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Ironman Texas + Ironman 70.3 Texas


Let’s Do This!

It’s time to take it up a notch! Time to rock the Half or Full Ironman distance. Whether this is your first, or fifth race, you’ll notice a difference training with Alamo 180.

We believe that training well & training smart should make you feel powerful.

Strong. Capable. Confident.

And most importantly, joyful. After all, if it’s not fun, why do it?

We know it can feel daunting trying to navigate Half and Full Ironman training plans online – Do the plans work? Are they legit? Am I wasting money? Am I saving money? Will I get to the finish line in one piece? These are normal questions and you should ask them!

That’s why it’s our mission at Alamo 180 to make training purposeful, effective, attainable, and enjoyable. That every workout in the training plan be jammed packed with quality and purpose. With every workout serving a specific purpose in the overall training plan. There’s no wasted workout.

Since 2011, Alamo 180 has coached well over 100 Half Ironman finishes and 15 Full Ironman finishes. We know how to develop training programs that work, training programs that allow athletes to achieve their goals. No matter your experience, we have the expertise to get you to the finish line!

So you can spend less time worrying about all the details and spend more doing what you love.

We’re thrilled you’re here and we can’t wait to be part of your Half or Full Ironman journey! It’s an exciting ride! So excited for you.


Alamo 180 Triathlon Coaches

Ready to learn more?! 

Program Orientations:

Check out our upcoming Program Orientations. If you’re wanting to learn more, and see if Alamo 180 is the right fit for you, come to the Q & A + Training Program Overview. We answer all your questions!

Ironman 70.3 Texas – Monday, Dec 5 @ 6:30pm. Location: Alamo 180 Studio.  (program start date is Dec 19)

  • This orientation will be a Spin + Learn.  Easy ride on indoor spin bikes while you learn about the program. We’re all about time management, so if you need a workout that evening, this is perfect!

Ironman Texas – Monday, Dec 19 @ 6:30pm. Ironman Texas. (program start date is Jan 2)


Training Options:

Looking at Group Training? Learn more here!

How about Custom Training? Learn more here! 

New Training Program: Obstacle Course Racing

Alamo 180 is launching a NEW program come January 23rd! Obstacle Course Racing! 

Alamo 180’s Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) program prepares athletes for a strong performance at obstacle races such as Spartan Race, Warrior Dash, Rugged Maniac, and more! Group workouts will include the very obstacles encountered on race day: rope climbs, spear throws, bucket carries, sandbag carries, monkey bars, and more. Group workouts allow athletes to push and encourage each other, thus building mental and physical toughness, and improving athletic performance. Our coaches are highly experienced and knowledgeable and they will appropriately challenge and motivate athletes to achieve race day goals.

Alamo 180’s OCR program challenges all levels of athletes, beginner to experienced. Our OCR training plans are developed in a periodized manner in which the program appropriately increases in volume and intensity, with included weeks of recovery, to ensure proper adaptation to the training load.  Regular benchmark workouts are included in the program to track fitness progress. Go into race day completely prepared for every obstacle that comes your way.

Sounds awesome, right? Learn more about this program & how you can get started! 

Learn about the awesome coach leading the program! 

Triathlon CLUB Team!









New in 2017!!! Alamo 180 CLUB Triathlon Team!

$180 annual membership gets you…

*Access to ALL coached weekend group workouts & assessment workouts all year long! This also includes any special weekend events such as the ROCK the MOCK practice triathlons we host, as well as any clinics that pertain to team races.
*Access to Alamo 180’s Private FB group & Private Webpage.
*Inclusion in the Monday Emails of all the team happenings for the week & month – so you stay in the know!
*Race in the Alamo 180 Team Kit – we’re using Wattie Ink this year! 
*Support from teammates & coaches at team races.
*Be part of a local, fun, triathlon team!
We offer group workouts every weekend (unless the weekend happens to be a team race). Drop-in rates for triathletes are $17/tri-workout. You can safely guess that’s about 48 workouts. 48 x $15 = $816. Not to mention you will also get access to the assessment workouts…that’s another 3 every other month. You can already see you’re getting a huge value by joining the Alamo 180 triathlon Club team! Have fun in training and on race day! Join Alamo 180!

