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Become Better Workshop

2021 is right around the corner. Blink and it’s going to be Jan 1. Or maybe not… this is still the longest year ever. 

Regardless, our health and well-being should always be a priority. And if it hasn’t been, it’s okay. 

It is okay if:

  • your workouts hardly happened,
  • your training shoes probably have some dust on them,
  • that you put on a few (many) extra pounds,
  • the year got away from you and you’re lost and don’t know how to get back on track.

Give yourself grace. This has been a really hard year. 

Good news is that it is never too late to start afresh.

And we want to help you!

Join us for a FREE 3-day Become Better workshop where we will discuss goal setting, exercise and nutrition.

  • Learn how to set realistic and attainable goals + tips on staying motivated all year long.
  • Learn which type of exercise is best for you + tips on scheduling it in your day
  • Learn how to drop body fat through your diet – eating yummy food, not gross food.
  • and more!

Tune in live on Mon 11/23, Tues 11/24 & Wed 11/25 via our IG or FB at 1:30pm CST (replay will be available). If you would like to follow along with our editable Become Better workbook, make sure to pre-register to receive one by email.

2021 is your year to focus on YOU. To become better. And it starts now! (well, actually it starts Monday, but you know what we mean)

How to make a fat-burning smoothie

Smoothies are a fast and delish meal! Especially when you’re running out the door in the morning or need to work through your lunch.

Here is how you can make a super filling, lasting energy, fat-burning smoothie by following our Protein First Mindset pff guidelines.

  1. Start with a protein. Protein takes several hours to digest meaning it will give you energy and keep you full for several hours. Aim for 25-35g per meal. Great delish options for smoothies: greek yogurt, protein powder.
  2. Pick a healthy fat. Fats digest more slowly and keep you full. They also don’t spike the blood sugar levels which is necessary for sustained energy and fat loss. Aim for 10-30g per meal. Great delish options for smoothies: chia seed, flax seed, coconut oil, mct oil, nut butters, avocado, full fat yogurt.
  3. Add fiber. Fiber is a non-digestable carb that will fill you up without spiking your blood sugar. Aim for 5-15g per meal. Great delish options for smoothies: chia seed, flax seed, berries (fresh or frozen), oranges, kiwi, banana, spinach, kale or avocado.
  4. Add extras. Add some extra flavors without the extra calories or carbs: spices (i.e. cinnamon or vanilla extract, lemon or lime juice, coffee).

Wanna try one of our favorite smoothies? We call it the Tropical Dream Smoothie. Try it and leave a comment letting us know what you thought!

Virtual Nutrition Program!

Alamo 180’s nutrition program, Protein First Mindset, teaches you how to lose fat by increasing your metabolism, not decreasing your calories. 

Here’s the deal – diets are frustrating. And they don’t work. You know this because you’ve tried them before. It’s time for a fresh and final start. Makeover your metabolism NOW so you never have to go on another diet again. 

It’s a metabolism and mindset shift! Reset your metabolism, lose the weight, and change the way you look at food forever.

Over the past few years we have created and tested a proven system for turning fat-storing hormones OFF, turning fat-burning hormones ON, and REVVING UP your metabolism! 

There’s no calorie counting. The Protein First Mindset is rooted in science and has been tried, tested and proven over and over by Alamo 180 coaching staff and clients.

Burn fat by revving up your metabolism, not by reducing your calories.

Learn how to be in fat BURNING mode more often than fat STORING mode. 

Zero calorie counting – just a simple, easy-to-implement structure that will rev up your metabolism.

Learn more about the virtual program + get on the waitlist!

Signature 6

The new, official name for the thing we’ve always done.

Introducing {drum roll} the Signature 6

This is our proprietary method that gives you the BEST workout experience and helps you MAXIMIZE results! (read: no junk movements or workouts, significantly less risk of injury, more bang for your buck, – all the good stuff)

The 6 comes from the 6 movements you will do in every session: 1)squat, 2)hinge, 3)push, 4)pull, 5)core, 6)cardio.

And it packs a punch!

