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Spank it for Speed!

galveston cheer butt

The Alamo 180 cheer squad made it in the Galveston County Daily News! Not long after we were cheering, we had a reporter right next to us taking tons of pictures. And between each click, laughing hysterically.

That’s what it’s about. It’s about making the racers laugh. In triathlon, you can’t use headphones to tune out the world or your pain. It’s just you and your thoughts. In a half Ironman, by the time your halfway done with your run, you too are done. Posters are great, but sometimes you are “too out of it” to read. So when you see costumes and a foam butt, you can’t help but laugh. It’s ridiculous. Who dances around in a foam butt yelling “spank it for speed!!!” — we do!!

We had countless racers stop by and tell us, “Thank you. It’s what kept me going one more lap”… “You are hilarious, thank you!!”…”This was the best cheer station”…”My goal at the end of three laps was to spank the butt”…”Those butts made me smile”…”THANK YOU!!!” And some wanted to take pictures with us post-race with their finishers medal. What a blast!

If it takes your mind off the pain and makes you smile, even for 10 seconds, we did our job! 

So next time you race, you just might see this foam butt! 

Here’s the link to the online article: http://www.galvestondailynews.com/sports/local_sports/article_a8607220-be11-11e3-aeba-001a4bcf6878.html?mode=image&photo=2

Race Prep Clinic: Kemah & Windcrest Tri

72881_4738993121951_1942979061_nRace Preparation Clinic to answer your questions and get you 100% ready for your upcoming race.

Topics we will cover: 
*Course details (for both Windcrest & Kemah)
*How to change a flat tire
*How to set up a transition area
*Before & After Race

What to bring: 
*Bring everything as if you were going to race.
*Bring your tool/repair kit

$5 for Alamo 180 members
$8 for non-Alamo 180 members

It’s highly suggested you attend this informative session! You will feel prepared going into your race!

Reason #5 to train at Alamo 180’s Training Center

Reason #5 to train at the Alamo 180 Multisport Training Center…


45620_4640318895157_209103756_nUnlike the “Big Box” gyms, Alamo 180 was founded in San Antonio, and operates in San Antonio.  So what does that mean?
It means that your money STAYS in San Antonio.  It also means that your money pays the very people that train and coach you.  In fact, the President and VP are likely the same people who coached you through your most recent workout or your last event.
Train with Alamo 180! Support local biz!

Reason #4 To Train at the Facility

Reason # 4 to train at the Multisport Training Facility…

Because you CAN take us seriously. 

IMG_20130714_091907Yes, we dress in costumes. Yes, we go all out cheering for athletes at races. Yes, we wear foam butts! BUTT, you can take us seriously! All silliness aside, we are certified and experienced coaches. We’ve been professional coaches longer than Alamo 180 has been in existence.
A personal trainer for nearly 10 years, Jeff has also spent the last 4.5 years working as a boot camp and indoor cycle instructor. Before that, Jeff was a US Army Master Fitness Instructor [more on Jeff].
Before Bree became a full-time coach starting up Alamo 180, she was an indoor cycle instructor at the same gym, as well as a Cross Country and Track Coach at a Division 2 University. She was also an elite triathlete working her way into the pro-ranks [more on Bree].
Not only are we instructors and coaches, we are also athletes. Because of this, we know what YOU want as an athlete. This is the perfect combination to provide you with the BEST training experience.

So, take us seriously! Join our facility when it opens. Save the date for early February!

Learn about our fundraiser if you want to donate a few bucks!

If you missed Reasons # 1 – 3, click here

Reasons Why You Should Train at the Facility

Alamo 180 will open doors to San Antonio’s FIRST Multisport Training Center early February 2014. Our awesome city needs this positive and healthy direction. We will further help San Antonio make a “180”.

First, you don’t have to be a member of our run or triathlon team to train at the facility. We will offer strength, yoga and indoor cycle classes to the general public. These classes are great for general fitness, as well as for athletes seeking to further their performance.

