Rock’n’Roll Event Report

Rock’n’Roll Event Report

Alamo 180 had a large number of athletes participating in the San Antonio Rock’n’Roll Half and Full Marathon on November 11, 2012. We are so proud of our athletes!

Alamo 180 athletes that ROCKED the Rock’n’Roll event: John Martin, Bernadette Martin, Carrie Miller, Carly Wallis, David Martin Davies, Michael Benton, Michael Martinez, Sanami Fotrall, Raiye Rippy, Laura Patton, Leslie Limas, Wendy Chapman, Irene Stiles, Leslie Carranza, Fred Caranza, Danae Quijano, Madonna Foley, Mack Williams, Morgan Williams, Jay Haley, Michelle Crossman, Ed Crossman, Bud Winn, Elin Francoeur, Michelle Meyer, Stephanie Bergdolt, Joanna Champaigne, Brooke Ballard.

Alamo 180 at the start!

A group of our athletes meeting up before the start!

 We don’t just train our athletes and send them off alone at Rock’n’Roll! We go out and cheer for them! The crazier the costume, the better! Check out the awesomeness!

Alamo 180 on the course cheering for everyone!

Alamo 180 ladies

Rock’n and Roll’n!

Lexa cheering for Sanami at mile 23!

GO Irene GO!

What an amazing time! Our athletes accomplished so much that day. Many joined with little or no running experience and were dedicated to the 22 week program. Each made sacrifices to make it happen. They can now say they have done a Half or Full Marathon! Good job to all!


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