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Bike Storage and Safety

Secure Bike Storage

As triathlon season picks up and the weather becomes nicer for outdoor bike rides, it is important to be mindful of bike storage and security. Most of us know someone whose bike has been stolen or even worse you have had yours stolen. Here are a few tips to keep your prized possession out of the arms of a thief:

* Verify the serial # that is on the bike. Typically it is underneath the bottom bracket or on one of the chain stays. Some bike shops record the serial # at the time of purchase; consider contacting the original bike shop to verify the #.

* Let your insurance company know about your important investment. Provide your insurer with photos to verify ownership as well as original sales receipt and serial #. This helps you in the event your bike is stolen. The police and your insurance company need this information to expedite the process.

* Never leave your bike unlocked and unattended outside any building – this includes your local bike shop. Unfortunately bike theft can happen even in your backyard. You just never know who might be passing through.

* Avoid locking your bike outside for an extended period of time. If you ride your bike to work on a consistent basis see if your employer will allow you to bring your bike inside or to a more secure place that is visible to more people.

* If locking your bike outside is unavoidable invest in a quality lock. Avoid the thinner cable locks. Look for the beefier U- Lock style lock. In addition to the U-Lock, commuters should consider carrying a heavier cable lock as well so you can lock your bike to almost anything.

* If you need to leave your bike unattended in your car consider covering it with a blanket and/or keep it out of plain view as much as possible. For optimum coverage, get a flat sheet that matches the interior color of your vehicle.

* If you need to leave your bike on your bike rack for an extended period, make sure to lock it on the rack. Some racks come with an existing lock which works great. The other option is to use a heavy cable lock.

* Register your bike with the National Bike Registry (NBR). The NBR is the only true national database where bikes can be identified by police and returned to the rightful owner. Register today!

Information adapted from Jack & Adams Bicycles Newsletter

Why Should I Take Your Boot Camp?

Our Boot Camp has been mentioned twice in the SA Express News!

No Gym Fees

Most gyms offer boot camp classes, but they are associated with a higher cost. Not only are you required to pay a registration fee to join the gym, but you are also stuck with a reoccurring monthly membership rate. If that doesn’t sound expensive already, many times you have to pay for the boot camp class as it is not included in the basic membership.  Alamo 180 charges $90 for a 5 week boot camp session that meets 2 times a week. Or try our convenient $15 drop-ins. No hidden fees, no contracts. We even offer discounts throughout the year. Good luck getting that from your gym membership.

Smaller Class Size

Alamo 180 caps the boot camps at 15 participants. This ensures quality instruction and personalized attention. Classes at gym facilities can range anywhere from 20 to 30 participants. Can you imagine getting quality instruction with that many people in the class? Need help with your push up form? The gym would recommend you pay extra for a personal trainer. Need help with your push up form in an Alamo 180 boot camp? No problem!

Convenient Location

Alamo 180 trains at Maverick Park on Broadway just across the way from Cavendar

Reliable, Former Military Instructors

Alamo 180’s instructors are former military service members. They didR not attend a weekend workshop to learn how to teach boot camp. They have been through boot camp, so they know what it’s really like. You get the “real deal”. Additionally, our instructors are certified in personal training and group exercise. Reliability? Former military, need we say more?