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Community Bootcamp

Did you know that the first service Alamo 180 offered was Bootcamp? In 2011, we started offering Bootcamps in local parks before we had a home gym.

Coming to Alamo 180 November 6, 2019Community Bootcamp!

Schedule: Wednesdays at 7pm & Saturdays at 9am. 

Class duration/format: 30 minute class using body weight, kettlebells and dumbbells. Every class will offer scaled options to ensure you’re appropriately challenged.

Class is limited to 20 participants. Make sure to grab your free spot here: Registration link here

Donation based: Free class, but please consider donating to our non-profit partner, Street2Feet. Bring new or gently used athletic apparel, athletic shoes, or cash donations. 

At Alamo 180, we are committed to making functional training affordable and accessible. It is our heart to offer the highest quality training experience while keeping our CrossFit class and membership rates fair and affordable. In addition to our payment based drop-in classes and memberships, we now offer 2 free community bootcamp classes every week to make functional training truly accessible to all.

Please note, we are not a charity nor a non-profit. We are a small, community-driven business with a big heart to serve. It is our passion to see lives changed through exercise and healthy habits. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve our community through classes led by our highly certified and caring instructors. Thank you for supporting us and our non-profit partners! 

October Athlete of the Month

Frank Aguirre

October 2019 Athlete of the Month

How old are you and when did you join Alamo 180? I am 54. I joined A180 in September 2016.

How much weight have you lost? 70 pounds

Why do you CrossFit? I CrossFit to stay mentally and physically healthy. I also enjoy working out with like-minded people who also want to have fun getting healthy.

What is your favorite workout? Least favorite? My favorite is Murph; it such a huge challenge. My least favorite workout is anything with running.

Favorite lift? My favorite lifts are Hang and Power cleans.

What are you training for right now? Ironically, I am training for the Rock-n-Roll half marathon, in December!

What has been the most important thing for you in terms of keeping the weight off? The most important thing has been consistency. Consistency in the gym, the kitchen, sleep, hydration, and all the extras that help me stay lean like my Sunday morning 6-mile walks. 

Favorite cheat meal? Cheeseburgers. Cheeseburgers. Cheeseburgers.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out with CrossFit or strength training? Be patient, be consistent. Show up on frequently and be ready to put in some work. Concentrate on form first then weight. I think it’s better to build your engine slowly than to go out too heavy, too hard, or too fast. 

Clinic: Triathlon Swim Starts

Triathlon Swim Start Clinic

Date/time/location: Tuesday, August 13 at 7:30pm at San Antonio College pool.

Investment: $25

Be ready for any kind of start that you might encounter on race day.  The clinic will cover jump starts, push starts and treading water starts. In addition, you will learn proper form for treading water, quickest way to get horizontal (from a vertical position), how to scull the water with your hands,  how to get the most momentum off the wall in a push start, how to deal with a crowded start, and more. Start your race with confidence!  Clinic will take place in the water and last 1 hour. Bring a swimsuit and goggles. All other items will be provided. 

link to register

Two New CrossFit classes added

Beginning July 8, we are adding new classes to the schedule! Take a look at the new classes!

CrossFit Xpress: Don’t have time for an hour, but can squeeze in a 30 minute class? We have created a CrossFit Xpress (CFX) class! It’s designed for the busy individual with a small window of time to get in a quality workout. CFX includes our popular high intensity session with a condensed warm up and cool down. A short and sweet workout with lots of benefits!

Barbell Club: Do you want to get better at Olympic weightlifting? Then the Barbell Club is for you! Barbell Club is a class focused on Olympic lifts and conditioning work! Class is led by a USA Weightlifting coach.
Learn more about our CrossFit program and class schedule

5 years ago

When we opened the gym 5 years ago, our excitement was soon followed with a panic stricken “did we make a mistake?”

Our gym had been opened for three weeks and we were way behind our projected goals for the first month. We sat on the floor, looked at each other and wondered if we made a mistake.

Faith is spelled r-i-s-k.

