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Rookie To Race: Sprint Triathlon Program

Rookie to Sprint is a beginner training program designed to train rookie triathletes for a sprint triathlon race.

Rookie to Race Program Start Date: Wednesday, April 18, 2018. Program culminates with the Windcrest Freshman Triathlon on June 9th.

***We offer this program ONCE a year, so don’t miss your chance! And it’s capped at 20 participants.*** 


About the Program: The 8 week program is designed to prepare newbie triathletes for a strong race finish!  You don’t need any triathlon experience – we promise! We will cover drills and skills in each swim, bike and run workout.  There’s also an option to select the triathlon + strength program. Get in incredible shape by cross-training along with triathlon training! Learn more 


This program is also the starting point for our Rookie to Half Ironman and Rookie to Ironman programs should participants desire to keeping going beyond the sprint distance.


Ready to learn more about this VERY POPULAR beginner program + eligibility requirements + more? Read up here! 

Breathe & Not Sink Swim Clinic

Swim Skills Clinic: Breathe & Not Sink 
Friday, March 23 @ 6pm
San Antonio College Pool

Do you find that you sink every time you take a breath? In this one hour clinic, learn how your arm positioning and underwater pull plays a key role in either keeping you afloat or submerged.

The drills covered in the clinic will work on timing of the underwater pull, as well as arm and body positioning. You will learn drills that will improve your stability in the water. These drills are game changer!

If you’re ready to stop taking in water each time you breathe, sign up for this clinic!


Testimonial from last swim clinic:

“Awesome swim class last night with Alamo 180 Tri Clinic. It was all about Getting Horizontal in the water and more swim drills! Thanks Bree for your patience and you’re knowledgeable in the water!!!””

“Thanks for the class. As always , Great!! coaching. The explanations as to why a position works (or doesn’t work) in the water is so helpful, it gels the concept and helps me remember.
You also do a great job at the “teach and repeat”, teach and repeat. Only way for a new learner to really grab all those pearls of wisdom. I feel like I’ve learned A LOT and found many things I can work on after just one hour with you.”


Registration and payment secures your spot: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws…

Community athletes: $25 / Alamo 180 athletes: $15

Don’t delay in registering. Spots limited!

#makea180 Athlete Spotlight (March)

#makea180 Athlete Spotlight: Cleve Wilson

Age: 69 years young

Occupation: Realtor with First State Realty, LLC


Read his transformation story:

“I have always been actively involved with sports and sport specific training from an early age. Process of elimination led me into track and racing half-mile, mile and cross country. During those college years I had excellent coaching and learned that focused endurance training was the key to excelling in whatever races I competed in. There is no ‘shortcut’ to success in any sport if you expect to win.

After college, I started to run in the local road racing events during the 1970’s and 80’s. I loved to compete! Total running mileage and speed work translated into success again. At the time I saw little to no value in weight or strength training. I was lucky enough to train with the most famous New Zealand Olympic running coach of all time, Arthur Lydiard, telling us, ” Have you ever seen a deer lifting weights? If you want to be a great runner you need to RUN and running hills will give you all the strength you need.” So, 99% of my early years training was road and track running. When you are in your 20’s that is arguably correct but after 40 not so much.

As I got older, especially after 55, I noticed that running was so much more difficult and I was getting more and more injuries than I ever had before, not to mention getting slower and slower! Running was always so easy, why was it becoming such a chore?

Finally, it occurred to me that I was a bit heavier and my legs were not as lean and muscular as they used to be. My son-in-law, Jeff Soileau, kept telling me that I needed to start coming to Alamo 180 gym and begin strength training with him. He said that he could help me regain the strength in my legs, core and upper body that I simply lost over the years. Could he be right? What did I have to lose? I soon realized I had REALLY lost a lot of strength all over my body which was just a natural progression of aging.

When I started, I could not even do one “pull-up” and 40 simple squats were enough to end my productive day! I would limp around like the old man I was for two days! I have been going to the gym regularly for a few months over a year and have been training seriously for about one year. I have come a long, long way and
have been doing it in a slow, sensible progression. I have to admit that Jeff has been really good at tamping back my natural tendency to ‘push the envelope’ and made sure I do not overwork.

