Celebrate Your Accomplishments

Celebrate Your Accomplishments

We are constantly inundated with messages that tell us we need to be like the professionals. This comes from all angles: sport magazines, online articles, athletic websites and peers. Do we really need to be like them? Do we have to wear their training and racing gear, do their kind of workouts, and eat what they eat? Why can’t we be content with what we do? Why can’t we just celebrate the fact that we are active and be content with our level of fitness?

We read articles about the amazing things pros do – their training and racing schedule, accomplishments, etc. While it is amazing, so too is the average individual finishing a triathlon for the first time – that’s an amazing accomplishment!  What about the average individual working a 40 hour week job and still finding time to train – that’s amazing! These are the things that go unnoticed and uncelebrated. Take a moment to reflect on what you do on a daily basis. The run you managed to get in after a long 10 hour day, the long bike ride you did early Saturday morning when you could have stayed in bed sleeping, or the open water swim you did on a windy day. These are all amazing accomplishments and all deserved to be praised!

It’s about being content with where you are in your life and in your training. It’s not about looking at someone else and comparing your abilities to theirs. Celebrate what you have and learn to appreciate what you can do. You may never be a pro, but you are better than the individual that is sitting on the couch wondering if he can do it, because you are out there making it happen! You are doing what most deem impossible. Don’t allow for one moment marketing gimmicks to convince you otherwise.

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