Ready To Rock

About the Program:

Alamo 180’s 4 week Ready to Rock program was created with the purpose of laying the right foundation of strength, form and endurance before the San Antonio Rock’n’Roll group run program began.

When training for San Antonio Rock’n’Roll, you want a personal best performance and a finisher’s medal, not a sub-par performance and/or an injury. So how does one go about training for performance and avoid injuries? By building strength through regular cross-training sessions and learning how to run with efficient form. 

When you join Alamo 180’s Ready to Rock program, you’re saying YES to training smarter, not harder. 

In the Ready to Rock program, you will learn: 

  • How to cross train to become stronger, faster and more durable.
  • How to achieve efficient run form.
  • How to avoid common running mistakes.
  • How to get your body in the most efficient position to maintain momentum with ease. 
  • How run cadence correlates to improved run performance.

Ready to Rock program is ideal for:

  • The newbie wanting to run San Antonio Rock’n’Roll for the first time.
  • The veteran looking to get a personal best performance.
  • The runner that has tried it all – more running, more racing – and is still not achieving the results they want.
  • The runner that took too much time off from running and is looking to get back in shape,
  • Simply put – the Ready to Rock program is for EVERYONE!

Program Start Date:

Monday, June 11, 2018.


 $119 investment for the 4 week program.

  • 12 coached group workouts (run and strength classes) during the program [$240 value].
  • Online training plan detailing each workout of the day for the 4 week program. Select either our beginner or experienced level training plan. As always, any workout can be scaled as necessary (i.e. intensity, duration or by adding run/walk intervals) [$30 value].
  • Discounts on sponsor products and services [savings vary].
  • Alamo 180 Run Team private FB access for support, educational live videos from the coaches, and more! [Priceless]

REGISTER Ready to Rock

Training Schedule:

Coached run and IRON XT strength classes each week.

Week Schedule: 

  • Wednesdays 6:30pm. Run skill workout. Edison Track.
  • Monday – Friday IRON XT classes (pick any two classes each week). Alamo 180 studio.

Training levels:

  • Brand new to both running & strength training: You will select the beginner level at both the run workouts and the IRON XT classes.
  • Brand new to running & experienced at strength training: You will select beginner level at the run workouts + Intermediate or Experienced level at the IRON XT classes.
  • Experienced at both running & strength training: You will select experienced level at the run workouts + Intermediate or Experienced level at the IRON XT classes.

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