Ready to experience how the Signature 6 can positively impact your life? Call, email or stop by the gym! We’re here for you! http://www.alamo180.com/schedule/

News about our swim program

Alamo 180 has taken great pride serving the San Antonio community with a variety of services the past 9 years.

And by variety we mean: bootcamps, yoga, running, swimming, triathlon, indoor cycling classes, CrossFit, and obstacle course racing.

We’ve done it all!

And loved it, too!

But there comes a time when you can’t do all the things, no matter how much you love them all. Over the years we have let things go. And every time we did, what was on our plate grew a little more.

Now we are back to that same decision: what to keep, what to let go?

And we are letting swimming lessons and classes go.

Strength & conditioning classes stay.

Not an easy decision, it never is, but it’s the right one.

For one – the reopening date of the SAC pool kept getting pushed back further and further (it still is), and with closures in November and December due to holidays, it was looking slim to none for any swim lessons this year.

Second – we want to do less so we can do more. We want to do one thing and do it well. To double down and serve with full attention on one thing. Not multiple things and trying to juggle it all.

We’ve truly loved serving the community the past 9 years, and can’t wait for this next season. It feels right. It feels good. And we would love to have you be part of it!

Got Qs? Reach out to info@alamo180.com


Bree & Jeff Soileau

How classes will run during the pandemic

Operation: Phoenix

If you are ready to RISE FROM THE ASHES, continue reading…
(Effective Monday, 18 May, 2020)

CrossFit Schedule & Guidelines:
Mon-Fri: 5-6am, 6-7am, 12-1pm, 4:30-5:30pm, 5:30-6:30pm, 6:30-7:30pm.

Capacity: Classes have been capped at 6.
Pre-registration is required. Download the MindBody app to your phone.

Courtesy: If you can not make a class, please cancel your reservation.
Reservations are good until 5 minutes after class start time, then it is first come first served. If you do not feel well, STAY HOME.

Health and Wellness:
If you do not feel well, STAY HOME. We have water on premises, but will no longer supply water cups, so bring your own water bottle. Water bottles will be available for sale for $1. Wash or sanitize your hands upon arrival and before leaving.Showers are closed. Once our thermometer arrives, we will be doing touch-less temperature checks before class. The first 5 minutes of class, and the last 5 minutes of class will be used to sanitize your workout area. Do your best to maintain a safe physical distance of about 6 feet between members. No physical contact between members. This includes but is not limited to: Hi-fives, Fist Bumps, Hugs, Awkward staring, Goofy grins.

Virtual Simulcast Classes:
If you have equipment at home and wish to follow along during a LIVE class: Mon-Fri: 6am & 6:30pm

Open Gym Schedule & Guidelines:
Mon-Wed-Fri: 8-11:30am.

Capacity: Open Gym has been capped at 6. Pre-registration is required.

Courtesy: If you can not make your scheduled time, please cancel your reservation. Personal Training occurs during these times, so please be respectful in regards to your music and language. If you do not feel well, STAY HOME.

Health and Wellness: If you do not feel well, STAY HOME.We have water on premises, but will no longer supply water cups, so bring your own water bottle. Water bottles will be available for sale for $1. Wash or sanitize your hands upon arrival and before leaving. Showers are closed. Once our thermometer arrives, we will be doing touch-less temperature checks before entering. Please disinfect all equipment used BEFORE & AFTER your workout. Do your best to maintain a safe physical distance of about 6 feet between members.

Please be patient. This a difficult time, and it is our aim to provide a SAFE and ENJOYABLE experience to our members. Please allow for GRACE among the coaching staff and your fellow members as we spend the next couple weeks figuring out this new way of life.

We Will Rise.
Alamo 180 Coaches

Immune Boosters & Busters

There are things you can do to boost your immune system to help you prevent and fight off infection. But most importantly, to live a full and healthy life.

Immune Busters: 

  • Not enough sleep 
  • Eating too much sugar / high carbohydrate diet 
  • Not exercising 
  • Stress 
  • Not getting outdoors 

Can you relate to any of these on the Immune Buster list? If so, you’re not alone. So now that we know what busts the immune system, let’s look at what boosts it.


