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Back to School Fitness Challenge



Lace up your shoes and dress your best, it’s a Back to School Fitness Challenge at Alamo 180.

Perfect attendance and no tardies gets you entered for a chance to WIN a FREE 5 class pass! The winning name is the Alamo 180 valedictorian!

No cost to enter this Challenge. No PTA meetings, no fundraisers, no homework. Back to School has never been easier!

First day of Training: Tuesday, September 8th. Pick any day that works in your schedule. Don’t forget, perfect attendance!

Last day of Training: Saturday, September 19th.

Yes, you have Saturday training. And don’t worry, it’s because you are a good athlete.

Oh and we will let you talk in class! And you can play with chalk!

Looking forward to seeing you on the first day!

Ranger Panty & Daisy Duke Friday



What’s cooler than a fan? Working out in short shorts!

What’s more refreshing than a glass of lemonade? Working out in short shorts!

So, sport your short shorts this Friday, September 4th AT ANY CLASS (and every Friday!) for a cool, refreshing WOD! All the cool athletes are doing it!

Be short! Be awesome!



Feedback Wanted

We are always looking for ways to expand and grow our training services. Alamo 180, only a year old,  has grown beyond our wildest dreams! We love what we do and we love the people we train.

We have many goals to accomplish in the next 3-5 years. One of them is to add morning Boot Camp and Triathlon training sessions. Currently, we only offer evening training. Our evening session are widely popular, however, we want to offer more training options. How many of you would be interested in joining our Boot Camp or Triathlon Team if we offered morning sessions? Morning session would begin no later than 6AM.

Please let us know! Leave us a comment and share your thoughts. Your feedback helps us! Thanks in advance!

Why Should I Take Your Boot Camp?

Our Boot Camp has been mentioned twice in the SA Express News!

No Gym Fees

Most gyms offer boot camp classes, but they are associated with a higher cost. Not only are you required to pay a registration fee to join the gym, but you are also stuck with a reoccurring monthly membership rate. If that doesn’t sound expensive already, many times you have to pay for the boot camp class as it is not included in the basic membership.  Alamo 180 charges $90 for a 5 week boot camp session that meets 2 times a week. Or try our convenient $15 drop-ins. No hidden fees, no contracts. We even offer discounts throughout the year. Good luck getting that from your gym membership.

Smaller Class Size

Alamo 180 caps the boot camps at 15 participants. This ensures quality instruction and personalized attention. Classes at gym facilities can range anywhere from 20 to 30 participants. Can you imagine getting quality instruction with that many people in the class? Need help with your push up form? The gym would recommend you pay extra for a personal trainer. Need help with your push up form in an Alamo 180 boot camp? No problem!

Convenient Location

Alamo 180 trains at Maverick Park on Broadway just across the way from Cavendar

Reliable, Former Military Instructors

Alamo 180’s instructors are former military service members. They didR not attend a weekend workshop to learn how to teach boot camp. They have been through boot camp, so they know what it’s really like. You get the “real deal”. Additionally, our instructors are certified in personal training and group exercise. Reliability? Former military, need we say more?