Rookie to Ironman

Is your dream to one day complete a Full Ironman? 

If so, Alamo 180 can get you to that Full Ironman finish line!

Start first by joining the Rookie to Race beginner triathlon program.

The Rookie to Race is our premier beginner training program, and is the perfect launching point for you to achieve your Ironman dreams.

The Rookie to Ironman program will take you from rookie triathlete to Ironman triathlete in just TWO years!

Since 2011, Alamo 180 has coached almost 50 Full Ironman finishes, and those numbers continue to grow year after year! We know how to expertly develop training programs that work and allow athletes to achieve their Ironman dreams! Our proven training programs get athletes to the Ironman start line healthy and strong, and to the finish line with a smile on their face.

Rookie to Ironman Journey:

Step 1: Begin your Rookie to Ironman journey by first completing the Rookie to Race program.

Step 2: At the completion of the Rookie to Race program, join our Alamo 180 Triathlon team.

Step 3: In the first year, you will join the training plan that prepares triathletes for Sprint and Olympic triathlons. Complete at least one Olympic distance triathlon. Then at the completion of an Olympic distance triathlon, you will select a training plan that prepares triathletes for Half Ironman triathlons.  Complete at least one Half Ironman.

Step 4: In the second year, at the completion of a Half Ironman distance triathlon, you will then join one of our 16 week Ironman training plans.

Step 5: Train for and see your Ironman dreams come true!

Read a few testimonials from some of our Ironman triathletes:

“You guys accepted me as a brand new triathlete with Ironman aspirations when no one else would”

“I was very happy with the Alamo 180 Ironman plan and coaching! I was able to stay injury free unlike the last training plan I followed.”

“The Alamo 180 training plan definitely prepared me for race day!”

“It exceeded my expectations, I would most definitely follow the Alamo 180 Ironman group training program again!”

“I have to say that I am really thankful that we went with Alamo 180 for my Ironman training because I have seen the improvements I was hoping for…I surpassed my expectations on race day getting really close to what was my someday goal of being in the 10 hr range. In fact I was so close I changed my someday goal to be in the 9s! ”