Because of strength training my running has really increased in mileage, average training speed and even racing speed. I am not having all the injuries and I have slowly dropped about 15 lbs. I feel years younger. I have regained my waistline and I am enjoying running again. I wish I had started doing weight and cross-training several years ago but at least I am doing it now while I still can. Today, I am most proud of my ability to do weighted “pull-up” sets and more than I ever thought I could do at my age. My new challenge is “The Torture”, Coach Jeff (I have other names for him), was so kind to visit upon me: Five sets of The Bulgarian single leg squats AND the weighted single leg deadlifts with 25 lb. kettle bell. These are, at present, the end of my productive day again, temporarily. Soon this torture will be routine and Jeff will invent another for me to conquer. Progress.

LIFE is only as good as your ability to enjoy it the way you want to enjoy it. I am
convinced that what I am doing for myself today is going to allow me to truly enjoy
the most of everyday I have left to live. I refuse to surrender to the aging process
without a fight. Think of what you have to lose and what the reality of that means.

See you at the gym.”



Did you read our February #makea180 Athlete Spotlight? Read the inspiring transformation story here!

#makea180 Athlete Spotlight

#makea180 Athlete Spotlight, Frank Aguirre.


Read his transformation story👇🏻

“My journey at Alamo 180 started in September 2016.

I came to the gym overweight, feeling physically and mentally broken down. For most of a decade I had put a lot of effort into getting fit with little to show for it. In fact, despite working out 5 days a week I allowed myself to gain 40 pounds.

Leaving a program that was no longer working for me was very difficult but I needed a new start. At first I thought my decision to join Alamo 180 was a huge mistake because I just wasn’t ready for the intensity of the workouts. Sure I was comfortable lifting weights but the cardiovascular and metabolic aspects of the workouts were a different story. I hated them. Especially the running.

Slowly over the next several months I managed to lose 10 pounds without really trying. The workouts were just that effective. Even my running started to improve, mostly because of the Murph Challenge. Completing it was something I was really proud of. A couple of weeks later I decided I needed to take control of my nutrition. I sought out a nutrition coach with Stronger U Nutrition, and coupled with sound workout programming, I started to lose weight. Seriously. Everything started to change.

I’m getting close to being down 50 pounds since joining Alamo 180. Being in a better place physically and mentally has allowed my workouts to really improve—especially the running. I’ve been able to increase my distances from a couple of miles to nearly 6 miles.

I’m happy at A180. I’ve finally found the health and fitness I so desperately wanted.”

–Frank Aguirre

#IronXT #transformation #nevergiveup

Ironman Texas 140.6 & 70.3 Training Programs! Join us!

Alamo 180 is the leading triathlon training program in San Antonio. In fact, we are the only Multisport Training Center in San Antonio. What makes us unique is that we provide the training plan for your race AND challenging group workouts where you can build your fitness and achieve your goals – all under the guidance of highly certified coaches. Our triathlon program also includes membership options to strength train, do yoga, and take indoor cycling classes.

Since 2011, Alamo 180 has coached 23 Full Ironman finishes, and over 150 Half Ironman finishes, and those numbers continue to grow year after year! We know how to develop training programs that work, programs that allow athletes to achieve their Ironman goals! Our athletes get to the Ironman finish line healthy and strong. Our programs prove it time and time again.

But don’t just take our word for it, read some testimonials from some of our triathletes:

“I was very happy with the plan and coaching! I was able to stay injury free unlike last training plan I followed.”

“I like that we got the fatigue with less risk of injury.”

“The training plan adequately prepared me for race day!”

“Awesome program with lots of options for all levels! Supportive “family” of coaches and athletes!”

“I would most definitely follow the Ironman group training program again!”

So what does training look like? We offer multiple group workouts every week and you select the ones you can attend. You will also receive an online training plan through Training Peaks – yours to keep – so you can follow along on your own and at group workouts. We offer several membership options for you to pick the one that works best! Select the group workout membership Tier that best suits your needs.

Ready to learn more? We offer program orientations for both the Full and Half distance where you can ask all the questions you want and we answer ’em! If you cannot attend one, you can always call or email us and we’d be happy to chat with you! Learn more about the Full . Learn more about the Half.

Ready take the Ironman leap? The group Ironman training program starts on Jan 8th. This program trains athletes for Ironman 140.6 Texas! Don’t attempt to train for this alone, we’d love to have you join our team of triathletes! Build some incredible friendships during training and enjoy the journey together on race day! learn more

The Full Ironman not your jam? Hey we’ve got a killer Half Ironman program that’s sure to challenge! This group program trains for Ironman 70.3 Texas and starts on Jan 1st – how’s that for a perfect New Year’s Resolution?! Again, don’t train alone, friends make the training and racing more fun! learn more

So what to do between now and then? We’ve whipped together some free advice and training tips for ya. Enjoy implementing it into your schedule. Click the pic below! And if you wanna join our off-season training program and get a much more detailed training plan, it’s going on now. Never too early to start your 2018 season! Gains are made in the off-season! Email info@alamo180.com for more information.

