Off-Season Triathlon Training

2017 Alamo 180 Off-Season Triathlon Training Program

Monday, October 2

To develop strength and efficiency in all three disciplines.

The goal of this program is not so much on volume as it is on frequency of training. Through frequency of training athletes gain the opportunity to improve upon mechanics (which is one of the leading reasons for getting faster year after year). October and November are “run focus” months where there are more frequent runs in the training plan per week. The goal is to develop efficiency and improve run fitness. The run focus months will culminate with the SA Rock’n’Roll half marathon. December is a swim focus month with the goal to improve stroke efficiency and improve swim fitness. The swim focus month will culminate with Monica’s Mile 1 hour or 1 mile swim event. January is a bike focus month and the goal is on cycling efficiency and improved fitness. January will culminate with a bike race (race TBD).
Note: There will still be workouts in the other two disciplines during the “focus months” so you won’t lose your “feel” in those disciplines.

In regards to strength training, as this is an vital part of the off-season program, it will be recommended athletes strength train at least twice per week, three is ideal. Strength training is best reserved for off-season when volume of training decreases. Build strength in the off-season to have it available during the in-season. Because in the in-season, volume is key and that should be your primary focus. Athletes will work on total body strength and fitness during IRON XT classes. Athletes also have the option to do Boot Camp classes. Yoga is also suggested for recovery weeks, and/or to add during the training week as a way to stretch and recover.

Also, considering that there is a decrease in frequency in the other disciplines during the focus months, it’s imperative athletes strength train to not only maintain strength and coordination, but to also build it. Strength produces power, power produces speed. Real gains are made when athletes take the time to build strength in the off-season. Plus, that’s the time of the year to do it!

Here’s what the months of Oct and Nov will look like: Monday, Wednesday are IRON XT / strength training sessions, Friday can be IRON XT or Yoga (choice); Monday, Friday are short maintenance runs and Wednesday is a run speed session. Saturday is a long Run. Tuesday is a swim and Thursday is a bike. Sunday off.
You’ll notice this set up is different than a typical week in the in-season. It’s good to chagne things up in the off-season. Prevent boredom and a plateau!

Depending on how many group training sessions you wish to attend depends on the level Tier you select. To follow this off-season plan as recommended, we suggest Tier 3 or 4. Athletes on Tier 3 and 4 also get access to the IRON XT Facebook group page where they have access to the strength training program and the workouts. This is ideal if you need to train on your own and need the strength workout of the day to follow.

Click here to see the options: http://www.alamo180.com/triathlon/group-training/

If you have questions on the program, or are interested to learn more, reach out at info@alamo180.com

You can join at any point during the off-season program. So if you’re finishing up your last race of the 2017 season, don’t worry. Rock that race and then join us when you’re ready. Make 2018 your best year yet because of what you did during the off-season!

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