Enrollment starts January 1. Investment $180/year. $15 additional workout drop-in fee. learn more 

This membership option is great for the athlete that wants a group to train with on the weekend for camaraderie and support. View this membership as a supplement to what you already do! No matter the training plan you follow or who coaches you, this option is great for the athlete looking to be part of a local team!

The FAQ’s we get on Club Membership: 

  1. I have my own training plan that I follow, will I have to buy one of yours? Nope! If you’re happy with your training plan, then we’re happy for you! You won’t be encouraged to buy one of ours. We aren’t salesy like that.
  2. By joining the Club, will I get an Alamo 180 Training Plan for races? No. You will not get access to our training plans – that is for athletes paying premium training membership. Club is for triathletes that already have a training plan they follow and they want a group to workout with on weekends. Club is also for triathletes that are Weekend Warriors and they want to enjoy triathlon training on the weekends with friends/teammates.
  3. What if I join Alamo 180 Club, but then later decide to get a premium training membership? We will happily apply your club membership to the premium training membership. Here’s how that works: Club membership is $15/month (12 x $15 = $180). So, $15 per month is applied to the monthly premium membership for the duration you’re on it. click here to learn about premium membership 
  4. What I if I want to drop-in on a Tri group workout during the week? We’d love for you to join weekday workouts. Club membership gives unlimited access to weekend workouts. Weekday workouts are additional at $15/drop-in (a discount from our standard $17/drop-in). We post the month schedule in advance so you can plan workout attendance accordingly.
  5. Do I get to race in the team kit? YES! ALL Alamo 180 triathletes race in the team kit! Athletes and coaches will see you on the course and cheer for you! It’s the best feeling in the world to have teammates cheering for you!  And in 2017, we have new team kits being designed by the incredible Wattie Ink! We can’t wait! SAVE THE DATE for Dec 17 for our Kit Fit Night. Try on the sample kits to get your right size before the team order.

Have more questions?  Reach out to Coach Bree: bree@alamo180.com

Our Alamo 180 team is a comprised of athletes that take training and fun seriously. It’s equal parts fun + hard work. If you love to have fun and work hard, then we’re the group for you! 

Full IRONMAN Group Triathlon Program!











FULL IRONMAN Program Details:

The Alamo 180 Full Ironman GROUP training program prepares athletes for a strong finish at IRONMAN Texas 

For the athlete with the goal to finish strong, the group plan will appropriately challenge and prepare them for race day. For athletes with specific performance-based race day goals, it’s recommended they select custom training to best achieve their goals (see the breakdown below). 

Program Pre-requisites:

Athletes that do not meet ALL pre-requisites will be encouraged to select custom training.

  • Must have at least 1 Half distance triathlon finish in the last 18 months.
  • Currently able to train at race cut-off paces in each discipline: Swim: 3:37/100m -or- 3:19/100yd, Bike: 13.7 mph, Run: 14:53/mile.
  • Current fitness level in each discipline: swim 30 minutes non-stop, ride 35 miles on the bike, and run 90 minutes.

Training Program Overview:

