Make Time For Yourself

Make Time For Yourself

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Make time for yourself.

I’m guilty of not doing this. I give of myself to everyone, and leave nothing left for me. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love serving others. I get more out of giving than I do receiving. I am called to a life of service, and I am honored and humbled.

But let’s get real. There’s a balance. You can’t give to the point that you operate on empty. I am learning there is a balance. I can’t completely give of myself to the point I have nothing left for me. I have to draw boundaries. Up until this point, there have been no boundaries.

So this week I began asking myself why I neglect me.

I can’t shut off. It’s really hard. But here’s the thing: Emails can wait. Phone calls can wait. Appointments can be rescheduled. I don’t have to feel guilt that my daughter is with a babysitter, my aunt, or mom. She needs to spend time with them. It’s good for her, and it’s good for me, too! Facebook instant messaging doesn’t require an “instant” reply. I can put things on hold to make time for me.

Next, I asked myself, “does my husband support ‘Bree time’?” The answer is yes. He tells me to take time out for myself, but do I? Rarely. I need to take him up on his offer and not feel guilty.

So why do I write this? Because I know I am not the only one guilty of this. Many of us have service-based careers. If not, at some point, we serve others in our daily lives. We don’t know how or when to shut it off and make time for ourselves.

We almost feel guilty for saying “no” or “later” to make time for our needs. We have to be selfish. We have to fill ourselves up. To recharge. To reboot. We need to take time out of the day to serve ourselves. If we can’t serve ourselves, how can we fully serve others?

Have you been wanting to start an exercise regimen, but feel like you don’t have time? I’m going to call your bluff!  It’s not that you don’t have time – you do – it’s that you aren’t making time. I called my bluff the other day, it’s time to call yours.

Want someone to talk to about this? Call or email me! And if I don’t respond, I’m taking time out for myself! 😉

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