Ironman Texas 140.6 & 70.3 Training Programs! Join us!

Ironman Texas 140.6 & 70.3 Training Programs! Join us!

Alamo 180 is the leading triathlon training program in San Antonio. In fact, we are the only Multisport Training Center in San Antonio. What makes us unique is that we provide the training plan for your race AND challenging group workouts where you can build your fitness and achieve your goals – all under the guidance of highly certified coaches. Our triathlon program also includes membership options to strength train, do yoga, and take indoor cycling classes.

Since 2011, Alamo 180 has coached 23 Full Ironman finishes, and over 150 Half Ironman finishes, and those numbers continue to grow year after year! We know how to develop training programs that work, programs that allow athletes to achieve their Ironman goals! Our athletes get to the Ironman finish line healthy and strong. Our programs prove it time and time again.

But don’t just take our word for it, read some testimonials from some of our triathletes:

“I was very happy with the plan and coaching! I was able to stay injury free unlike last training plan I followed.”

“I like that we got the fatigue with less risk of injury.”

“The training plan adequately prepared me for race day!”

“Awesome program with lots of options for all levels! Supportive “family” of coaches and athletes!”

“I would most definitely follow the Ironman group training program again!”

So what does training look like? We offer multiple group workouts every week and you select the ones you can attend. You will also receive an online training plan through Training Peaks – yours to keep – so you can follow along on your own and at group workouts. We offer several membership options for you to pick the one that works best! Select the group workout membership Tier that best suits your needs.

Ready to learn more? We offer program orientations for both the Full and Half distance where you can ask all the questions you want and we answer ’em! If you cannot attend one, you can always call or email us and we’d be happy to chat with you! Learn more about the Full . Learn more about the Half.

Ready take the Ironman leap? The group Ironman training program starts on Jan 8th. This program trains athletes for Ironman 140.6 Texas! Don’t attempt to train for this alone, we’d love to have you join our team of triathletes! Build some incredible friendships during training and enjoy the journey together on race day! learn more

The Full Ironman not your jam? Hey we’ve got a killer Half Ironman program that’s sure to challenge! This group program trains for Ironman 70.3 Texas and starts on Jan 1st – how’s that for a perfect New Year’s Resolution?! Again, don’t train alone, friends make the training and racing more fun! learn more

So what to do between now and then? We’ve whipped together some free advice and training tips for ya. Enjoy implementing it into your schedule. Click the pic below! And if you wanna join our off-season training program and get a much more detailed training plan, it’s going on now. Never too early to start your 2018 season! Gains are made in the off-season! Email info@alamo180.com for more information.

Now get to training! You’ve got some incredible goals to accomplish!

~Alamo 180 Tri Coaches

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