  • Getting at least 7 hours of sleep a night 
  • Eating a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals. 
  • Exercising 30 minutes a day
  • Meditating, relaxing, releasing stress 
  • Getting outdoors in the sun 

How many do you do get right on this above list? Which are you going to try to work harder on?

And it’s not as hard as it might seem to knock out all 5 in a day. Here’s how:

Get into a positivity, immune boosting loop: 

Fuel your body with a good diet = so you have the energy to exercise = exercise outdoors (in the sun) so you can release stress and also sleep better = sleep helps your body recover and prepare you for the next day to start it all over again. 

Watch the Facebook replay of our BECOME BETTER LIVE CHAT here as we go into more detail about each

No more triathlon

A message from Alamo 180 Founders, Jeff and Bree, 

Since 2011, Alamo 180 has helped hundreds of athletes enjoy and excel in the sport of triathlon, a sport that is near and dear to our hearts. It’s literally how we met. Our courtship consisted of swimming, cycling, running and lifting weights. 

After a lot of research and consideration, as well as our experiences as both coaches and athletes, we are making a pivot in the triathlon training services we offer. 

We are shifting our focus to what we believe most triathletes need most – CrossFit, swimming and nutrition. We will have triathlon training plans for sale, but we are no longer offering triathlon coaching or a triathlon club. This change will allow us the opportunity to better serve the triathlon community instead of just Alamo 180 triathletes. 

You’re invited to try a CrossFit class so you can see what’s in the koolaid and maybe start drinking it yourself. Understand why so many athletes have started getting faster in their training and racing, by simply adding 2 CrossFit workouts a week. 

“I’m the fittest I’ve ever been because of Alamo 180’s CrossFit classes! I also BQ’d my marathon and had several podium finishes in triathlon last season, so the proof is in da pudding!” 

We invite you to sign up for a swim series if you want to learn how to swim or to improve your freestyle. We also have a series to help you build skill and confidence in the open water. These series have helped so many triathletes improve in their training and race performances. 

“I would highly recommend the Beginner Freestyle Swim Series to anyone who wants to learn freestyle. The breakdown of how to swim is presented in an easy to understand manner and the amount of information presented in each session is appropriate and worked in my brain. I felt comfortable, learned techniques that would never have occurred to me before and am ready to move on to the next series to build upon and improve my swim.”

We will continue offering our popular Tuesday evening swim classes and open swim. We will still be out at Boerne Lake every Saturday morning at 7:30am starting April 4, so make sure to join us there! 

We are looking forward to a great 2020 and beyond serving you through CrossFit, swimming and nutrition! 

Jeff and Bree Soileau 

March 2020 Athlete of the Month

Alamo 180 Athlete of the Month: Manny Iruegas

How old are you and when did you join Alamo 180?I am 28 years old and I joined Alamo 180 around June 2019. 

Why do you CrossFit? For the Gainzz haha!! More importantly, I do CrossFit to be the healthiest I can be and keep an overall physically active lifestyle.  

What is your favorite workout? Least favorite?My favorite workouts are the high intensity, all or nothing workouts. I really enjoy the support i get from my coaches and the class energy. My least favorite workouts are when I have to workout alone without the motivation from others.

What is something people don’t know about you?I’ve been employed at USAA for 3 years. I currently work in the bank department, specifically dealing with military benefits and the service member civil relief act. Every day is a new learning experience and I really enjoy my time there.

Hobbies outside of fitness? My favorite hobby is playing drums. I’ve been a drummer for 15+ years. I love dropping some sick beats!

What are you training for right now? Another competition! I participated in my first Crossfit competition about a month ago and I had a blast! Aside from that, I’m training to beat Coach Xamara in double unders..

Favorite cheat meal? 
I loveeee desserts and pizza! My go to desserts would either be cookies or brownies and for pizza the meat trio is my favorite. Is beer a meal?

 What advice would you give to someone just starting out with CrossFit?The first days are honestly the hardest and the easiest time to give up. Consistency is one of the biggest keys to accomplishment. Eventually, CrossFit becomes addicting and a great habit! You will amaze yourself!