Ironman Texas Training Program

Ironman Texas Training Program


The 2018 date has been set for Ironman Texas: Saturday, April 28th!

Alamo 180’s Ironman Texas group training program starts on Jan 8th and we’d love to have you join the team and ROCK it on race day! Our 2017 team rocked it on race day at Ironman Texas (we had 5 finishers!) and we’re ready to do it again in 2018!

Alamo 180 is the leading triathlon training program in San Antonio. In fact, we are the only Multisport Training Center in San Antonio. What makes us unique is that we provide the training plan for your race and challenging group workouts where you can build your fitness and achieve your goals – all under the guidance of highly certified coaches. Our triathlon program also includes membership options to strength train, do yoga, and take indoor cycling classes.

Since 2011, Alamo 180 has coached over 20 Full Ironman finishes, and those numbers continue to grow! We know how to develop training programs that work, training programs that allow athletes to achieve their Ironman goals! Our athletes get to the Ironman finish line healthy and strong. Our programs prove it time and time again.

Ready to learn more?
Save the date for Monday, Jan 8, 2018 @ 5:30pm.
Location: Alamo 180 Spin Studio.
This is your chance to learn about how Alamo 180 can get you to the Ironman finish line healthy, strong and confident. You’ll learn what to expect and all necessary details of the training plan. We will bring out chairs for you to sit and we will present info and save time for a Q&A. We’re doing it in the spin studio, so if you want to sit on a bike and spin – go for it!

But until then, here’s a quick snapshot of what to expect in the program:

Training Program Start Date:
Program Start Date: Monday, Jan 8th.
First group workout: Tuesday, Jan 9th.

What you get:
*16 weeks of training.
*Online training plan through Training Peaks with specific workout details listed.
*Clinics included in select group workouts
*Access to private FB page & private webpage (a great resource full of helpful articles, live videos from coaches, and more!)
*Coached workouts led by highly certified coaches
*Regular assessments & benchmark workouts
*Template to determine training zones

Group Training Tier options from $79 to $179/month. more info here 

Group workouts:
Select group workouts will have “skills portion” in each discipline and a good 15 to 20 minutes (in select group workouts) will be spent on those skills. Our goal is to produce efficient, faster triathletes.

As often as possible, group workouts will take place on terrain that prepares athletes for race day.

Training Program Overview:
*Program Periodization: 3 weeks of build, 1 week recovery. On select blocks in the program, there will be 2 weeks build, 1 week recovery. Assessments every 5 to 6 weeks.
*Schedule: On large volume weeks, there will be two off days to ensure adequate recovery and training adaptation. On average, expect 2 to 3 swims a week, 3 to 5 bike rides a week, 4 to 6 runs a week. On select weeks throughout the program, there will be increases in workout frequency each week in each discipline.
*Training hours will increase in a safe, conservative manner. Training hours will not exceed 18 hours a week. Expect an average of 13 to 15 training hours a week.
*There will be two “Hell Weekends” before race day where over the course of 3 days, athletes will participate in long brick workouts to adequately prepare for the long race day. Athletes love the mental confidence boosters these workouts bring!
*Calendar/Workout Access: Athlete training plans are loaded into Training Peaks. You will receive a personal account and access to the group workout calendar.
*Clinics in each discipline will be offered on a monthly basis during select group workouts. Based on the Tier the athlete registered for, this will either be included in their membership, or paying a discounted drop-in fee of $15.
*Any athlete that needs an adjustment to the group training plan (due to travel, illness, injury, etc) may request one by their coach at a $20/week adjustment rate. This is a great way to make the plan custom when you need it!

Are you ready to start? Check to make sure you meet Program Req:
Program Pre-requisites: (and since the race is months away, you have time to meet these pre-reqs!)
Athletes that do not meet ALL pre-requisites will be encouraged to select custom training (versus Group training).
* Must have at least 1 Half distance triathlon finish in the last 18 months.
*Currently able to train at race cut-off paces in each discipline: Swim: 3:37/100m -or- 3:19/100yd, Bike: 13.7 mph, Run: 14:53/mile.
*Current fitness level in each discipline: swim 30 minutes non-stop, ride 35 miles on the bike, and run 90 minutes.

Getting excited?! Wanna learn more? Still have questions? Come to our No Obligation Program Orientation on Monday, Jan 8th at 5:30pm.

Have questions that you want answered now? Email Coach Bree: or click here 

Year after year Alamo 180 turns wannabe Ironman athletes into medal wearing Ironman finishers!! If you’re looking for a team to train with, here’s your chance! Looking for a coaching staff to help you reach your goals, take the leap! Make 2018 the year you say YES to your triathlon journey! The year you become an IRONMAN!! Let’s make it a great one!

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