Taking a risk is what starts you on the journey to creating something great. You see what you want to accomplish, you have faith in the outcome, and you take a risk to go after it.

In that panic filled moment on the gym floor, a woman walked through the door and bought a premium personal training package. The next day a friend wanted to gift us a check to help us out in our first month of business. We made our financial goals that month! Our faith increased and it inspired us to keep working hard. This picture is where we are today!

What great thing do you want to accomplish? You will never know what you’re capable of until you take a risk! Have faith it will work out even when things get really hard. Great things don’t come from comfort zones. Go for it! You can do it!

What if nothing changed?

When you look at yourself in the mirror…

What do you see?

How does it make you feel?

What if nothing changed in the next year? The next 5 years?

If you answer, “I can’t live another year like this” then it’s time to make a change. 

At Alamo 180, we firmly believe that everyone can live their best and most active life. It’s never too late. You’re never too old, too out of shape, or whatever lie we give ourselves, to get started!

Start your fitness journey here.

At Alamo 180, you will find you have lots of options when it comes to living and loving the active lifestyle. Choose from our CrossFit or Triathlon programs. Our positive culture and supportive community makes working out fun. Achieve more, together.

Rookie to Race Registration OPEN

Rookie to Race Program #2 registration is OPEN! 
Program start date is July 17 and culminates with the Dam 09 triathlon. 

This popular program is designed for the motivated individual with the goal of completing their first triathlon.

Discover how you can start your triathlon journey with Alamo 180: http://www.alamo180.com/triathlon/rookie-to-race/

Triathlon Team

Alamo 180 offers the leading triathlon training service in San Antonio. Our culture and friendly atmosphere is unmatched! And we specialize in training beginner triathletes! When it comes to triathlon, you get it ALL at Alamo 180!

The Alamo 180 triathlon team is for all triathletes, Sprint through Full Ironman, and for all fitness levels, Beginner to Advanced.

Our program is developed and led by USA Triathlon certified coaches, and is an Ironman and USA Triathlon certified club. Carefully curated to safely balance duration, intensity and recovery in order to maximize results. Our proven programs get athletes to the start line healthy and strong, and to the finish line with a smile on their face.

Join our friendly triathlon community! We offer weekly Coached and Club training sessions, a full library of training plans for the Sprint, Olympic, Half and Full Ironman, and more! Learn more about joining the triathlon team

Sounds great to you, but want a beginner version first? If you’re new to triathlon, then Check out our Rookie to Race program.

Getting started in Triathlon

Do you want to start training for triathlons, but don’t know where to start? Maybe you lack the ability to swim…maybe you aren’t sure about how to ride a bike…maybe you’ve never even put all three disciplines together. Put all fears and doubts aside and follow our proven approach!

At Alamo 180, we encourage athletes to approach triathlon safely and conservatively.

First, it takes courage to start the journey! So celebrate taking the first step to an active lifestyle!

Second, lay the right foundation. Start with learning how to swim. Once you feel confident in the swim, sign up for the Rookie to Race beginner triathlon program. If you can already swim, then head straight to the Rookie to Race program.

At the completion of the Rookie to Race program, you’ve successfully laid the a solid foundation of skill and efficiency and are ready to build endurance. Pick the race distances you plan to do and progress patiently. You can’t rush success, so take your time as you enjoy training and racing.

For athletes that would like to achieve a Half Ironman, we recommend doing so within one year of completion of Rookie to Race. For the Full Ironman, we recommend doing so within two years of completion of the Rookie to Race program. Learn more about Rookie to Half Ironman and our Rookie to Ironman program.

We have successfully trained HUNDREDS of triathletes to the finish line of their goal race and we are confident we can do the same for you! If you’re ready to live your best and most active life through the sport of triahtlon, we are ready for you! Achieve more, together.

June Newsletter

June Newsletter! Read all about it here
Alamo 180 is a community of motivated men and women ready to make positive lifestyle changes.
Take a look at our athletes setting their 180 goals and accomplishing them!
Are you ready to achieve your 180 goal? Do it in a supportive community! Achieve more, together!