Join Team Danae

Join Team Danae

68239_3398542820445_1528128580_n 417949_588961831123281_1098507127_n jenanddanae 575926_573862839299847_1266484702_nAlamo 180 athlete, Danae Quijano, has been diagnosed with breast cancer, Invasive Ductal Carcinoma.

In her own words, ” I never knew why I started training for the 1/2 marathon or tri’s. I would actually say to myself during tri’s “why are you doing this to yourself?”, but I just kept on doing it not knowing why. The minute my doctor said the words “Highly suspicious and its probably cancer” I knew exactly why. I had been training for this to Fight like a Triathlete and beat cancer. I have only done Sprint Triathlons but this next year I will be doing my own version of an Ironman and I WILL finish and I WILL win.”

Want to support Danae during this time? 

1. She asks that ALL women get a baseline mammogram at 35 years. If you are 40, get a mammogram. Early detection is key!

2. Exercise regularly. You never know what life may throw at you. Being active is helping her during this time. It’s speeding up the healing process and giving her positive results from chemotherapy treatments.

3. Join the Team Danae group on Facebook. Stay up on the latest news with regular updates, and share encouraging posts to show our love and support!

4. If you want to help financially, you can! Here’s how to donate on the Team Danae Fundly Site.


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