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4 tips to help you walk or run without losing your breath

Walking and running are excellent forms of exercise. You should be doing either one (or both) on a regular basis.
But do you ever yourself out of breath?🥵
Here’s how to fix that:
1- relax. Sometimes we walk or run to release stress, so it is important we focus on relaxing our body. Relax your shoulders and let them drop. Relax your jaw and let the tongue drop.
2- go at a comfortable pace. Unless your workout includes speed intervals, slow down the pace. It should be comfortable and enjoyable. If not, slow down. You should be able to carry a conversation without losing your breath. If you can’t, slow down.
3- focus on slow, controlled breaths. Fast and shallow breathing does not give you ample oxygen. Instead focus on slow and controlled breathing. And you can try syncing it with your steps. Every 2 or 3 steps inhale and every 2 or 3 steps exhale.
4- belly breathe. Most people are chest breathers. What this means is when you inhale your chest rises. If this is you, you’re not getting in enough oxygen and more likely to experience shortness of breath. Instead, when you inhale, let only your belly rise. This ensures you get ample oxygen. Tip: practice belly breathing when not exercising so you can make it a habit. It can be helpful to place your hand on your belly.

Does this help you?! Any light bulb moments?
Hope you enjoy your next walk or run! Make sure to tag us @alamo180 if these tips helps!

6 benefits of lifting weights

Actually, there are MANY more, but let’s just highlight these:

  1. Improves health
  2. Improves immune system function
  3. Builds endurance
  4. Builds stronger bones
  5. Revs your metabolism
  6. Makes you a bad@$$

Are you ready to become better with a better approach to fitness?

If so, we invite you to shoot us an email at or

This is the way.  

Protein First Mindset DOORS OPENED

Over the past 4 weeks there have been SO many client success stories with our Rev Your Metabolism nutrition program!

We have had DMs and emails asking when doors opened for the next one. We kept saying mid to late January. And we cringed inside every time we said that because we wished it could be sooner.

You see, we’re currently building an online course with a ton of modules! So much valuable content for you! But it is taking longer than we expected 🙁

So we put our heads together and thought about a way to serve you NOW. To help you get your nutrition on point NOW. To start NOW, not wait a month or more. Because when you’re ready, you have to jump on that!

So here’s what we did:
We took our Zoom training calls, meal guides, recipes, food list, goal setting, daily affirmation documents and more and put them into a course for you to start NOW!

You get to access all this valuable, life changing information at HALF the price!!! (it will NEVER be this low ever again)

For just $77:

  • Learn how to burn fat by revving up your metabolism, not by reducing your calories.
  • Learn how to be in fat BURNING mode more often than fat STORING mode.
  • Zero calorie counting – just a simple, easy-to-implement method that will rev up your metabolism.
  • 4 weeks of course material that you can follow at your own pace!


“These 4 weeks for me were all about learning about food. I have always loved eating but had a lot of guilt with any bad decisions I made. What I learned was to look less at the “bad” food and focus more on the protein, fiber and fats I was eating. I ate a donut on purpose, made sure I had a protein source with it, and I did NOT feel guilty for eating it. I’m excited to continue building my balanced plates and enjoying all the food I can!” ~Protein First Mindset Participant

“I was initially worried I’d be hungry all the time because that’s how I felt in all my other diet programs and challenges. I was pleasantly surprised! I stay full longer + I’m no longer obsessing about my next meal.” ~Protein First Mindset Participant

But here’s the thing – this low price won’t last forever. In fact, it won’t ever be this low again! This price is only available until we publish our final course (the one we’re currently working on).

So we wanted to let you know about this great deal! Our heart and mission is to serve you and we want to serve you right now! We don’t want you to have to wait!

Here’s the link to learn more + join the challenge.

Looking forward to serving you!
Respectfully,Jeff and Bree Soileau

You know what’s good with donuts?

We got you at donuts, didn’t we?!

Who doesn’t love a good donut? We love them so much, we have a family tradition we call Donut Sundays! Every Sunday we enjoy donuts for breakfast.

Here’s the thing – depriving yourself from foods you enjoy eating never ends well.

Food is fuel. Sure, there are more nutritious options, but food is also enjoyment.

We believe in moderation and balance. Our philosophy and passion is to help you look at food differently.

Plus a life without donuts is…well…yeah, let’s not even go there. No one needs that kind of negativity in their life!

We want to normalize less nutritious foods (👋donuts) because it makes it FAR easier to control your intake and you’re less likely to overeat it. We recommend you aim for 80% nutritious foods and 20% less nutrition foods – on a daily basis. The goal is sustainability. You can’t sustain deprivation.

We also want to chat about balance. As in a meal that contains a proper balance of protein, fiber and fat. The right balance puts you in fat burning mode, not fat storing.

