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Taking a look back #4

The Alamo 180 gym opened for business March 2014.

Offering a ton of services because that’s what you do when you start a small business. It’s like throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks. We offered triathlon, running, boot camp (because it was a commonly recognized name for strength training), personal training, indoor cycling, yoga, obstacle course racing.

When the construction was complete and the equipment purchased, we looked upon our gym with pride and love. We didn’t know it then, but we were blinded by passion. It’s a miracle anyone walked in and signed up for our services.

We couldn’t afford to mat the floor. We didn’t even have a rig. Our friend let us borrow his rig for a year until we could afford to buy one (rig not pictured here). We had the minimum equipment necessary to offer a classes up to 10 people.

When we made money, we saved it, and poured it right back into our gym. It was a slow growth process, but it helped knowing a thing or two about endurance 😉 Slowly and surely, our bareboned gym grew.

For those that have been with us from the beginning, you’re our family. For those that have joined any time since the beginning, we love that you’re part of the family. And if you want to join us, come be part of the Alamo 180 family!

About our CrossFit program

There are many positive aspects to our CrossFit program but a big one we are known for is periodization. There is a period for load and a period for recovery. During a training cycle, we use progressive load principles to slowly and steadily stimulate the body to adaptation along with active recovery to avoid overtraining, injury and burnout. Simply put, each period gets incrementally challenging and it’s followed up with recovery. Challenge the body and rest the body, and repeat the process.

Periodization is the opposite of random.

For example, you wouldn’t train for a running event, of any distance, by running as hard as you can every day. You would quickly become overtrained, injured and burnt out. Hard workouts are necessary, but so too is recovery.

By designing a CrossFit program that includes recovery, we call it training smarter, not harder.

Learn more about our CrossFit program and membership levels

Learn more about our Beginner CrossFit and how to get started training smart!

Beginner CrossFit

Have you ever wanted to try CrossFit?

Now is your chance!

Alamo 180’s Beginner CrossFit is designed for you to learn the ins and outs of the most common movements of CrossFit. Learn how to perform each movement safely and correctly.

If you decide to join us, you get credit for the class applied to your membership!

If you decide after the class that CrossFit isn’t for you, you walk away a smarter athlete. You can take your knowledge to the gym or any other fitness program you join. You can’t lose!

Learn more about our Beginner CrossFit here

Taking a look back / #3

Construction began. It was time to clean up the space, tear down walls, add ceiling lights, and build restrooms and showers. This quickly got expensive. It also took longer than expected.

The old adage of “take what you think it will cost and double it” proved more than true. Construction is not cheap. Nor is buying gym equipment. We were scratching our heads wondering how it would all work on our small budget.

This is where God showed up and made the budget work.

Blessing #1 was a dear friend who provided his architectural services for the loft space and bathrooms. He knew all the ins and outs of construction, city codes, etc. He was our wise mentor (and shoulder to cry on) in the great unknown.  He also got a construction company to partner with us. They needed office space and we needed construction. So a deal was made! Included in our lease was an office space next to the warehouse. The construction company fronted the cost of the construction in exchange for free office rent for two years.

Blessing #2 was a kind man that popped in during one of our open house events. A few days later he reached out to us through a private Facebook message asking if we needed a plumber and that he would be willing to offer his services free because he felt God leading him to do so. This was a miracle because we ran out of money to hire a plumber and finish out the bathrooms. He stayed late for many nights working in our studio installing all the plumbing (after he worked a full day’s shift).

Blessing #3: our athletes that showed up to help tear down walls, clean, paint, etc. Even after all these years, they still show up to help any time we have a studio improvement project.

Blessing #4: The day we bought gym equipment happened to be Black Friday. During this sale of the year, we went out to a local dealer to buy our equipment. This saved us a ton of money! The timing couldn’t have been more miraculous!

These are just a few (of many) examples of how people showed up to help us during this time. Also, if you feel led to help someone, go for it. If not for people helping us, Alamo 180 would not be in existence today. It takes a village.