  • Program Periodization: 3 weeks of build, 1 week recovery. On select blocks in the program, there will be 2 weeks build, 1 week recovery. Assessments every 5 to 6 weeks.
  • Schedule: On large volume weeks, there will be two off days to ensure adequate recovery and training adaptation. On average, expect 2 to 3 swims a week, 3 to 4 bike rides a week, 4 to 5 runs a week. On select weeks throughout the program, there will be increases in workout frequency each week in each discipline.
  • Training hours will increase in a conservative manner. Training hours will not exceed 18 hours a week. Expect an average of 13 to 15 training hours a week.
  • There will be one “Hell Weekend” a month before race day where over the course of 3 days, athletes will participate in long brick workouts to adequately prepare for the long race day.
  • Calendar/Workout Access: Athlete training plans are loaded into Training Peaks. You will receive a personal account and access to the group workout calendar.
  • Clinics in each discipline will be offered on a monthly basis during select group workouts. Based on the Tier the athlete registered for, this will either be included in their membership, or paying a discounted drop-in fee of $15.
  • Any athlete that needs an adjustment to the group training plan (due to travel, illness, injury, etc) may request one by their coach at a $20/week adjustment rate.

Is the GROUP training program right for you?

If your goal is to finish strong and you want a group to train with for camaraderie and support, this is the program for you!  In the group plan, there will be regular assessments for you to track improvement as well as for determining appropriate training zones. In the group plan, athletes will be given a template to help them determine their training zones (easy to follow instructions!) Athletes will also receive a template to help them determine race day zones. Athletes on the group plan have access to group workouts and coaching. 

We don’t just support our athletes in training, we do it on race day as well. Whether this is your first attempt at the Ironman distance, or you’re a veteran Ironman athlete, you’ll find our training to be challenging and appropriate. 

What is the CUSTOM training program? 

The CUSTOM plan is ideal for…

  • the athlete that has an aggressive race day goal – we will set appropriate training and pace goals, develop an aggressive training plan, and regularly asses to ensure the athlete is meeting them,
  • the athlete that has a ways to go to meet swim, bike, or run cut-off times – we will set necessary pace goals and develop workouts around hitting those paces & closely monitor improvement in training,
  • the athlete with a very tricky work schedule – we will set a plan that allows flexibility as well as workout options the athlete can choose from on select days,
  • the athlete with very limited time to train – we will maximize every training hour through select workouts.

In the custom program, the coach calculates training and race zones, prepares the training plan to work around the athlete’s schedule, and provides workout feedback/data analysis to help the athlete improve.

Whether you select GROUP or CUSTOM, our plan works! In the past three years,  we have prepared 7 athletes for a strong finish at Ironman Texas! Join Alamo 180 and let us help you become an Ironman – either again or for the first time!!!


Talk to a coach at the IRONMAN Texas program orientation at Alamo 180! 

Date: December 19 at 6:30pm. Location: Alamo 180 studio! 


BOOTCAMP: Nov 1 – Dec 23


Join Coach Aslyn for a challenging 8 week BOOTCAMP program!

Program Dates: Tuesday, November 1 – Saturday, December 23.

Investment into your health: $240 REGISTER

Class Schedule:

  • Mon, Tues, Thurs @ 7:30pm – 8:30pm
  • Sat @ 12pm – 1pm. Pick THREE classes of the four offered each week.

Assessments: Fitness assessments will be taken on the 1st, 5th and 8th week of the program. This allows you to track your progress during the program.

About the training: All movements will consist of body weight exercises. These will be high quality, muscle building, fat-burning workouts.

Space is limited! Get registered!!!! REGISTER

Indoor Cycling Studio Coming Soon!

We’re SUPER excited that announce we will be offering Indoor Cycling classes come early 2017! We are renovating our space and creating a spin studio! We have Schwinn spin bikes and big plans for great classes!

crosschainpost  powerbikepost


What is CROSS CHAIN? CROSS CHAIN indoor cycling class coming early 2017! Think “cross-training.” This combination class builds endurance and power through high intervals on the bike AND total body strength and core stability through use of body weight, weights, and other equipment off the bike. This class is excellent for triathletes and cyclists looking to build strength on the bike, and excellent for fitness enthusiasts wanting to lose weight, build strength, and get sculpted. CROSS CHAIN class can accommodate all ability levels.

