Paleo Inspired Diet: A quick, healthy meal

Paleo Inspired Diet: A quick, healthy meal

Are you looking to improve your diet and athletic performance? If so, it’s easier than you might think! Begin with your diet and improved athletic performance will soon follow.

Think of food as fuel. What you consume affects how you feel and perform. Poor eating habits negatively affect performance and conversely, good eating habits positively affect performance. So, what are good eating habits? Eating foods in their natural, whole state (minimally processed).

How to adopt good eating habits: It’s hard to eat healthy. In our fast-paced life, we want convenience, but not always is convenient healthy. Here’s a fast and easy diet we have adopted at Alamo 180, and we LOVE it! We feel and look better. The best part – its’ easy!  

Here is our Paleo inspired diet:

Step 1: Start with a toddler plate that has sections. Use these sections to help with portion control. You can purchase a toddler plate at Target, Walmart or HEB Plus in the kid’s section of the store.

Step 1: Begin with a toddler plate.

Step 2: Select foods in their natural state. More colors, the healthier. We like to go to Costco and purchase bulk fruit, a large veggie tray and deli meats. You can also get these items at your local grocery store.

Step 2: Colorful, whole foods.

Step 3: Load the plate! We like to wrap up the deli meats and cheeses. Fill each section with colorful fruits and vegetables. After you load the plate, your meal is ready! How easy is that!?! While this meal may not look filling, it is! It has all the nutrients your body craves and it’s fast and easy to prepare.

step 3: Load the plate!

So next time you need a quick, easy meal, try our Paleo inspired diet. In a few days you will feel better and your athletic performance will improve. Don’t believe us? Try it and see for yourself!

Have any other diet tips to share? We would love to hear from you!

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