So here’s how we recommend you enjoy your donuts:

Option 1: Donut + Protein Coffee click here for the protein coffee recipe

Option 2: Donut + eggs and bacon and/or sausage patties

See what we’re doing there? We’re adding a protein source to balance it all out!

What are some protein sources you enjoy eating with your donut? Share with us! We just might add it in the next newsletter or social media post! We might even add it to our Donut Sundays!

Jeff and Bree Soileau

Become Better Workshop

Ready to make 2021 a better year?

A year where you move your body better? Eat better? Feel better?

Join us for a FREE 3-day Become Better workshop where we will discuss goal setting, exercise and nutrition.

  • Monday – Goal Setting: learn how to set goals in a way you can actually attain them! Don’t miss this crucial step!
  • Tuesday – Exercise: learn the best types of exercise to improve health, strength and rev metabolism.
  • Wednesday – Nutrition: learn how to rev your metabolism so you can be in fat-burning mode more than fat-storing mode.

If you would like to learn more, click the link to sign up for the workshop!

How to make a fat-burning smoothie

Smoothies are a fast and delish meal! Especially when you’re running out the door in the morning or need to work through your lunch.

Here is how you can make a super filling, lasting energy, fat-burning smoothie by following our Protein First Mindset pff guidelines.

  1. Start with a protein. Protein takes several hours to digest meaning it will give you energy and keep you full for several hours. Aim for 25-35g per meal. Great delish options for smoothies: greek yogurt, protein powder.
  2. Pick a healthy fat. Fats digest more slowly and keep you full. They also don’t spike the blood sugar levels which is necessary for sustained energy and fat loss. Aim for 10-30g per meal. Great delish options for smoothies: chia seed, flax seed, coconut oil, mct oil, nut butters, avocado, full fat yogurt.
  3. Add fiber. Fiber is a non-digestable carb that will fill you up without spiking your blood sugar. Aim for 5-15g per meal. Great delish options for smoothies: chia seed, flax seed, berries (fresh or frozen), oranges, kiwi, banana, spinach, kale or avocado.
  4. Add extras. Add some extra flavors without the extra calories or carbs: spices (i.e. cinnamon or vanilla extract, lemon or lime juice, coffee).

Wanna try one of our favorite smoothies? We call it the Tropical Dream Smoothie. Try it and leave a comment letting us know what you thought!

Virtual Nutrition Program!

Alamo 180’s nutrition program, Protein First Mindset, teaches you how to lose fat by increasing your metabolism, not decreasing your calories. 

Here’s the deal – diets are frustrating. And they don’t work. You know this because you’ve tried them before. It’s time for a fresh and final start. Makeover your metabolism NOW so you never have to go on another diet again. 

It’s a metabolism and mindset shift! Reset your metabolism, lose the weight, and change the way you look at food forever.

Over the past few years we have created and tested a proven system for turning fat-storing hormones OFF, turning fat-burning hormones ON, and REVVING UP your metabolism! 

There’s no calorie counting. The Protein First Mindset is rooted in science and has been tried, tested and proven over and over by Alamo 180 coaching staff and clients.

Burn fat by revving up your metabolism, not by reducing your calories.

Learn how to be in fat BURNING mode more often than fat STORING mode. 

Zero calorie counting – just a simple, easy-to-implement structure that will rev up your metabolism.

Learn more about the virtual program + get on the waitlist!

Signature 6

The new, official name for the thing we’ve always done.

Introducing {drum roll} the Signature 6

This is our proprietary method that gives you the BEST workout experience and helps you MAXIMIZE results! (read: no junk movements or workouts, significantly less risk of injury, more bang for your buck, – all the good stuff)

The 6 comes from the 6 movements you will do in every session: 1)squat, 2)hinge, 3)push, 4)pull, 5)core, 6)cardio.

And it packs a punch!

Ready to experience how the Signature 6 can positively impact your life? Call, email or stop by the gym! We’re here for you!

News about our swim program

Alamo 180 has taken great pride serving the San Antonio community with a variety of services the past 9 years.

And by variety we mean: bootcamps, yoga, running, swimming, triathlon, indoor cycling classes, CrossFit, and obstacle course racing.

We’ve done it all!

And loved it, too!

But there comes a time when you can’t do all the things, no matter how much you love them all. Over the years we have let things go. And every time we did, what was on our plate grew a little more.

Now we are back to that same decision: what to keep, what to let go?

And we are letting swimming lessons and classes go.

Strength & conditioning classes stay.

Not an easy decision, it never is, but it’s the right one.

For one – the reopening date of the SAC pool kept getting pushed back further and further (it still is), and with closures in November and December due to holidays, it was looking slim to none for any swim lessons this year.

Second – we want to do less so we can do more. We want to do one thing and do it well. To double down and serve with full attention on one thing. Not multiple things and trying to juggle it all.

We’ve truly loved serving the community the past 9 years, and can’t wait for this next season. It feels right. It feels good. And we would love to have you be part of it!

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Bree & Jeff Soileau