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Feedback Wanted

We are always looking for ways to expand and grow our training services. Alamo 180, only a year old,  has grown beyond our wildest dreams! We love what we do and we love the people we train.

We have many goals to accomplish in the next 3-5 years. One of them is to add morning Boot Camp and Triathlon training sessions. Currently, we only offer evening training. Our evening session are widely popular, however, we want to offer more training options. How many of you would be interested in joining our Boot Camp or Triathlon Team if we offered morning sessions? Morning session would begin no later than 6AM.

Please let us know! Leave us a comment and share your thoughts. Your feedback helps us! Thanks in advance!

ROCK the MOCK Tri 6.24.12

ROCK the MOCK Tri is a practice triathlon put on by Alamo 180. It was designed as an opportunity to complete  a triathlon in a non-competitive, fun environment. It’s great for first-timers. For those veteran triathletes, its a great way to practice pacing and nutrition, and try out longer distances, such as the Olympic.  The event is well supported with kayak for the swim, sag vehicle for the bike and run. We added a transition area and unofficial timing at this event to make it even better! Post event, participants enjoyed chocolate milk, fruit, and burgers! Thanks to those that joined us! We had a lot of fun!

Great job to all that participated in June’s ROCK the MOCK Tri on 6/24/12.


Results are in! Click here for ROCK the MOCK results

The next one will be Sunday, August 12th. Mark your calendars!

Register now!

TriPearl Team Race

Alamo 180 Team Race: TriPearl


Congrats to Alamo 180 triathletes Lexa Rijos, Jamie Roadman, Bud Winn, Will Gonzaba, Suzy Casas, Tony Rodriguez, Manny Longoria, Diana Estrada, Rob Scott, Noah Alamanza, Miriam Medina, Crystal Tomlinson, Maria Ortega, Joseph Ortega, Al Alvarez, Marc Toppel for participating in the 2nd annual TriPearl triathlon in San Antonio, Tx.

Special Shout-Outs:

Crystal Tomlinson did her longest triathlon distance to date and finished strong with a huge smile on her face. Tony Rodriguez improved his time from last year’s TriPearl by 14 minutes!!! Joseph Ortega improved on his performance from last year by 2 minutes in the water! Lexa Rijos got 2nd in her age group in the sprint distance. Marc Toppel won his age group in the super sprint distance. Will Gonzaba won his age group. Amy Buben got third in her age group.


Sinking from swimming?

The most common complaint we get from swimming, especially from beginner triathletes, is being tired and out of breath. Most cannot swim more than a lap without having to stop and rest. Frustrating? Yes! Doomed? No!

Swimming is a hard sport. It takes time and patience to develop an efficient stroke. Also, it takes time to develop endurance. Next time you find yourself tired and out of breath, spending more time at the wall than swimming, go through this “trouble shooting checklist” and see if you can find the culprit to your woes.

1. Form

Proper form allows you to work with the water, not against it. You want your body to be level on the water’s surface. Too many athletes swim with their chest and head up and their  hips and legs down. This causes the body to act like a seesaw in the water. When you raise your head, the legs sink. Focus on keeping the head and chest down, and your chin slightly tucked – this keeps the legs from sinking, allowing you to swim completely on top of the water.

Along with form, don’t rely solely on your kick to propel you forward. Many beginner swimmers think the forward propulsion comes from the kick, and the faster the kick, the faster the freestyle. Not true. Soon your legs will tire and your freestyle will fall apart. Much of the forward propulsion comes from your arms. A strong underwater pull propels you forward and your kick is there to help out. In the sport of triathlon, you want to use your arms more than your legs when it comes to swimming. This saves your legs for the bike and run.

2. Speed

It’s not a race to get to the other end of the pool.  Also, swimming fast is not going to keep you afloat. It’s about form and cadence. Imagine this – You are stranded out in the ocean and your only hope for survival is to swim one mile to the shore. Are you going to swim fast or slow and steady? You won’t last long going fast, but you will cover more distance and save energy by swimming slowly. Same is true in the pool. If you want to last more than 25 yards and finish your workout, slow your pace down. Speed will come with time. It has to be easy first before you can be fast.

3. Lack of Proper Warm Up

This happens three ways: One, you jump in the water and start swimming. You feel good, so you swim fast, hoping it will last the entire workout. Two, the water is cold and you swim fast to warm your body quicker. Or three, you only have time for a short swim, so you decide to shorten the warm up, or skip it altogether, and head straight to the main set. All three can tire your body and ruin your workout.

Liken it to this: You plan to go out for a 30 minute run. Would you start the first 10 minutes running fast? No, you would run slow and wait for your body to warm up. Same applies to swimming. Don’t skimp on the warm up. Be patient and swim a few laps slowly focusing on form and cadence.

4. Breathing

Too often, swimmers purposely refrain from breathing to try and keep their form. Swimming while not taking frequent breaths means less oxygen to your muscles, and in minutes you will tire and your form will fall apart. Slow down your speed, focus on form and breathe as needed. Additionally, make sure you breathe bilaterally – both sides. Too many favor one side only, and this can negatively affect your form.

We specialize in swim instruction, so if you wish to improve your form and efficiency in the water, contact us for a private swim session.





Swimming Can Be A Drag

There are several ways to build strength in the water and drag sets are one of them.

To perform a drag set, wear a T-shirt or an apron with pockets in your main swim set. Try to swim at your regular pace and power through the water as your t-shirt or apron “holds” you back. Your warm up and cool down should not include the drag suit.

These drag sets are great to do during your endurance base training phase – during the off-season and in the early part of in-season training.

Give it a try in your next swim workout!

Triathlon Team Training Event

Alamo 180 was out a Boerne Lake on Saturday, March 17, for the first open water swim/bike brick of the season.

The water was a chilly 60 degrees! Two athletes swam 1500m and the rest swam 800m. Everyone did great! Congrats to Manny Longoria, Miriam Medina, and Crystal Tomlinson for doing their first open water swim. What an accomplishment!

Windy conditions on the hilly 25 mile bike course. Not an easy feat, but everyone braved it and finished strong. Our awesome Triathlon Team Captains, Lexa Rijos and Jamie Roadman, were riding alongside the athletes and cheering them on.

Next event at Boerne Lake is the Alamo 180 Rock the Mock Triathlon. Come join us!

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Kick Off Party

Alamo 180’s 2012 triathlon training season is underway!

We celebrated the way we know how! A kick-off party for our triathletes with delicious food, a chocolate fountain fondue (yum!), beer, and a game of charades. LOTS of laughter and good times! 

Wanna join in on the fun? Come try us out! Try us free for a week, no obligation. Email us at info@alamo180.com for more info!


Triathlon Training for FREE!

Interested in the sport of triathlon? Interested in trying out Alamo 180’s triathlon training program? Now is your chance to try it out FREE! Alamo 180 In-Season Training begins February 6th and continues through October 21st.

We offer 3 Triathlon Team Training Programs for the Sprint, Olympic, and Half-Ironman distance events. We also offer training level options to fit the needs of beginner and experienced athletes.

Try us out FREE for a week. No obligation. Several people have already tried out this great deal.

Call or email us for more information! We even love to meet over coffee if you want to meet face-to-face. We would love to hear from you!

~Alamo 180