Full IRONMAN Group Triathlon Program!

Full IRONMAN Group Triathlon Program!











FULL IRONMAN Program Details:

The Alamo 180 Full Ironman GROUP training program prepares athletes for a strong finish at IRONMAN Texas 

For the athlete with the goal to finish strong, the group plan will appropriately challenge and prepare them for race day. For athletes with specific performance-based race day goals, it’s recommended they select custom training to best achieve their goals (see the breakdown below). 

Program Pre-requisites:

Athletes that do not meet ALL pre-requisites will be encouraged to select custom training.

  • Must have at least 1 Half distance triathlon finish in the last 18 months.
  • Currently able to train at race cut-off paces in each discipline: Swim: 3:37/100m -or- 3:19/100yd, Bike: 13.7 mph, Run: 14:53/mile.
  • Current fitness level in each discipline: swim 30 minutes non-stop, ride 35 miles on the bike, and run 90 minutes.

Training Program Overview:

  • Program Periodization: 3 weeks of build, 1 week recovery. On select blocks in the program, there will be 2 weeks build, 1 week recovery. Assessments every 5 to 6 weeks.
  • Schedule: On large volume weeks, there will be two off days to ensure adequate recovery and training adaptation. On average, expect 2 to 3 swims a week, 3 to 4 bike rides a week, 4 to 5 runs a week. On select weeks throughout the program, there will be increases in workout frequency each week in each discipline.
  • Training hours will increase in a conservative manner. Training hours will not exceed 18 hours a week. Expect an average of 13 to 15 training hours a week.
  • There will be one “Hell Weekend” a month before race day where over the course of 3 days, athletes will participate in long brick workouts to adequately prepare for the long race day.
  • Calendar/Workout Access: Athlete training plans are loaded into Training Peaks. You will receive a personal account and access to the group workout calendar.
  • Clinics in each discipline will be offered on a monthly basis during select group workouts. Based on the Tier the athlete registered for, this will either be included in their membership, or paying a discounted drop-in fee of $15.
  • Any athlete that needs an adjustment to the group training plan (due to travel, illness, injury, etc) may request one by their coach at a $20/week adjustment rate.

Is the GROUP training program right for you?

If your goal is to finish strong and you want a group to train with for camaraderie and support, this is the program for you!  In the group plan, there will be regular assessments for you to track improvement as well as for determining appropriate training zones. In the group plan, athletes will be given a template to help them determine their training zones (easy to follow instructions!) Athletes will also receive a template to help them determine race day zones. Athletes on the group plan have access to group workouts and coaching. 

We don’t just support our athletes in training, we do it on race day as well. Whether this is your first attempt at the Ironman distance, or you’re a veteran Ironman athlete, you’ll find our training to be challenging and appropriate. 

What is the CUSTOM training program? 

The CUSTOM plan is ideal for…

  • the athlete that has an aggressive race day goal – we will set appropriate training and pace goals, develop an aggressive training plan, and regularly asses to ensure the athlete is meeting them,
  • the athlete that has a ways to go to meet swim, bike, or run cut-off times – we will set necessary pace goals and develop workouts around hitting those paces & closely monitor improvement in training,
  • the athlete with a very tricky work schedule – we will set a plan that allows flexibility as well as workout options the athlete can choose from on select days,
  • the athlete with very limited time to train – we will maximize every training hour through select workouts.

In the custom program, the coach calculates training and race zones, prepares the training plan to work around the athlete’s schedule, and provides workout feedback/data analysis to help the athlete improve.

Whether you select GROUP or CUSTOM, our plan works! In the past three years,  we have prepared 7 athletes for a strong finish at Ironman Texas! Join Alamo 180 and let us help you become an Ironman – either again or for the first time!!!


Talk to a coach at the IRONMAN Texas program orientation at Alamo 180! 

Date: December 19 at 6:30pm. Location: Alamo 180 studio! 


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