News about our swim program

News about our swim program

Alamo 180 has taken great pride serving the San Antonio community with a variety of services the past 9 years.

And by variety we mean: bootcamps, yoga, running, swimming, triathlon, indoor cycling classes, CrossFit, and obstacle course racing.

We’ve done it all!

And loved it, too!

But there comes a time when you can’t do all the things, no matter how much you love them all. Over the years we have let things go. And every time we did, what was on our plate grew a little more.

Now we are back to that same decision: what to keep, what to let go?

And we are letting swimming lessons and classes go.

Strength & conditioning classes stay.

Not an easy decision, it never is, but it’s the right one.

For one – the reopening date of the SAC pool kept getting pushed back further and further (it still is), and with closures in November and December due to holidays, it was looking slim to none for any swim lessons this year.

Second – we want to do less so we can do more. We want to do one thing and do it well. To double down and serve with full attention on one thing. Not multiple things and trying to juggle it all.

We’ve truly loved serving the community the past 9 years, and can’t wait for this next season. It feels right. It feels good. And we would love to have you be part of it!

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Bree & Jeff Soileau