Indoor Cycling Studio Coming Soon!

Indoor Cycling Studio Coming Soon!

We’re SUPER excited that announce we will be offering Indoor Cycling classes come early 2017! We are renovating our space and creating a spin studio! We have Schwinn spin bikes and big plans for great classes!

crosschainpost  powerbikepost


What is CROSS CHAIN? CROSS CHAIN indoor cycling class coming early 2017! Think “cross-training.” This combination class builds endurance and power through high intervals on the bike AND total body strength and core stability through use of body weight, weights, and other equipment off the bike. This class is excellent for triathletes and cyclists looking to build strength on the bike, and excellent for fitness enthusiasts wanting to lose weight, build strength, and get sculpted. CROSS CHAIN class can accommodate all ability levels.

What is POWER BIKE? POWER BIKE indoor cycling class coming early 2017! This indoor class builds muscular endurance and power through high intensity interval training (HIIT), TABATA intervals, endurance, and negative split training sessions. Calling all fitness enthusiasts, cyclists, triathletes, and runners! Improve cardiovascular fitness while burning lots of calories! POWER BIKE class can accommodate all ability levels.


These indoor cycling classes are open to ANYONE, not just triathletes and cyclists. Everyone can benefit from a high intensity, fat burning, body sculpting indoor cycling class!

Stay tuned! We’ve got BIG things in store!!! Training at Alamo 180 just got even better!

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