Rock’n’Roll Run Training Program starts July 11

We’re getting close to the first workout of the SA Rock’n’Roll event! Group training for the 10k and 13.1 begins on July 11!
If you’re wanting to learn more about what we do and why we do it, and how we’re different, keep reading!
First, all of our workouts are infinitely scaleable. The program challenges an experienced athlete just as much as a beginner. An example of an infinitely scaleable workout, whether it be a speed or long run is this: beginner athletes following run/walk intervals and experienced athletes following specific run zones, all while completing the same run workout. Workouts can be made more or less challenging by adjusting intensity and/or distance.
Second, it’s not a one-size-fits-all training plan. At Alamo 180 we take great pride in challenging both beginners and experienced athletes by providing training plans for the beginner, intermediate and advanced level runner. More options for higher quality training. As coaches, we have trained beginners to their first race and experienced athletes to a personal best. Whatever your goal, our training plans can help you get there!
Third, we are all about quality. To ensure quality, we cap the program at 40 participants. We aren’t about the numbers, we’re about the people. Quality is our top priority. 3 run coaches, 3 training levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced), and smaller group size.
The journey to a 10K or 13.1 begins on Wednesday, July 11When the spots are filled, they are filled. Don’t delay in getting registered!
Learn more here + grab your spot here
You can join the convo + learn more over on our FB event page here

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