Intelligent Design CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program led by CrossFit certified professionals.  Our programming is carefully curated to safely balance duration, intensity, weight, and recovery in order to maximize results. All workouts can be adapted for individuals at any age and level of fitness. It’s not a one size fits all program. It’s not a “harder is better” training approach, it’s a “train smarter” training approach. Your key to health, fitness and happiness starts here.

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Want to workout on your own? Want to grunt while you do it, without being told to be quiet? No shirt, no shoes, no problem! Learn More ›


Ready to take the leap – for the first time or to get back into it – and build a newer, healthier, stronger, happier you? The Beginner CrossFit Series allows you the opportunity to lay the right (and safe) foundation by 1) focusing on the importance of nutrition, 2) learning proper movement patterns, and 3) conservatively building training volume and intensity. Learn More ›

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