Mock Triathlon

Mock Triathlon

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Date: Saturday, April 2
Location: Hinman Island Park
Start Time: 7:30am

Investment: $17 for non-A180 members/ free for A180 members


We used to host these out at Boerne Lake but they made it clear they don’t like triathlon events out there. But no worries, you can still get in a practice triathlon workout! Join us on April 2 at Hinman Island Park and put all three disciplines together.

SWIM: Pick your distance (0.25, 0.5, or 1 mile) in the open water of the Comal River. It’s a consistent 68 degrees. You can wear a wetsuit, or you can go without.

BIKE: Get in a high quality, 40 minutes of challenging speed intervals on your road or tri bike mounted on a trainer. This ensures you hop on your bike quickly immediately following the swim. This unique set up eliminates the delay of taking your bike out of your trunk, putting away your swim things, and getting ready to ride. It’s safer, too! *bring your bike trainer.

RUN: Hop off the bike, put on run shoes and go! Run will consist of 20 minutes at race pace effort.

We will be monitoring your bikes at the park. We will have several coaches “on deck” to ensure your safety during each discipline.

OPEN to ANYONE that wants to join us! It’s super fun and a great way to get prepared for your upcoming triathlon event!

Parking: you can park at either Hinman Island Park, or at Prince Solms park (if Hinman Island is full).

Arrive early. It takes longer than you would think to set up.

Bathrooms are available in the park.

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