Reason #4 To Train at the Facility

Reason #4 To Train at the Facility

Reason # 4 to train at the Multisport Training Facility…

Because you CAN take us seriously. 

IMG_20130714_091907Yes, we dress in costumes. Yes, we go all out cheering for athletes at races. Yes, we wear foam butts! BUTT, you can take us seriously! All silliness aside, we are certified and experienced coaches. We’ve been professional coaches longer than Alamo 180 has been in existence.
A personal trainer for nearly 10 years, Jeff has also spent the last 4.5 years working as a boot camp and indoor cycle instructor. Before that, Jeff was a US Army Master Fitness Instructor [more on Jeff].
Before Bree became a full-time coach starting up Alamo 180, she was an indoor cycle instructor at the same gym, as well as a Cross Country and Track Coach at a Division 2 University. She was also an elite triathlete working her way into the pro-ranks [more on Bree].
Not only are we instructors and coaches, we are also athletes. Because of this, we know what YOU want as an athlete. This is the perfect combination to provide you with the BEST training experience.

So, take us seriously! Join our facility when it opens. Save the date for early February!

Learn about our fundraiser if you want to donate a few bucks!

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