What is POWER BIKE? POWER BIKE indoor cycling class coming early 2017! This indoor class builds muscular endurance and power through high intensity interval training (HIIT), TABATA intervals, endurance, and negative split training sessions. Calling all fitness enthusiasts, cyclists, triathletes, and runners! Improve cardiovascular fitness while burning lots of calories! POWER BIKE class can accommodate all ability levels.


These indoor cycling classes are open to ANYONE, not just triathletes and cyclists. Everyone can benefit from a high intensity, fat burning, body sculpting indoor cycling class!

Stay tuned! We’ve got BIG things in store!!! Training at Alamo 180 just got even better!

2017 Spring Triathlons: Save the date!



Ensure race day success by training with Alamo 180. Take your training to the next level by selecting GROUP or CUSTOM training options.

Reach out to us with any questions! bree@alamo180.com

Tri Off-Season Training: Save the date!

Alamo 180 Triathlon Training
Off-Season Challenge
We have two dates to best accommodate for those that travel over the holidays, want to rest some after the late season races, etc.
Choose your start date:
Monday, November 7 – Sunday, February 26: 16 weeks
Monday, Dec 5 – Sunday, February 26: 12 weeks
You can also join at any time during the off-season program past the suggested start dates. There will be level options which will allow you to choose the appropriate training level.
2 Categories:
*Short Course (for Sprint & Olympic distance).
*Long Course (for Half & Full Ironman distance).
Point System:
Every workout and event is worth points. You will tally up points for every workout you do and the athletes with the most points, win! See below for the allocation of points.
Cross-Training/Strength Points:
IRON XT = 10 points.
ROM = 2 points.
*We will have IRON XT strength program templates available by Tri Off-Season for purchase. This is ideal for those that cannot attend our IRON XT classes and want to follow a strength regimen at their own gym or during our open gym hours.
*It’s even recommended to spend the first 4 weeks doing IRON XT classes 5 times per week (Start strength training the first 4 weeks of Nov 7 – Dec 4, then start Tri Training on Dec 5). Not only will you build some serious strength and stability to help you with muscular endurance and power, but you’ll rack up some serious points each week!
Swim/Bike/Run Points:
Swim = 1 point for every 500 yd/m.
Bike = 1 point for every 5 mile.
Run = 1 point for every 1 mile.
Event Points:
Monica’s Mile = 10 points / Monica’s Hour = 20 points.
Half Marathon = 15 points.
Marathon = 30 points.
Duathlon = 15 points.
Shorter events, i.e. 10k, 5k, etc. are worth the number of points under swim/bike/run category.
Points Calculation:
Tally up your points throughout the week and record them in the provided Excel spreadsheet (it will be emailed to everyone at the start of the off-season program). Points must be tallied and emailed to Coach Bree no later than Sunday night at midnight for the points to count for that week. Post your #proof pic of the points to Facebook group!
I will keep a tally of everyone that is participating and the points they are accumulating.
What if you rode your bike 24 miles? Well, you have the option to ride one more mile and make it divisible by 5 and get your full 5 points (1 point for every 5 miles on the bike). OR, simply take 24 and divide it by 5 and your points total is 4.8. No rounding up on the math. Your rounding up option is to swim, bike or run more 😉
Winners of the Off-Season Challenge:
The top 3 triathletes in each category – Short & Long Course – at the end of the program, with the most points wins! It will be a prize and discounts on training.
Off Season training will include speed and strength training (in the gym and in the sport). We will also work on developing other swim strokes. This will be a completely new off-season training format and it’s gonna be our best off-season training yet!
For those that will be starting their 2017 training programs (for Sprint/Oly, Half or Full Ironman) during the Off-Season program, you can still tally points from your workouts. The off-season program concludes on Sunday, Feb 26.
For the 2017 Spring Races we have planned out so far…
*Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico starts on Monday, Nov 28. 
*Galveston Half Ironman starts on Monday, Dec 19.
*Ironman Texas starts on Monday, Dec 19. If you’re on custom training, start your training on the agreed upon date with your coach. 

New Training Cycle: “Thermopylae”



New Training Cycle: Thermopylae.

