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Team Jersey Order

We have two jersey options for you to select:

1.) lime green & 2.) the special edition hot pink 

The lime green jersey store closes on May 2nd.

The special edition hot pink store closes on May 18th.

Each store has a separate link, so if you want lime green items AND hot pink items, you must purchase separately on each link.

1.) lime green store: click here for online store

2.) hot pink store: click here for online store

Spank it for Speed!

galveston cheer butt

The Alamo 180 cheer squad made it in the Galveston County Daily News! Not long after we were cheering, we had a reporter right next to us taking tons of pictures. And between each click, laughing hysterically.

That’s what it’s about. It’s about making the racers laugh. In triathlon, you can’t use headphones to tune out the world or your pain. It’s just you and your thoughts. In a half Ironman, by the time your halfway done with your run, you too are done. Posters are great, but sometimes you are “too out of it” to read. So when you see costumes and a foam butt, you can’t help but laugh. It’s ridiculous. Who dances around in a foam butt yelling “spank it for speed!!!” — we do!!

We had countless racers stop by and tell us, “Thank you. It’s what kept me going one more lap”… “You are hilarious, thank you!!”…”This was the best cheer station”…”My goal at the end of three laps was to spank the butt”…”Those butts made me smile”…”THANK YOU!!!” And some wanted to take pictures with us post-race with their finishers medal. What a blast!

If it takes your mind off the pain and makes you smile, even for 10 seconds, we did our job! 

So next time you race, you just might see this foam butt! 

Here’s the link to the online article:

April ROCK the MOCK Tri & Du: Event Details

Hello ROCK the MOCK Racers!!!
Thank you for registering for our annual Alamo 180 ROCK the MOCK Triathlon! Our goal is to provide a triathlon in a safe, supportive, practice setting. For beginners, it’s the perfect way to do your first triathlon. For experienced triathletes, it’s a great way to challenge yourself at a longer distance, or dust off the cobwebs and get ready for triathlon season!
*and if you want to spread the word to friends, let them know they can register now through race morning!
ROCK the MOCK Triathlon & Duathlon 
Date: Saturday, April 12 
Location: Boerne Lake 
Time: 8 AM 

Event Options: 

Triathlon – Super Sprint (400m swim/10 mile bike/2 mile run), Sprint (800m swim/15 mile bike/5K run), Olympic (1600m swim/25 mile bike/10K run).
Duathlon – Run/bike/run: 2 mile run/10 mile bike/2 mile run or 5K run/15 mile bike/5K run.
Parking & Entry: 
Entry: Boerne lake entry fee is $12. Note: sometimes the cash register system is slow and it has caused delays of people getting into the lake (we have personally experienced this delay). Please allot 10-15 minutes for entry to the lake to ensure plenty of time for set up.
Parking: Park closest to the boat ramp.
-Sign In & Registration: Opens at 7:15 AM. Please sign in and confirm your race distance. We will have a white tent with a table by the transition area (nearest the boat ramp).
-Body Marking: To keep track of participants, we will assign a number to you and mark it on your arm with permanent marker.
Set Up: 
Transition will be in the grass lot to the left of the boat ramp. We will have volunteers monitoring your things, so please set up your transition prior to the event start. There is plenty of space, so pick your favorite spot on the transition rack.
*We have many volunteers and we will watch your things carefully, but we are not responsible for lost or stolen items. This is our third year putting on the event, and have never experienced theft or damage to participant items.
Start Time & Location: 
Start Time: 8:00 AM. Event briefing at 7:45 AM. (Please be ready to go by 7:45 AM)
Start Location: Super Sprint will start on other side of lake. Shuttle service in the Alamo 180 truck to the Super Sprint start line. Sprint & Olympic and Duathlon will start at the boat ramp. All distances will start at the same time.
Swim Course Info: 
The swim will be kayak supported.
Water temperature: The water temp will be about 62 degrees. We highly recommend a wetsuit. If you do not have one, you can choose to make it a duathlon – run/bike/run event.
Safety: If you would like to tie a water noodle to your ankle with string, we encourage you to do so.
Bike Course Info: 
The bike course will be marked with signs.
We will have a sag vehicle.
Run Course Info: 
The run course will be marked with signs.
Water and electrolyte jugs will be on the course.
We will record everyone’s overall time, and do our best with taking splits, but please bring a stop watch and record your own time and splits for backup. Timing will be done for both duathlon and triathlon.
We will provide water and electrolyte drink, and post-event snack, but come prepared with your own nutrition in case you don’t like what we have. ROCK the MOCK Triathlon is the perfect opportunity to test out your race day nutrition plan. Always try something new in practice, never in an actual race.
Thanks again for choosing Alamo 180! If you have any questions, please let us know! Contact us at,, or
We look forward to seeing you Saturday bright and early!
Coaches Bree, Jeff & Crystal

Race Prep Clinic: Kemah & Windcrest Tri

72881_4738993121951_1942979061_nRace Preparation Clinic to answer your questions and get you 100% ready for your upcoming race.

