Free Week in May

Alamo IRON XT program
Free Week Special
May 21 – 25
Does it ever feel like you can’t find a groove with life and fitness? You’re not alone. It’s hard to make fitness a priority. But remember, it’s never about perfect, it’s about progress. It’s never about making 100% of the workouts, it’s about making as many as you can. We know life gets in the way of our best fitness plans, but it’s about celebrating the workouts you say yes to, despite the crazy going on in your life. Celebrating workouts you showed up to, when you had a million legit reasons not to. It’s about making the hard, but right, decision to say yes. Saying yes to a journey of improving your health, mind and body.
Since 2011, our IRON XT cross-training program has literally helped hundreds of people experience real results. To finally see the results they so desperately wanted – energy to tackle the day, clothes that finally fit, and liking what they see in the mirror. All of these positive results come from saying yes to an hour long workout a day (there’s 24 hours in a day, you can say yes to just 1 of them).
The clock to book your Free Week Special is ticking! Starting Monday, May 21, is our Free Week. No strings attached. We have a limited number of free spots, so don’t delay in grabbing yours.
Here’s what some of our clients have to say about the IRON XT program:
“This workout was definitely my favorite workout yet! It was extremely challenging, fun, and empowering. The workout was scaled to fit any fitness level and allowed everyone to get their best workout whether you are an advanced lifter/athlete or just getting started. You will not be disappointed.”
“Great workout! I was challenged and coached in a way that didnt make me feel intimidated. Everyone in the class spoke to me, was very welcoming and helpful. Jeff the owner/trainer was very nice as well.”
“Awesome class! Jeff is a phenomenal coach and really pays attention to your forms and techniques, and provides personalized instruction to newcomers who are not familiar with the workout. Great workout that is scaleable to individual level. Would definitely recommend this class.”
The Alamo 180 coaching staff will work with you in our small, group training classes so that you can take what little precious time you have and turn into the kind of long term change that lets you find joy in living the active lifestyle.
Ready to start your #makea180 journey? What’s to lose?

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