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Two New CrossFit classes added

Beginning July 8, we are adding new classes to the schedule! Take a look at the new classes!

CrossFit Xpress: Don’t have time for an hour, but can squeeze in a 30 minute class? We have created a CrossFit Xpress (CFX) class! It’s designed for the busy individual with a small window of time to get in a quality workout. CFX includes our popular high intensity session with a condensed warm up and cool down. A short and sweet workout with lots of benefits!

Barbell Club: Do you want to get better at Olympic weightlifting? Then the Barbell Club is for you! Barbell Club is a class focused on Olympic lifts and conditioning work! Class is led by a USA Weightlifting coach.
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Friday Night Lights / 19.1

Celebrating fitness by participating in the CrossFit Open WOD 19.1.

15 min AMRAP: 19 wall balls, 19 calorie row.

We made it into a friendly, intramural competition. Three teams – red, white and blue teams.

To us, CrossFit is a way of life. And the Open is a way to celebrate fitness.

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About our CrossFit program

There are many positive aspects to our CrossFit program but a big one we are known for is periodization. There is a period for load and a period for recovery. During a training cycle, we use progressive load principles to slowly and steadily stimulate the body to adaptation along with active recovery to avoid overtraining, injury and burnout. Simply put, each period gets incrementally challenging and it’s followed up with recovery. Challenge the body and rest the body, and repeat the process.

Periodization is the opposite of random.

For example, you wouldn’t train for a running event, of any distance, by running as hard as you can every day. You would quickly become overtrained, injured and burnt out. Hard workouts are necessary, but so too is recovery.

By designing a CrossFit program that includes recovery, we call it training smarter, not harder.

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