IM Ready

IM Ready

IM Ready is Alamo 180’s premier Ironman preparatory program that ensures triathletes are ready to train for and complete the Half and Full Ironman race distance.

How would it feel to 

  • Set realistic goals on a realistic timeline so you avoid burnout, over-training, and injuries;
  • Follow a training program focused on quality over quantity so you can have a life outside of triathlon;
  • Be confident that you are fast enough to make the mandatory cut-off times;
  • Nail your training and race day nutrition;
  • Toe the start line injury free and feeling confident and READY!

It’s all possible with Alamo 180’s IM Ready program!

I cannot begin to explain how helpful the training plan was for Ironman Arizona. I felt strong and confident on the bike, and in the race in general.  I knew I had a good base and that was all due to the Alamo 180 training plan. Thank you so much for that.

As I triathlon coach, I am proud and honored to have coached over 300 Half and Full Ironman race finishes. Over the past decade I have discovered the necessary elements to ensure athletes are truly ready for the Half and Full Ironman distance. 

It breaks my heart when an athlete doesn’t finish the race because of an injury, GI distress, and/or not making the mandatory cut-off times. In nearly every case, these situations are avoidable and the solution is expert coaching, guidance and support. 

My job is to ensure athletes follow a safe, smart, and conservative build up to the Half and Full Ironman distance so they show up on race day knowing full well they are ready to toe to the start line.

Alamo 180’s IM Ready program is your solution to an enjoyable and successful Ironman race day experience!

Here’s how it works:

  • IM Ready program is a value added service included in the Club and Premium membership levels learn more about membership
  • You’ll receive an IM Ready training and racing timeline (duration of the timeline is dependent on meeting IM Ready benchmarks);
  • Group videoconferencing for pre-race planning for the IM Ready preparatory races, as well as for your Half or Full Ironman race;
  • Group videoconferencing for quarterly goal setting and assessments;
  • Joy in the Journey Daily Journal for tracking progress, nutrition, workouts, goals and gratitudes;
  • IM Ready PDF and video resources.
  • Bonuses:
  • Discount on Alamo 180’s IM Strong strength training template for triathletes (coming soon);
  • Discount on Protein First Mindset nutrition program (as well as our growing library of online courses in the Alamo 180 Academy);
  • Priority and discounted registration on Alamo 180 clinics and series.

You’re invited to join the IM Ready program when you pick a Club or Premium membership level learn more about membership levels

“You guys accepted me as a brand new triathlete with Ironman aspirations when no one else would”

“I have to say that I am really thankful that I went with Alamo 180 for my Ironman training because I have seen the improvements I was hoping for…I surpassed my expectations on race day getting really close to what was my someday goal of being in the 10 hr range. In fact I was so close I changed my someday goal to be in the 9s! ”

Are you ready to start conservatively and confidently training for your dream Half or Full Ironman? Let’s do this!

Got questions? Here are a few questions we often get asked, along with our response. If you’ve got more questions, email our team of coaches at info@alamo180.com.

FAQ 1: How long will it take for me to be ready for a full Ironman? We get asked this question a lot and the answer is “it depends.” You see, it depends on so many things: knowing how to swim, bike and run; swim, bike and run speed (i.e. mandatory cut-off paces); how many years the athlete has been doing triathlons, etc. If you are brand new to the sport, we anticipate it will take 3 years to go from rookie to Ironman, and about 2 years to go from rookie to Half Ironman. There’s no rush! We want you to enjoy the journey!

FAQ 2: How does the IM Ready program work? You begin at your current fitness level with a training plan and level that is appropriate to you (most begin at the sprint distance or with the Rookie to Race program). This ensures you are appropriately challenged and conservatively increasing in distance. After you meet specific benchmarks (i.e. IM Ready paces and preparatory race completions) you move up training plans and levels ultimately training for and completing a Half or Full Ironman.

FAQ 3: What equipment do I need? For your success during Half and Full Ironman training and racing, we recommend you have a time trial bike (more aerodynamic = faster). You can do the event on a road bike, and we have had athletes do so, but you’re faster and more comfortable on a time trial bike. If you’re concerned about bike cut-offs, invest in a more aerodynamic bike. Also, a power meter on your bike gives you necessary and helpful data to ensure you are riding within your parameters and not wasting energy. Over-biking (pushing too hard on the bike) is a top reason athletes have poor runs off the bike. A heart rate monitor is also helpful to track progress and train and race within your parameters for the swim, bike and run. The more data you can have, the better.

FAQ 4: What if I have done an Ironman before? Can I still join the IM Ready program? Yes, the IM Ready program isn’t just for first-timers. Joining the IM Ready program can help you achieve a PR finish. Become stronger and faster and have an even better race day experience!

FAQ 5: What if after a while I decide that I don’t want to do an Ironman? That’s okay! This program is designed to help you understand what it takes to train for and execute a Half or Full Ironman. This distance is not for everyone and it’s always okay to change your mind.

“I’m 100% speechless! This team, these new friends, these fellow athletes….THANK YOU for all of the support, tracking, comments and encouragement and cheers. Each of you are so wonderful! I am humbled to be a member of Alamo 180 and to count myself among Ironman 70.3 finishers. I LOVED EVERY MOMENT!”

“Thanks for the kind words you sent before IMAZ! The race was amazing and I’m super happy with my performance and little PR!”