Taking a look back / #2

We found the location, now we needed money for construction and equipment. We had money in savings, credit cards, and made a business plan to go ask for additional money. We were disappointed to learn that banks kept turning us down for loans. It was during the recession and banks weren’t lending for startup small businesses (even though we had been in business for three years at this point, and turning a profit, opening a location was considered a startup).

Where there is a will, there is a way! In researching options, we learned about Accion (it’s now called LiftFund). For every dollar you want in a loan, you have to match in assets. This meant our car title was in the name of LiftFund, savings, etc. But we met every dollar and could move forward! PSA: We would highly recommend their services if you are needing a small business loan. We could not have been more pleased. They helped us every step of the way, and went above and beyond to get our check ready on Thanksgiving Day so we could purchase equipment on Black Friday to take advantage of all the deals. Incredible customer service!

Signing contracts and holding the check in our hand was a scary feeling. This was the defining moment. Once we cashed it, there was no turning back.

Stay tuned as we share more inside stories and fun facts of Alamo 180!

Taking a look back / #1


Our dream was to have our own studio the day we formed Alamo 180 (back in 2011). But like most small businesses, slow and steady is the name of the game. We began our strength program by offering boot camps at local parks around San Antonio. Our first one was called Boot Camp at Pearl. This was back in 2011 before Pearl exploded. We did it on the big grass field before we were forced out due to construction. We then moved to Blue Star calling it … guess what? … Boot Camp at Blue Star. Same thing happened to us there. Construction forced us out. We moved it to Maverick Park off Broadway, but decided a third name change was not necessary and called it Alamo 180 Boot Camp. This lasted another year before we were ready for a location. Additionally, you can only offer so much in a boot camp class. It’s a limited training approach. We wanted to be able to offer more with barbells, pull up bars, and other equipment. We needed a gym! 

After a good year of looking around town for a location, we stumbled upon one on a random Craigslist search. We immediately contacted the landlord and a few days later met up with him. While this building was ugly inside and out, we felt a peace about it. It felt right. We just knew it was the one. We also knew it would be a labor of love for several years to get it where we wanted it to be. 

We took a leap of faith. In late November 2014, we signed the lease, Jeff quit working at a big box gym as an instructor and personal trainer and we went 100% into Alamo 180. No more part time Alamo 180, it was full time Alamo 180. Exciting and completely terrifying at the same time. 

Then the restorative process began. 

Stay tuned as we share more inside stories and fun facts of Alamo 180!

Studio Updates

In the recent days, we’ve been busy updating the exterior of the studio. It’s needed a paint job for a LONG time and the day has finally come!

Goodbye boring blue and hello gray! Also, we hung up new signage! It feels good to hang up a CrossFit banner!

Check out the current progress so far!

Alamo 180 is officially a CrossFit affiliate!

IRON XT is now CrossFit! Alamo 180 is officially a CrossFit affiliate!

The name of our CrossFit program is called Intelligent Design. Why the name choice? A couple of reasons. CrossFit HQ said there were too many other boxes currently using Alamo and 180 in their names. So we had to come up with something unique. After much thought, we decided on Intelligent Design. First, we are intelligently designed by our Creator, and second, our CrossFit program is intelligently designed to improve health and fitness.

Why did we CrossFit affiliate?

Honestly, we were tired of telling people that our IRON XT program was like CrossFit, and led by CrossFit certified coaches, but not CrossFit affiliated. After 5 years of essentially saying, “it’s like CrossFit, but not CrossFit…” we decided to make it CrossFit!

Additionally, we can stand alone and shout how great our IRON XT program is, or we can join the CrossFit army that is legitimately disrupting healthcare in our nation. Their proactive approach to health, rather than reactive, is what we want to be part of. Did you know that CrossFit is training doctors to become coaches? (we linked the article, so read up on all the amazing deets!)

We decided to join the CrossFit army to make a bigger impact. Collectively you can achieve so much more! It is our mission and passion to improve health and fitness and we’re ready to make a bigger impact in our own city. We love San Antonio and are excited to be part of the solution.

Coming early February 2019, we will offer a Beginner CrossFit series. The Beginner CrossFit series is two weeks long, three classes per week, six classes total. If you’re new to exercise, or new to CrossFit, learn how to do the movement patterns correctly so you can transition into our CrossFit classes with knowledge and confidence.

