I can’t swim

I can’t swim

A common theme among athletes interested in triathlon: I want to do a triathlon…but I can’t swim!

Running comes naturally. After having mastered riding a bike with training wheels as a tot, cycling comes naturally too. However, swimming does not. It takes skill and confidence in the water to be able to swim freestyle. This does not come naturally. It takes work to learn how.

So can you do a triathlon? Yes you can!

At Alamo 180, we are highly experienced in swim instruction and can teach you how. We break down the freestyle stroke and teach you by focusing on one component at a time. For example, we will have you work on side kick. Once you have mastered that component, we move on to “one arm drills”, and so on until you can successfully put it all together. It takes time and patience, but it is possible!

In fact, a few of our athletes couldn’t swim when they joined the Triathlon Team and they learned over the course of a few months and successfully completed several triathlons!

The best and fastest way to learn is to sign up for Private Swim Sessions at $30/30 minutes. Some athletes have learned in just a few weeks by taking private, swim lessons. You will get instruction at each team swim practice, but not to the amount you will receive in a one-on-one lesson. So, if you want to learn quickly, sign up! It won’t be long before you are swimming with ease and confidence!

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