Topics we will cover: 
*Course details (for both Windcrest & Kemah)
*How to change a flat tire
*How to set up a transition area
*Before & After Race

What to bring: 
*Bring everything as if you were going to race.
*Bring your tool/repair kit

$5 for Alamo 180 members
$8 for non-Alamo 180 members

It’s highly suggested you attend this informative session! You will feel prepared going into your race!

Lessons Learned from Kerrville 70.3

1383184_10200615605981777_1328987921_nRace Report from Alamo 180 triathlete, Liana Torres. 

Lessons learned from Kerrville 70.3:

1) A stressful week cannot undo 4 months of training, so let it go and have fun.
2) DO NOT eat half a block of cheese for lunch the day before a big race! Trust me on this…
3) Don’t keep your phone in the back pocket of your tri suit before the race starts. This is the second time I have put my wetsuit on over my phone. You would think I would learn….
4) Swimming is fun!
5) The bike DOES matter. I’m still not the fastest, but I was comfortable!
6) Ride the course before a big race. This was my first time to learn a course before a race and it made a huge difference. I knew the best places to make up speed, where to be ready for the ugly hill, and how long I needed to tolerate the chip seal.
7) A 4 loop run course is not boring. I got to run by the Alamo 180 cheer squad 8 times and I got to cheer on the other racers from the team as we passed each other. My only regret was that my boys weren’t there to see.
8) Lastly, people are amazing, not just for what they can do physically, but for the way they can create such a positive experience in the smallest ways. There were entire families of volunteers that got up early to hold out water, Gatorade and oranges to racers. There were fellow racers that I had never met before who cheered for me just because they liked my socks or we stood in the potty line together before the race. There was the guy who saw that his girlfriend was struggling, so he crossed over mid-run and reran half the course so he could finish with her. Then there was the cool couple who stood outside their house, blasting music and cheering the runners whose course had completely shut down their street for half a day. And poor sweet Herb, who barely knows me, but came over to give me a high five after my race, saw that I had started to cry and braved the gross sweat to give me a hug instead. And, of course, my awesome team and coach, who cheered until every last Alamo 180 racer finished strong and happy!
Life is good!


Swim Testimonial

photo (1)

All smiles seeing her 250m swim time


Swimming is a hard sport to learn. It’s challenging for so many reasons – no point of contact with the ground, learning to move each body part rhythmically, breathing, body positioning, and the list goes on. Most triathletes that join us cannot swim, but with time, hard work, and patience, they learn how to swim freestyle.

Alamo 180 triathlete, Leslie Limas, joined us back in January with a goal of completing a triathlon in late April. While a great athlete, she could not swim. But that didn’t stop her. She was determined to finish her first triathlon!

Well, after weeks of practicing and never giving up, she learned how to swim freestyle! And over time, she could swim further at each practice.

Read her testimonial about her latest swim accomplishment!

“I do not like to toot my own horn.  I especially am not very good at letting others toot it for me. So, yesterday evening after my first swim time assessment, when Coach Bree cheered “Great job, you did great! You have progressed so much”, all I could do was smile and nod.  Three months ago when I started triathlon training, my best water skill was floating.  I had to learn the basics of freestyle swimming, which I did, but even still, I could barely swim half a lap (25m) without stopping and resting for a couple of minutes.  Last night’s swim was a non-stop 250m swim and I clocked 7 minutes.  Time is so relative, especially while pushing oneself to do something unknown.  Yesterday I felt like I have been training forever and those 7 minutes in the water felt like an eternity!  Today I think, Wow, it was only a few months ago I was just learning to swim freestyle and it only took me 7 measly minutes to swim 250m.  I did do a great job and I have progressed so much! I want to share this to thank my coaches at Alamo 180 for providing me the motivation and tools to be the best athlete I can be, but more so, I want to thank ME for not giving up and sticking to it. Every step, big or little, and every stroke, slow or fast, is a milestone and something to be proud of.  Toot, toot!” ~ Leslie L. 

Don’t let the fact you can’t swim stop you from pursuing your triathlon dreams!

Alamo 180: Techno Tron Triathlon

Alamo 180 is excited to present Texas’ FIRST (and only) twilight triathlon!

At Alamo 180, we are all about making the active lifestyle fun. For our first triathlon event, we wanted fun and unique. Techno Tron Triathlon is just that – a twilight triathlon with glow sticks, strobe lights, and techno music! Basically, a triathlon party!

For more information about the event, visit the event page

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Meet Alamo 180: Triathlon Group Training

77023_517764048243060_2001010224_n 485766_10151250754364612_1926972437_n 527344_497537043599094_409261532_n photo

Come and meet Alamo 180!

Want to learn more about our triathlon group? This is a great opportunity to learn about the benefits of group training, the sport of triathlon, and how to get involved!

The folks at Bicycle Heaven will talk about bike fitting and the difference between road bikes and time trial bikes.

Date: Saturday, February 2nd 

Schedule of Events:

  • 4:00 – 4:45 PM: Alamo 180 program discussion
  • 4:45 – 5:15 PM: Bike discussion
  • 5:15 – 6:00 PM: Alamo 180 program discussion

We would love to meet you! Hope to see you!

You can RSVP your attendance and get the updates by clicking HERE