We can’t wait to serve you in our CrossFit box! Come by and check it out! Also, you can check out our full class schedule here

Frosty Five: 5k & 5mi Fun Run!

Join us for the SIXTH annual Frosty Five: 5k / 5mi Costume Fun Run! This event has become a FAVORITE for many!

A “no frills, just lots of fun” run/walk event. Bring your friends and family! Fur babies welcomed, too. Dress up in your favorite holiday spirit! It’s a fun way to celebrate health and fitness, as well as a chance to spread holiday cheer by donating to the non-profits we proudly support.

Admission is FREE, but we suggest bringing a donation to the non-profit we support, Street2Feet. Cash donations or new or gently used athletic apparel.

Monday: December 24 – Christmas Eve morning.
9:00 AM Run Start / 8:55 AM Event briefing.

Alamo 180 Studio.
312 Melrose Place, San Antonio, Texas 78212.

Click here to declare your attendance! 
(this lets us know how many to expect).

Tip signing up: You will need to create an account through Mindbody, then you can register for free. Computer is easier than phone. And if you’re on a work computer, it might block your ability to do so. If you’ve tried all tips to no avail, reach out to us and we will gladly assist. 

A 5k Run/Walk -or- 5 mile Run/Walk.
All distances are out and back routes through Olmos Park. Turnaround points and turns will be marked with signs on the route.

5K: www.usatf.org/routes/view.asp?rID=572972
5mi: www.usatf.org/routes/view.asp?rID=572973

No parking on Melrose street, but you can park on the surrounding streets. Lots of options. Arrive early to give yourself ample time to find parking.

*There are no finishers medals for this event. This is a free event with the purpose of getting friends and family together for a fun, healthy morning.
*Bathrooms at Alamo 180 (2) and you can even use HEB (they have lots).
*No water jugs out on the course, so please bring your own water/fuel with you. The Olmos Fire Station has water fountains so you can fuel up on the course at least twice. There will be water and Gatorade jugs at the finish.
*There are no timing chips, no leader board, no age group awards, just the satisfaction of finishing a 5k or 5 miles before the holiday festivities start.
*Furry friends are welcome to enjoy the event. Jog strollers totally welcomed!

Rookies ready to do their FIRST Half Ironman

At Alamo 180, our goal is to help people achieve their fitness dreams!

One of our triathlon programs, Rookie to Race, prepares rookies for their first ever triathlon! For some the goal is to simply finish a sprint triathlon and cross it off the bucket list. For some, their goal is to continue training to one day complete an Olympic distance, Half Ironman, and/or a Full Ironman. Whatever the goal, the results are always incredible!

Check out two of our former Rookie to Race athletes, Gloria and Bobbie, who are gearing up for their FIRST EVER Half Ironman! They picked Ironman 70.3 Waco and are ready to toe the start line this weekend.  They completed the Rookie to Race program in 2017. 

Read their stories as they share about their journey into the world of triathlon. You might relate to some of what they share! Dream it, believe it, achieve it!


Bobbie Castaneda

From working wife and mom to becoming a triathlete! 

