Reasons Why You Should Train at the Facility

Reasons Why You Should Train at the Facility

Alamo 180 will open doors to San Antonio’s FIRST Multisport Training Center early February 2014. Our awesome city needs this positive and healthy direction. We will further help San Antonio make a “180”.

First, you don’t have to be a member of our run or triathlon team to train at the facility. We will offer strength, yoga and indoor cycle classes to the general public. These classes are great for general fitness, as well as for athletes seeking to further their performance.

Second, these classes will be unlike anything you have ever experienced…better than what you get in a “big, box gym”. They are designed with the athlete in mind. Our strength classes will promote overall strength and fitness (a great option for the fitness-fanatic), but designed specifically for the runner or triathlete. Indoor cycle classes will mimic road cycling with form drills, long work sets, and speed intervals. We won’t force you to pedal to the beat, or stay out of the saddle through several songs. Our yoga will be for the runner or triathlete hoping to recover from a long training session. Nothing like showing up to a yoga class to find it intense and challenging, which is the last thing you want after a brutal workout session.

Third, you will get to meet and train with other San Antonio athletes under one roof! Mingle, support and inspire each other as you train!

Just to name a few….

We would love for you to train with us! Classes and schedule to be posted soon! Check back!

Oh…and you can donate to our efforts! Your support is greatly appreciated! 



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