Lessons Learned from Kerrville 70.3

Lessons Learned from Kerrville 70.3

1383184_10200615605981777_1328987921_nRace Report from Alamo 180 triathlete, Liana Torres. 

Lessons learned from Kerrville 70.3:

1) A stressful week cannot undo 4 months of training, so let it go and have fun.
2) DO NOT eat half a block of cheese for lunch the day before a big race! Trust me on this…
3) Don’t keep your phone in the back pocket of your tri suit before the race starts. This is the second time I have put my wetsuit on over my phone. You would think I would learn….
4) Swimming is fun!
5) The bike DOES matter. I’m still not the fastest, but I was comfortable!
6) Ride the course before a big race. This was my first time to learn a course before a race and it made a huge difference. I knew the best places to make up speed, where to be ready for the ugly hill, and how long I needed to tolerate the chip seal.
7) A 4 loop run course is not boring. I got to run by the Alamo 180 cheer squad 8 times and I got to cheer on the other racers from the team as we passed each other. My only regret was that my boys weren’t there to see.
8) Lastly, people are amazing, not just for what they can do physically, but for the way they can create such a positive experience in the smallest ways. There were entire families of volunteers that got up early to hold out water, Gatorade and oranges to racers. There were fellow racers that I had never met before who cheered for me just because they liked my socks or we stood in the potty line together before the race. There was the guy who saw that his girlfriend was struggling, so he crossed over mid-run and reran half the course so he could finish with her. Then there was the cool couple who stood outside their house, blasting music and cheering the runners whose course had completely shut down their street for half a day. And poor sweet Herb, who barely knows me, but came over to give me a high five after my race, saw that I had started to cry and braved the gross sweat to give me a hug instead. And, of course, my awesome team and coach, who cheered until every last Alamo 180 racer finished strong and happy!
Life is good!


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