Click to enlarge the awesomness

If I would have told myself eight years ago that I would race a half Ironman one day, I would have just laughed. No way! That’s not me! I can’t do that! My first ever experience of triathlon was spectating my husband in his first ever sprint. I was 27, overweight, chasing around our two year old while looking in awe as my husband and hundreds of other athletes swam, biked and ran. It was very disheartening to even compare myself to the sport. As a working mom and wife, I rarely had time to do things for myself(that was always my excuse). My weight was out of control and so was my self esteem. To try and give me some encouragement to do something, my husband bought me a road bike. I wasn’t ready, and it sat in the garage for a couple of years. I didn’t have an “ah-ha” moment per say, but somewhere along the line things just clicked. I made myself a priority. I started eating better and strength training. I felt strong and I was beginning to love myself again. Slowly but surely I could feel I was regaining that self confidence I lost so many years ago. I didn’t come into the sport with much of any experience in any of the events. I didn’t know how to swim, I didn’t cycle but knew how to ride a bike, and I “kinda” ran, as in I did an occasional 5k or 10k. The company I work for hired a new addition to our team, Gloria Guerra. She and I became fast friends. She was coming off of running marathons and looking into doing something different. She had mentioned training with a group called Alamo180, and how they had a rookie to race program available. I figured “why not?” I have a buddy to train with and I do have that bike that has been sitting in my garage for the last few years. The summer of 2017 I signed up for the program that trained us for the Dam 09 sprint. It looked like a pretty easy course that started off in a pool, right? Wrong! I was nervous and totally not prepared for what was to come. The swimming was extremely intimidating, but I took the leap anyway. I showed up to the orientation totally clueless. I kept my head out of the water the entire time and was exhausted after those 3 minutes. I had no idea how one is supposed to exhale under water and inhale somewhere in between. Coach Crystal then taught us a few things and I walked out of that first training session hopeful. That’s all I needed to do. Just keep showing up to learn something new and progressively get better. The biking was a bit of a struggle. The thought of clipping to my bike was daunting. I fell. A lot. But the bruises faded and the falling lessened. The rookies I trained with were great, encouraging and fun. It took time, but we were taught how to become efficient swimmers. We devoted a few mornings just on learning bike gears. I had no idea how useful that would be! I always thought running was just running, but we learned a lot about that too!! Things were slowly coming together. I successfully completed my first tri! I was slow but I made it to the finish line. I signed up for the Kerrville Tri sprint just a month after. I needed to know if I could conquer open water. It was scary, but I knew I had the tools needed to be successful. It took me almost 20 minutes to swim those 500m, but I did, and I had another race under my belt as the season came to an end. Transitioning into the triathlon team was intimidating but Coach Bree was so awesome and the rest of the team was so encouraging. I have learned to respect the process and to go at my own pace. I show up! My swimming has improved. Since starting the program I have knocked over a min off my swim pace. I’m not the fastest swimmer out there, but I am faster then the Bobbie who first started. I came out of off season training excited about what 2018 was going to have in store for me. Gloria and I sat down and strategically planned out our season. We were coming out of Monica’s Mile and were super stoked about being able to swim an hour without stopping. I had found my rhythm in the water. It was an exciting feat! That accomplishment is what fueled my desire to sign up for Waco. We decided to start with some sprints, then added a couple of Olympic races and ultimately signed up for Waco 70.3. All we needed to do was stick to the plan. I have consistently trained since joining the team. Now don’t get me wrong, I miss training days. Let’s face it, life has a tendency to get in the way of training. I make the best of it, and I make sure I train more then I miss. I have grown to love this sport and the community that has come along with it. I have made many great friends. They all have taught me something and have inspired me to keep this up. I am both excited and nervous for October 28th. I know I am ready. Alamo180 has helped me to get there!From

Gloria Guerra

From marathoner to triathlete!

click to enlarge the awesomness

It was a really cold and rainy night in Las Vegas, in November 2015 and I was crying. I was crying because the weather dropped 40 degrees in a couple of hours, the winds were 30mph, and it was raining. I was crying because I was soaking wet, the wind kept pushing against me, my feet were frozen, and I still had 6 more miles to run. I was crying because I was not going to meet my goal time for my first marathon. At that moment, I swore to myself that I would never run another marathon again, 13.1 would be my longest distance going forward and that was the end of that. An hour later, I started crying again. This time I was crying because I had just crossed the finish line, my first marathon was complete, and it was honestly the best feeling in the world.

Crossing that finish line made me believe that I can overcome any obstacles if I set my mind to it, it made me realize how strong I can be, and made me believe in myself. Crossing the marathon finish line also made me forget the promise I had made to myself around mile 20, and I and decided to toe the line for another marathon, Houston Marathon,  in early 2017. Training was going great, and January promised cool temperature for race day; and then it happened – injury. Three weeks before race day and I couldn’t finish my runs without pain. I talked to my coach, Lexa, and she suggested no more running until race; I would aqua jog and swim only. Honestly, the thought of no running for three weeks terrified me, and I worried I would die on race day. But, I trusted Lexa and trusted the process.

