Ironman Program: Ironman Texas 2018

Ironman Program: Ironman Texas 2018

Are you ready for a training plan with purpose?

Are you ready to take your fitness to a whole new level?

Are you ready to train alongside others with the same Ironman goal?

Are you ready to become an Ironman?

Alamo 180’s GROUP Ironman Training Program has successfully trained triathletes to the Ironman finish line!

We are ALL about offering high quality workouts coupled with high quality coaching. Our plans are proven and our coaches are certified and full of personal and professional experience. It’s the total package AND it’s what makes our program stand out among the others out there. 

Hear from some of our Ironman triathletes:

“I was very happy with the plan and coaching! I was able to stay injury free unlike last training plan I followed.”

I like that we got the fatigue with less risk of injury.

The training plan adequately prepared me for race day!

I would most definitely follow the Ironman group training program again!

Our next GROUP Ironman training program starts on Jan 8th. This program trains athletes for Ironman Texas 2018.

We’d love to have you join our team of triathletes!

So what to do between now and then? Here’s some free advice & training tips for ya. Enjoy implementing it into your schedule. Click on the picture to see Alamo 180’s Ironman training tips. (If you want a more detailed approach between now and program start date, join our off-season training program). 

Now get to work training for your Ironman race! Chat soon!

If you have questions or want some 1 on 1 feedback, email to schedule your free 15 minute call. Or if you’re into writing more than talking, shoot us an email…that works, too! 

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