ROCK the MOCK Tri @ May 21

ROCK the MOCK Tri @ May 21

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Join Alamo 180 for another fun ROCK the MOCK Triathlon at Hinman Island Park!

Date: Saturday, May 21
Location: Hinman Island Park (see below for parking details)
Start Time: 7:15am
Investment: $17 for non-A180 mbrs, free for A180 mbrs

This one will be extra fun: Swim/Bike/Run/Bike/Run

SWIM: Pick your distance (0.25 or 0.5 mile) in the open water of the Comal River. Time cap on the swim is 25 minutes.

BIKE: (round 1) 30 minutes of intervals.

RUN: (round 1) 20 minutes of intervals.

BIKE: (round 2) 15 minutes of intervals.

RUN: (round 2) 10 minutes of intervals.

Total = 1 hour 40 minutes of awesome!

OPEN to ANYONE that wants to join us! It’s super fun and a great way to get prepared for your upcoming triathlon event!

For the swim – the water is a consistent 68 degrees. You can wear a wetsuit or go without. If you are not a confident swimmer, we suggest using an inflatable noodle attached to your ankle, a floation device, etc. Also, there is a concerete edge that you can swim close to, and, when needed, hold onto for rest.

For the bike – bring your bike trainer and set up your road or tri bike. (Arrive early for set up…it can take longer than you think to set up everything). You don’t need a helmet, but in leaving it behind, don’t forget the bike shoes.

For the run – run shoes!

Nutrition – bring what you plan to use for race day. Test it out here!

*PARKING CONSIDERATIONS: Park at Prince Solms Park (Hinman Island Park’s parking lot is closed, but it makes for a safe run with no cars!)

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