Training Dates: Sept 19 – Dec 10

Assessment Dates: Sept 24, Oct 15, Nov 12, Dec 10

Thermopylae. The “hot gates.” The site of an epic battle, fought 2500 years ago. Alamo 180’s 12-week “Thermopylae” program will prepare you for battle as one of the famed 300 Spartans who stood for 3 days against a million man army. Are you ready to push yourself to the next level? Are you ready for “Thermopylae?”

Open to all levels. Every exercise can be scaled accordingly.

Swim Skills Clinic



Alamo 180 Swim Skills Clinic: 

Alignment, Rotation, Kick, Pull

Facebook event page

Clinic Date & Time:
Tuesdays, Oct 4 & Oct 11.
7:30pm – 8:45pm

This clinic is open to all swim levels.

Topics covered during this clinic include:
**Total body, horizontal alignment: learn how to get your head neutral, chest down, hips up and level, and heels at the surface.
**Proper head positioning: learn how to keep your head “in line with your spine” and neutral.
**Efficient and propulsive kick: learn how to move your legs in an efficient and powerful manner.
**Proper rotation for efficiency and propulsion: learn how much you need to rotate your body so you can utilize hip-drive momentum to your advantage.
**Strong, efficient underwater pull: learn how to effectively push the water back so you go forward.

Each participant will get a program packet filled with lots of pictures and detailed descriptions. You will also receive a sample workout so you can practice your drills post-clinic.

This is a two-part clinic. We will work on horizontal body positioning & rotation in Part 1. You will receive “homework” (lots of drills) that is to be practiced on your own until Part 2. Lots of underwater pull and arm drills in part 2. The two swim sessions build upon each other.

What to bring:
Clinic will take place in the water. Bring swimsuit, goggles, cap, towel and water bottle. Fins will be provided. There are showers and bathrooms for you to change if necessary.

Is this clinic for you?
Are you tired of spending hours in the pool and not seeing the benefits. Have you increased the amount of time in the pool each week only to see a second or two improvement? Is the water your “enemy” and you beat it into submission with each lap you take? Do your hips and legs drag through the water, but you can’t figure out how to make them horizontal? Do you have problems breathing? Do you often swim off course in the open water? Do you swim flat?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this Swim Clinic is for you! It’s open to ANYONE to attend! Ready to get faster? Sign up!

If you use the Plantetarium address, this will help. The pool is located inside the Candler Physical Edu center (down the hall to the right), which is directly across from the Planetarium. 1300 San Pedro Ave, San Antonio, TX 78212

$55 for Alamo 180 athletes
$65 for non-Alamo 180 athletes.
*Note: This clinic meets twice.

Register here!!! 

Because we desire quality over quantity, limited spots available. Class size is small to ensure quality instruction. We have reached capacity at each swim clinic we have offered, so don’t delay in getting registered! Don’t miss out!

This clinic is designed to help you think about swimming in a whole new way and to break down the stroke into manageable chunks so you can focus on each aspect and become the swimmer you have always wanted to be.

About Coach Bree:
Bree got started in endurance sports as a competitive swimmer in middle and high school. She also swam in college, trying to cleverly squeeze it in while simultaneously competing in cross-country and track. As an athlete, Bree honed her skills in the water by attending swim clinics and camps led by nationally ranked coaches. In her early coaching days, she became a swim instructor teaching youth how to swim. After a year of that, she started to teach adults. For 5 years, Bree has led weekly triathlon swim workouts as well as conducted private sessions to all levels of athletes – beginners with no experience to advanced swimmers looking to fine tune their stroke. It’s not uncommon for a beginner and/or intermediate swimmer to drop 5 to 10 seconds off their 100 yard time, after a session or two, just from a few tweaks to their strokes. It’s witnessed all the time at Alamo 180. Efficiency equates to speed. You can gain free speed in the water, just learn how to harness it! And a skilled coach can teach you how!