Second, these classes will be unlike anything you have ever experienced…better than what you get in a “big, box gym”. They are designed with the athlete in mind. Our strength classes will promote overall strength and fitness (a great option for the fitness-fanatic), but designed specifically for the runner or triathlete. Indoor cycle classes will mimic road cycling with form drills, long work sets, and speed intervals. We won’t force you to pedal to the beat, or stay out of the saddle through several songs. Our yoga will be for the runner or triathlete hoping to recover from a long training session. Nothing like showing up to a yoga class to find it intense and challenging, which is the last thing you want after a brutal workout session.

Third, you will get to meet and train with other San Antonio athletes under one roof! Mingle, support and inspire each other as you train!

Just to name a few….

We would love for you to train with us! Classes and schedule to be posted soon! Check back!

Oh…and you can donate to our efforts! Your support is greatly appreciated! 



Alamo 180 is expanding! Learn how you can help!

Alamo 180 is growing! In early February 2014, we will open doors to San Antonio’s FIRST and ONLY multisport training center! Help us grow! We would appreciate your financial support! Click on the above link to learn more!


Join Team Danae

68239_3398542820445_1528128580_n 417949_588961831123281_1098507127_n jenanddanae 575926_573862839299847_1266484702_nAlamo 180 athlete, Danae Quijano, has been diagnosed with breast cancer, Invasive Ductal Carcinoma.

In her own words, ” I never knew why I started training for the 1/2 marathon or tri’s. I would actually say to myself during tri’s “why are you doing this to yourself?”, but I just kept on doing it not knowing why. The minute my doctor said the words “Highly suspicious and its probably cancer” I knew exactly why. I had been training for this to Fight like a Triathlete and beat cancer. I have only done Sprint Triathlons but this next year I will be doing my own version of an Ironman and I WILL finish and I WILL win.”

Want to support Danae during this time? 

1. She asks that ALL women get a baseline mammogram at 35 years. If you are 40, get a mammogram. Early detection is key!

2. Exercise regularly. You never know what life may throw at you. Being active is helping her during this time. It’s speeding up the healing process and giving her positive results from chemotherapy treatments.

3. Join the Team Danae group on Facebook. Stay up on the latest news with regular updates, and share encouraging posts to show our love and support!

4. If you want to help financially, you can! Here’s how to donate on the Team Danae Fundly Site.


Team Danae

547012_4964147345718_809431141_n 575926_573862839299847_1266484702_n 417949_588961831123281_1098507127_n 20130110_180446

TEAM DANAE!!!! https://www.facebook.com/events/1400026450230745/?source=1

Alamo 180 athlete, Danae Quijano, has been diagnosed with breast cancer, Invasive Ductal Carcinoma.

First, they ask for your prayers. Add their names to your prayer list at church and ask whoever you want to pray for them.

Second, you can financially support her and her family: http://fundly.com/teamdanae

Third, you have the opportunity to purchase a ‘Team Danae’ shirt to show your love and support. For those that may not know, at Alamo 180, we cheer on our athletes at races. It’s important our athletes know we are there on the sidelines cheering for them every step of the way. That we are available during any time of need. In the same way, Danae needs your love, support and cheering as she begins the hardest race yet! She’s strong and capable. She’s ready to fight and win! If you purchase a shirt, we ask you wear it on days she has chemotherapy, and on any day she needs extra support. This will be a beautiful reminder that we are there cheering for her for the WIN!!

*****HOW TO ORDER/PAY*****

Cost: $28 (charging cost)

Payment: It’s recommended you pay online through PayPal. A shirt order will not be placed without payment. Select your size during the PayPal payment process – Women, go up a size as the shirts run small. If you wear a small, order a medium. Men, they run true to size.

Delivery: Depends on when you placed your order. You will be notified via email.

Women’s Sizes: SIZE UP at least one size as they run small

Men’s Sizes