Now get to training! You’ve got some incredible goals to accomplish!

~Alamo 180 Tri Coaches

Ironman Program: Ironman Texas 2018

Are you ready for a training plan with purpose?

Are you ready to take your fitness to a whole new level?

Are you ready to train alongside others with the same Ironman goal?

Are you ready to become an Ironman?

Alamo 180’s GROUP Ironman Training Program has successfully trained triathletes to the Ironman finish line!

We are ALL about offering high quality workouts coupled with high quality coaching. Our plans are proven and our coaches are certified and full of personal and professional experience. It’s the total package AND it’s what makes our program stand out among the others out there. 

Hear from some of our Ironman triathletes:

“I was very happy with the plan and coaching! I was able to stay injury free unlike last training plan I followed.”

I like that we got the fatigue with less risk of injury.

The training plan adequately prepared me for race day!

I would most definitely follow the Ironman group training program again!

Our next GROUP Ironman training program starts on Jan 8th. This program trains athletes for Ironman Texas 2018.

We’d love to have you join our team of triathletes!

So what to do between now and then? Here’s some free advice & training tips for ya. Enjoy implementing it into your schedule. Click on the picture to see Alamo 180’s Ironman training tips. (If you want a more detailed approach between now and program start date, join our off-season training program). 

Now get to work training for your Ironman race! Chat soon!

If you have questions or want some 1 on 1 feedback, email info@alamo180.com to schedule your free 15 minute call. Or if you’re into writing more than talking, shoot us an email…that works, too! 

Off-Season Triathlon Training

2017 Alamo 180 Off-Season Triathlon Training Program

Monday, October 2

To develop strength and efficiency in all three disciplines.

The goal of this program is not so much on volume as it is on frequency of training. Through frequency of training athletes gain the opportunity to improve upon mechanics (which is one of the leading reasons for getting faster year after year). October and November are “run focus” months where there are more frequent runs in the training plan per week. The goal is to develop efficiency and improve run fitness. The run focus months will culminate with the SA Rock’n’Roll half marathon. December is a swim focus month with the goal to improve stroke efficiency and improve swim fitness. The swim focus month will culminate with Monica’s Mile 1 hour or 1 mile swim event. January is a bike focus month and the goal is on cycling efficiency and improved fitness. January will culminate with a bike race (race TBD).
Note: There will still be workouts in the other two disciplines during the “focus months” so you won’t lose your “feel” in those disciplines.

In regards to strength training, as this is an vital part of the off-season program, it will be recommended athletes strength train at least twice per week, three is ideal. Strength training is best reserved for off-season when volume of training decreases. Build strength in the off-season to have it available during the in-season. Because in the in-season, volume is key and that should be your primary focus. Athletes will work on total body strength and fitness during IRON XT classes. Athletes also have the option to do Boot Camp classes. Yoga is also suggested for recovery weeks, and/or to add during the training week as a way to stretch and recover.

Also, considering that there is a decrease in frequency in the other disciplines during the focus months, it’s imperative athletes strength train to not only maintain strength and coordination, but to also build it. Strength produces power, power produces speed. Real gains are made when athletes take the time to build strength in the off-season. Plus, that’s the time of the year to do it!

Here’s what the months of Oct and Nov will look like: Monday, Wednesday are IRON XT / strength training sessions, Friday can be IRON XT or Yoga (choice); Monday, Friday are short maintenance runs and Wednesday is a run speed session. Saturday is a long Run. Tuesday is a swim and Thursday is a bike. Sunday off.
You’ll notice this set up is different than a typical week in the in-season. It’s good to chagne things up in the off-season. Prevent boredom and a plateau!

Depending on how many group training sessions you wish to attend depends on the level Tier you select. To follow this off-season plan as recommended, we suggest Tier 3 or 4. Athletes on Tier 3 and 4 also get access to the IRON XT Facebook group page where they have access to the strength training program and the workouts. This is ideal if you need to train on your own and need the strength workout of the day to follow.

Click here to see the options: http://www.alamo180.com/triathlon/group-training/

If you have questions on the program, or are interested to learn more, reach out at info@alamo180.com

You can join at any point during the off-season program. So if you’re finishing up your last race of the 2017 season, don’t worry. Rock that race and then join us when you’re ready. Make 2018 your best year yet because of what you did during the off-season!