Intelligent Design CrossFit

Intelligent Design CrossFit

Alamo 180’s Intelligent Design CrossFit program is for everyone. 

Our program is developed and led by CrossFit certified coaches. Carefully curated to safely balance strength, intensity and recovery in order to maximize results.

All workouts can be adapted for individuals at any age and level of fitness. It’s not a one size fits all program, and it’s not a “harder is better” training approach, it’s a “train smarter” training approach.

CrossFit is a lifestyle that can be used to accomplish any goal, from improved health, to weight loss, to better performance. 

New to CrossFit? Check out our Beginner CrossFit class.

Welcome to the Team

Join our community of motivated individuals and discover how you can live your best and most active life through our CrossFit program. Select your membership level and get started! We offer weekly CrossFit classes.


  • Drop-In: $20
  • 5 Class Pass: $80
  • 10 Class Pass: $150

What you get on a Class Pass membership:

  • Access to weekly CrossFit classes,
  • Daily CrossFit workouts posted online,
  • Email access.


  • Unlimited CrossFit: $169/mo 
  • 3x/week CrossFit: $119/mo 

Annual Contract:

  • Annual Unlimited: $1,699

What you get on a Monthly auto-debit or Annual membership:

  • Access to weekly CrossFit classes,
  • Daily CrossFit workouts posted online,
  • Email access,
  • Private Facebook group for extra support.


  • Open Gym access
  • Access to weekly Club run and bike training sessions.

CrossFit Class Schedule

see class schedule here

  • CrossFit – 4 part class: 1) warm up and drills to prepare your body, 2) strength session, 3) high intensity session, 4) cool down stretching and foam rolling.
  • CrossFit Xpress – 3 part class: 1) condensed warm up and drills to prepare your body, 2) high intensity session, 3) condensed cool down stretching and foam rolling.


“Awesome class! Jeff is a phenomenal coach and really pays attention to your forms and techniques, and provides personalized instruction to newcomers who are not familiar with the workout. Great workout that is scaleable to individual level. Would definitely recommend this class.”

“Great workout! I was challenged and coached in a way that didn’t make me feel intimidated. Everyone in the class spoke to me, was very welcoming and helpful. Jeff the owner/trainer was very nice as well.”

“Awesome gym with great coaches. Jeff goes the extra mile to ensure each session is thoughtfully programmed and scaleable to all levels. Classes are challenging but fun. The clientele who go to this gym are a really nice group of people. I look forward to my workouts and I’m making great progress!”

“I decided to try out the CrossFit class and loved the combination of weight lifting and high intensity workouts. I have noticed a huge improvement in my strength and performance in running and triathlon. I have also noticed I am able to recover faster from workouts and have been able to stay injury free both of which I attribute to strength training and great coaching.”

A full body workout! If you want to be able to do it all, come here. I never thought I’d be okay with running… I am now! Coach Jeff is patient, knowledgeable, experienced and fun. It is truly a family run business. Everyone is part of a team at Alamo 180 and everyone encourages you to push that much harder. Bree and Jeff are the best people to lead you on your journey towards being fit. I love this place and am blessed to be a part of it!”

I’ve loved my experience at Alamo 180! Great coaches, challenging workouts that lead to transformation, and a fun community to be apart of! Come check it out!!!!

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