Rookie to Half Ironman

Since 2011, Alamo 180 has coached nearly 200 Half Ironman finishes! Those numbers continue to grow. We know how to develop training programs that work, programs that allow athletes to achieve their Half Ironman dreams! Our proven training programs get athletes to the Half Ironman finish line healthy and strong!

If you would like to ultimately complete a Half Ironman, build a solid triathlon foundation first with our Rookie to Race program. 

This program is unique in that it takes rookie triathletes and trains them over the course of one year to a Half Ironman finish. You’ll go from rookie to Half Ironman in no time!

Step 1

Complete the Rookie to Race program.

Step 2

At the completion of the Rookie to Sprint Program, you will join Alamo 180 Group Training 

While on the team, you will follow the training plans and complete several sprint and Olympic triathlons on your journey to the Half Ironman finish line.


Read a few testimonials from some of our Half Ironman triathletes:

“Awesome program with lots of options for all levels! Supportive “family” of coaches and athletes!”

“I’m 100% speechless! This team, these new friends, these fellow athletes….THANK YOU for all of the support, tracking, comments and encouragement and cheers. Each of you are so wonderful! I am humbled to be a member of Alamo 180 and to count myself among Ironman 70.3 finishers. I LOVED EVERY MOMENT!” Richele 

“Great coaches, great classes, great people!! There’s nothing more to say! This is the place to be if you want to challenge yourself, learn more about triathlon training and racing and just all around be a healthier, fitter you!!

“Thanks for your training and support the past few months in preparation for race day!”

“I liked that there are options in plans. The tiers help. Due to my work schedule and location I cannot always make the meetups but at least I know what I need to get done.”

“Your one on one coaching and group coaching help those who lack confidence and the skill to progress at a pace that is best for them, all the while encouraging and motivating someone to push themselves past their comfort level and helping them reach goals they never thought possible. “

“My biggest concern was the training approach…I was worried about the time commitment for training. You understood that and your training plans reflect that with each session having a purpose.”