for a few months over a year and have been training seriously for about one year. I have come a long, long way and
have been doing it in a slow, sensible progression. I have to admit that Jeff has been really good at tamping back my natural tendency to ‘push the envelope’ and made sure I do not overwork.

Because of strength training my running has really increased in mileage, average training speed and even racing speed. I am not having all the injuries and I have slowly dropped about 15 lbs. I feel years younger. I have regained my waistline and I am enjoying running again. I wish I had started doing weight and cross-training several years ago but at least I am doing it now while I still can. Today, I am most proud of my ability to do weighted “pull-up” sets and more than I ever thought I could do at my age. My new challenge is “The Torture”, Coach Jeff (I have other names for him), was so kind to visit upon me: Five sets of The Bulgarian single leg squats AND the weighted single leg deadlifts with 25 lb. kettle bell. These are, at present, the end of my productive day again, temporarily. Soon this torture will be routine and Jeff will invent another for me to conquer. Progress.

LIFE is only as good as your ability to enjoy it the way you want to enjoy it. I am
convinced that what I am doing for myself today is going to allow me to truly enjoy
the most of everyday I have left to live. I refuse to surrender to the aging process
without a fight. Think of what you have to lose and what the reality of that means.

See you at the gym.”



Did you read our February #makea180 Athlete Spotlight? Read the inspiring transformation story here!

December Newsletter


Alamo 180’s December Newsletter! Lots of great things going on in the month of December!

Read up… http://conta.cc/2gqc5hF
P.S. Not included in the newsletter: we had to buy more weights and bars because we were almost running out in classes!
P.S.S. We also got some nice foam rollers for your muscles to love…or hate…or both…

Benchmark: Sprott


Alamo 180 Benchmark “Sprott” was created to make an A180 athlete’s dreams come true. He said his dream workout would be overhead squats and double unders. Careful what you wish for. It just might become a benchmark!

BB Overhead Squat (95 men / 65 women)
GHD Sit-ups
50 x double unders each round

Scaling options available for all athletes. Scale all or part of the assessment. Scaled options:
Front squat (instead of overhead squat)
Open gate sit-ups (instead of GHD)
Singles (instead of double unders)
Using lighter weight as necessary

Assessment Schedule:
9:00am & 10:30am classes. We will go in heats of 4.

BBQ feast begins at 11:30am.


Want to get better at, or learn how to double under? Follow this 20 day challenge (click to enlarge): 

Dub Challenge



Learn the fundamentals of Power Lifting, Olympic Lifting and Conditioning. 

Each Teen Summer Camp is led by Head Strength & Conditioning Coach and CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, Jeff Soileau, and Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach, Mark Krana. Our expert coaches will guide each student through the movements. No prior experience necessary. Open to all high school students – boys and girls, not just high school student athletes.



5 camps offered during the summer! Pick your 2 week camp slot:

#1: June 13 to June 24.

#2: June 27 to July 8.

#3: July 11 to July 22.

#4: July 25 to Aug 5

#5: Aug 8 to Aug 19



Select your preferred camp date.  Click here to register 

Benchmark, Beer & BBQ


Saturday, May 7 @ 9am
Alamo 180

It’s the “300” benchmark this Saturday! Rock the benchmark, and then refresh with COLD beer thanks to Blue Star Brewery Co and fill up on delicious, smoked chicken. We will bring all the fixings, you bring your muscles.

Bring a friend! The more the merrier!  Open to ANYONE!!! Drop-in rates $17.

Facebook event page 

The Struggle to Strength Train

Sweat from the Heart: Coach Bree’s Blog on Training, Racing, and Life.


The struggle is real. The struggle to strength train is what I’m talking about. There are so many other things, and not even fun things, that I would rather do than lift heavy weights. There. I said it.

Want to know what my favorite part of strength training is? It’s not my last rep in the set. Because in the moments leading up to it, I’m thinking of every excuse to cut it out so I can finish early. But rather when I (after giving the hubster a kiss) walk out the door. I’m done. I don’t have to visit the torturous pain cave for an IRON class until the next day, or two, depending on my training plan.


Yes. I own this gym. The one I can’t wait to walk out of. The truth is that lifting heavy things over and over is not only boring, but it’s also very uncomfortable. It takes me out of my comfort zone and forces me to do things I don’t like. I don’t like doing things I don’t like.

The only motivation I have to pump iron is knowing how it positively, without a doubt, impacts my athletic endeavors. I cannot be the athlete I want to be without it. Period. I’ve tried seasons of training and racing without strength work and it didn’t go so well. I either got injured or my efforts weren’t where I knew they could be. Comparing seasons of strength work to seasons without it, it’s beyond obvious that I need it.

What about you? Have you ever had this realization? The realization that lifting weights got you the results you were looking for? That you could actually cut out a bike ride and spend that time in the gym instead and get better at riding? Same applies for running and swimming. It’s true. And if you haven’t experienced it, I challenge you to try it out this off-season. I wrote more about it here


So, with all my frustrations and dislikes aside, I walk through the doors ready to lift weights knowing I will climb better, run stronger and faster, and reach the athletic goals I have set for myself.


Huuuuge PR at NOLA 70.3 and strength training was part of the reason.

If you’re anything like me – that you would rather swim, bike and run than lift weights – then let me encourage you to do what you need to do (but would rather not do). Hit the gym and pump some iron. Don’t think about how much you dislike it, but rather think about how much it will benefit you. If that becomes your primary perspective, you’ll get through each rep and you will reap the benefits the next time you hop on your bike, jump in the pool, or head out the door for a run. And you know what IS fun? Racing better, stronger and faster!

I challenge you to approach your off-season differently this year. Try something new and see what happens. It might be the answer you have been looking for!