#makea180 Athlete Spotlight

#makea180 Athlete Spotlight

#makea180 Athlete Spotlight, Frank Aguirre.


Read his transformation story👇🏻

“My journey at Alamo 180 started in September 2016.

I came to the gym overweight, feeling physically and mentally broken down. For most of a decade I had put a lot of effort into getting fit with little to show for it. In fact, despite working out 5 days a week I allowed myself to gain 40 pounds.

Leaving a program that was no longer working for me was very difficult but I needed a new start. At first I thought my decision to join Alamo 180 was a huge mistake because I just wasn’t ready for the intensity of the workouts. Sure I was comfortable lifting weights but the cardiovascular and metabolic aspects of the workouts were a different story. I hated them. Especially the running.

Slowly over the next several months I managed to lose 10 pounds without really trying. The workouts were just that effective. Even my running started to improve, mostly because of the Murph Challenge. Completing it was something I was really proud of. A couple of weeks later I decided I needed to take control of my nutrition. I sought out a nutrition coach with Stronger U Nutrition, and coupled with sound workout programming, I started to lose weight. Seriously. Everything started to change.

I’m getting close to being down 50 pounds since joining Alamo 180. Being in a better place physically and mentally has allowed my workouts to really improve—especially the running. I’ve been able to increase my distances from a couple of miles to nearly 6 miles.

I’m happy at A180. I’ve finally found the health and fitness I so desperately wanted.”

–Frank Aguirre

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