Here, is where I take you back….I was always in sports in high school: volleyball, basketball, track, and softball. Once I started college, I was tired of team sports and I maybe jogged every once in a while – 2 miles, tops. It wasn’t until after college, and was working as a dietitian at a hospital, that some co-workers suggested we sign up for Beach to Bay race. It was 2010, and I met Lexa, and we formed a great friendship over running. She was training with Alamo 180, and a few times a year she would try to get me to join her crew and do a triathlon. I always shook my head and said that was not for me. Running was for me. We would sign up for half-marathons together throughout the years. “I will never do a tri”, I would say. I did join Alamo 180 in 2015 to train for my first marathon, with Lexa as my coach, but still, I refused to tri train. Lexa encouraged me to get a bike, to get make me a stronger runner, and still I resisted –  “Nope, not for me”.

This brings me back to my injury, and therefore, my swim training. I used to swim when I was a little girl, and I did a little bit of lifeguarding as a summer job in 2007, but I hadn’t swam a lap since! From the moment I started swimming, I remembered how much I loved it. I also was reminded how hard it was, and my muscles certainly weren’t happy about it for days after that initial swim. But, nevertheless, I trusted the plan of swimming and aqua jogging. Race day for marathon #2 came and went. It was a hot and humid one in early January (thanks, Texas), and from the start line I knew I would not reach a personal record, but that was okay. I wanted to finish (in spite of injury), and enjoy the ride.

It is now early 2017, I am post-marathon and not sure what to do next. I had started a new job in 2016, and met a girl who, unknowingly at that time,  would help change my life – Bobbie. Bobbie and I were great co-workers from the beginning. We had similar interests; we were both “foodies”, we wanted the same Garmin watch, had a love for REI, both wanted to cut our hair really short; and both of us talked about maybe, one day, doing a triathlon. It was one of the first times that I found myself saying that wish out loud.  My dad passed away in February of 2017, reminding me that life is short, to take advantage of the time we have and not let an adventure pass by. And so it was time to sign up for a triathlon. There were plenty of opportunities to join the Rookie Tri program with Alamo 180, and I knew if I was to do a triathlon, it would be with Alamo180 guiding me. I convinced Bobbie to join Alamo 180 with me and in early summer of 2017 we went for our first Saturday training with Coach Crystal. The plan was to train and cross the finish line at the Dam09, and then I would probably go back to only running races. I learned more in those 8 weeks than I could have possibly imagined.

Bobbie and I crossed the finish line at Dam 09 in the summer of 2017, and as Crystal would say – it was official, and we “were bit by the tri bug”.  Bobbie and I decided to stick to tri training and completed the Kerrville sprint tri that year and we loved it! We committed to off-season tri training to get stronger, and sat down during the holidays to talk about our tri schedule for 2018. It was then, that we decided we could do anything we set our minds to- and decided that we would end our 2018 tri season with a 70.3 Ironman race. It was almost a year away and we planned for some smaller races throughout 2018 to help us prepare for the big race. I learned something from each and every race, and continue to learn something about myself with all of my training.  I am so fortunate to have the support of my husband, my family, and my friends in this crazy endeavor. It is a blessing to have Bree as my tri coach, and my Alamo180 family to support me, calm my anxiety and encourage me every step of the way. I am so glad that my bestie, Rachel, decided to follow in my crazy footsteps and I am so proud that she completed her first triathlons in 2018!!  I am beyond fortunate to have Bobbie, my #rideordie partner, that has been there since Day 1 of this tri adventure, who pushes me to do my best with every training. I can’t wait to complete my first 70.3 Ironman race, and run that IM carpet to the finish line. This is only the beginning, I have big dreams!!



If you would like to learn more about our Rookie to Race programs, check it out here! We will be offering TWO Rookie to Race programs next year! If your goal is to simply finish a triathlon, or to one day do a Half or Full Ironman, we can get you there! We do it year after year!

They followed the Rookie to Half Ironman plan. If you would like to read more, check it out here!