Coach Bree’s Blog: Sweat from the Heart

Coach Bree’s Blog: Sweat from the Heart

Sweat From The Heart. Coach Bree’s thoughts on training, racing, and life. 20140101_124328


Sweat from the heart? What does that mean? Let me explain. I got sick last week, so my go to for comfort is herbal tea. The tag on one of the tea bags had a quote, “Sing from the heart.” While waiting for my tea to steep, I pondered over the words, and then broke it down.

It’s not saying to sing from the mouth, or the lungs, or the belly– all the places you’re supposed to sing from– it’s saying to sing from the heart.

The heart references passion and love. To sing with passion and love.

I thought to myself, “how could this relate to exercise?”

Exercise should be something we do because we love it. It should be our passion. It should bring us joy. We should not run just for the sake of running, or to exercise for a doughnut, instead it should be because it brings us true joy.

Think about this…if we run so we can eat doughnuts, one day we might not want a doughnut, but will we continue running? If we exercise only to lose weight, one day we will get to our goal weight, but will we continue exercising? These are okay reasons to exercise, but they shouldn’t be the only reason.

So how do we make exercise our passion? Find what you enjoy doing! Is it running? Swimming? Yoga? Kickboxing? Group exercise classes? Martial Arts? Do you need to be part of a group? Do you prefer to be alone? There WILL BE something you enjoy doing. Try it all. When you discover it, cultivate it, and it will become a passion. You will learn to love it.

For me, I’ve always known triathlon and running were my passion. I love the sport. And right now being sick and confined to a bed, makes me realize all the more how much I truly miss it. Sometimes you don’t realize how much you love something until you can’t do it.

So, find your passion, and sweat from the heart.


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